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Presentanción de IURISTAX ABOGADOS

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  1. 1. I U R I STAXABO G AD O S
  2. 2. I U R I STAX ABO G AD O STHE FIRMIURISTAX ABOGADOS is a professional organization providing legal services with added value.The Firm, its team, and the areas in which it practises are all aimed towards providing businesses withcomplete legal advice.Our team is made up of honest and capable professionals focused on delivering customer service andresults.With over 20 years professional experience, the partners at IURISTAX ABOGADOS have developedtheir professional careers at some of the countrys main firms.In our relations with clients, we seek long-term relationships based on mutual trust, which will allow usto get to know you and get involved in your project. 2
  3. 3. I U R I STAX ABO G AD O SAREAS OF PRACTICECOMMERCIAL FISCAL• Commercial Contract Law • General tax advice• Corporate acquisitions and sales • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)• Venture capital or private equity investments • Real estate operations and Project Financing• Joint venture agreements • Family Business and Large Estates• Company Law • Advice in matters of transfer pricing• Family Businesses • International Taxation• Corporate Disputes • Sports taxation• Shareholder and Investor Rights • Tax advice on Private Equity• Capital Markets • Succession and family business planning• Corporate governance • Tax inspections and procedures• Unfair competition• Protection of Competition• Intellectual Property, licences, and electronic services agreements• Industrial Property 3
  4. 4. I U R I STAX ABO G AD O SAREAS OF PRACTICEREAL-ESTATE AND PLANNING LABOUR LAW• Conveyancing • Ongoing labour-law advice• Project finance • Employment advice and plans• Planning Law • Senior Management and other special employment situations• Hotel business • Remuneration systems• Construction agreements • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and company• Leases over property and land deals• Planning and property or real-estate management • Amendment and termination of employment relations• Drafting and implementation of planning, development, and • Temporary Employment Agencies, sub-contracting and works projects outsourcing• Licences and permits • Social Security / National Insurance• Planning restrictions • Health & Safety at Work• Planning disputes • Work Inspections • Disciplinary Measures • Labour-law procedures • Litigation • Workforce re-organizations • Advice to companies in crisis • Industrial Disputes 4
  5. 5. I U R I STAX ABO G AD O SAREAS OF PRACTICELITIGATION AND INSOLVENCY CRIMINAL• Pre-litigation and settlement advice • Corporate offences• Contractual defects and risk assessment • Offences involving wealth• Defending and guarantying credit rights • Security offences• Litigation and arbitration • Offences against people’s honour• Enforcement of judgements • Sentencing• Pre-insolvency advice, liability of and advice to administrators and directors• Creditors meetings 5
  6. 6. I U R I STAX ABO G AD O SAREAS OF PRACTICEADMINISTRATIVE LAW CIVIL AND FAMILY LAW• Administrative procurement • Inheritance and Donations• Administrative tendering • Other civil contracts• Expropriation procedures • Marriage settlements• Environment • Separations, divorce, and matrimonial nullity• Regulated sectors • Default on maintenance payments • Common-law marriage and civil partnerships • Claims for and challenges against paternity • Adoptions • Incapacity. Tutorship and guardianship. Sectioning. • Wills and inheritance 6
  7. 7. I U R I STAX ABO G AD O SHOSPITALY INDUSTRYSince October 2006, IURISTAX ABOGADOS has advised its clients on the negotiation andformalisation of agreements for 19 hotels.The team from IURISTAX ABOGADOS has more than 20 years’ experience in providing legal advice tocompanies in the hospitality industry. Our lawyers have advised in the contract and corporate area tosome of the principal chains in Spain.During these years, the close collaboration with the client and our personal involvement in their projectshas allowed us to learn from the experience. Understanding people, the particularities of the businessand their specific necessities, is an essential part of our work. From this perspective we have dealt withthe preparation and negotiation of lease agreements, management contracts, purchase of land andhotels, trade mark licences, commercial agreements and franchise contracts. 7
  8. 8. I U R I STAX ABO G AD O SHOW WE WORK Dedication and ambition Rigour and efficiency Flexibility and capacity to respond Implication and communication Trust and personal Specialization and global vision relationshipTransparency and competitiveness 8
  9. 9. I U R I STAX ABO G AD O S Josep Bertrand, 5 Entlo. 2ª. 08021 BarcelonaTel. (+34) 93 414 11 12 Fax (+34) 93 414 73 93