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Google glass

  1. 1. Google Glass Article I.E.B
  2. 2. Google Glass date, news and features Google Glass features Many of us spend a significant portion of our day glued to our smartphones, or to other connected devices. Reading social media or checking out the weather or otherwise dipping into the wealth of data at our disposal will typically consume all of our attention, making it hard to do anything else. Google Glass might offer a solution to this problem, giving us a way of using the outboard brain of the internet while still being able to do other things. Glass was created, according to Google, to "be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don't." The first Glass units have been with early adopters (who had to sign up to a lottery for the privilege) since April and Google is using this semi-public testing period to fine tune the device for general consumption, as well as get the world used to the idea of wearable’s. Essentially, Google Glass is a wearable Android-powered computer built into spectacle frames so that you can perch a display in your field of vision, film, take pictures, search and translate on the go as well as run specially-designed apps. Google Glass uses a miniature display to put data in front (or at least, to the upper right) of your vision courtesy of a prism screen. This is designed to be easily seen without obstructing your view.
  3. 3. Google Glass options Glass responds to voice commands as well as taps and gestures on the touch-sensitive bar that runs along the side of the frame. You can start a search with "Ok Glass.." and take a photo or launch an app with a command phrase or a tap of your finger. Glass can also be paired with a phone using the My Glass app to allow quick fiddling with settings and customisation. Google Glass runs a version of Android, so developers can easily create apps that take advantage of its unique display and input methods. Developers using Google's Mirror API, which makes it possible for apps to speak designs that will enable Glass to be attached to existing frames. There is also directly with a Glass head- the possibility of designer set, are forbidden from prescription glasses with charging for their software Glass functionality built in. or embedding ads in the This patent might give us a Glass display. Google has glimpse of a future, more indicated that this policy natural looking version of may change however. Glass. Google Glass design Glass is designed to be lightweight and as unobtrusive as possible. The frame will come with adjustable pads for comfort, and is expected to be both light and extremely robust. It will also have a touchpad along one arm for silent interaction. nality built in. This patent might give us a glimpse of a future, more natural looking version of Glass. If you already wear glasses, don’t worry. Google is trialing several different At the moment Google Glass comes in five colours: Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton and Sky. Using Glass’s translation ability to turn that list from marketing speak to plain English, that’s black, orange, grey, white and blue. Consumer versions of the product could offer a different palette.
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