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What is cooking to redefine Agile?
Agile + ‘A’ = “ASquare” - Add another ingredient 'A' to your Agile and
1.Remove Subjectiveness from Agile implementation
2.Adopt pipeline based instant release cycles to make release as instant as 1 hour like instant coffee
3.Control technical debts of projects

Valtech is a full-service digital powerhouse delivering value to customers through our renewed commitment to innovation and agility. We, a pioneer in Agile transformation service has transformed hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.

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  1. 1. About Valtech “We are full-service digital powerhouse delivering value to customers through our renewed commitment to innovation and agility” Our obsession: performance
  2. 2. About Sandeep Tiku Sandeep is a Principal Architect and Practice head BigData and Analytics at Valtech, with 14+ years of strong experience in developing large-scale enterprise systems. He is a thought leader in using technology to solve challenging business problems and has maximized the ROI for his Global Customers. For the last 8+ years, Sandeep has been instrumental in enabling agile transformation of multiple enterprise organizations with special focus on Agile Engineering. He has influenced transformation of about 50 products which resulted in increased productivity and direct saving of development cost by millions of dollars, while significantly improving the overall quality of the products. He is an expert in controlling technical debt and enabling Continuous Delivery.
  3. 3. Agile Journey so far Year 2000 Agile Journey Result Agile Manifesto defined 14 Years and still ON Great Success
  4. 4. Looks like we still have a problem !! Waterfall Agile 57% 14% 29% Challenged Successful Failed 49% 42% 9% Challenged Successful Failed • 70% of Organizations with atleast 1 project failure • 17% of IT projects threatening existenceof the company. • 45% projects run over budget Source: The CHAOS Manifesto, The Standish Group, 2012.
  5. 5. Will it be possible to ? Remove Subjectivnessfrom Agile Implementation Control Technical Debt of the projects Deliver instant releases as close to 1 hour
  6. 6. Let us cook an innovative solution in our “Kitchen”
  7. 7. From waterfall to Agile era  Enabled Collaboration  Promoted Transparency  Fostered Openness  Guaranteed Success Medium Spicy Very Little Oil Low Salt Wonderful !! yuk!!! Agile instrumented an eco system that … Waterfall Model Agile instrumented eco system
  8. 8. Looks like something is still missing!
  9. 9. We realized it by working on ground !!! “While enabling transformation at large enterprises”
  10. 10. Let us add another ingredient (“A”) to our Agile Cooking
  11. 11. Redefine Agile Implementation
  12. 12. How does it finally “look” like? Core Benefits (1 Second Info Rule) 1. In < 1 Second - Release Manager gets to see detailed status of the project release in 2. In < 1 Second Scrum Master gets to see Release and Scrum progress 3. In < 1 Second Team gets to see required aspects of Release and Scrum (All this in integrated and simplified fashion)
  13. 13. Release Pipeline
  14. 14. Progress View Release Rating: BB+ Progress A+ Planning B+ Quality C-- Story Points 200 | 180 (delta) Defects 40 Capacity Utilized 500 Hrs
  15. 15. My View
  16. 16. Team View
  17. 17. Valtech_ Contact Email: Phone: 91-80-26079999