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How rich people think


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The differences between how rich and average people think are numerous and extreme, according to Steve Siebold, author of How Rich People Think

How rich people think

  1. 1. How RicH PeoPle THink
  2. 2. STeve Siebold auTHoR of How RicH PeoPle THink• T differences between how rich he and average people think are numerous and extreme, according to Steve Siebold, author of H Rich P ow eople Think• here are the top 15 differences
  3. 3. diffeRence 1Rich people thinkselfishness is a virtue,average people feel theyneed to save the worldand put others beforethemselves that iskeeping them poor. Onthe other hand rich people
  4. 4. diffeRence 2W hile average peoplealways wait for someoneelse to help them get rich-- which only keeps thempoor -- rich people takeaction and spend timesolving problems.
  5. 5. diffeRence 3Rich people favor specificknowledge over formaleducation.
  6. 6. diffeRence 4Rich people spend a lot oftime looking into thefuture, setting goals andlooking forward to whatlies ahead. On the otherhand average peopledwell on the past thatoften holds them back by
  7. 7. diffeRence 5Rich people maintain alogical relationship withmoney viewing it as atool that representsoptions and opportunitiesthis is unlike averagepeople.
  8. 8. diffeRence 6Rich people find a wayof getting paid for doingsomething they lovewhereas average peopleearn money doing thingsthey dont love.
  9. 9. diffeRence 7Rich people set hugeexpectations and followtheir dreams averagepeople set lowexpectations to avoiddisappointment while.
  10. 10. diffeRence 8Rich people continuously focus onbettering themselves and learnfrom success and failures averagepeople believe you have to dosomething to be rich and focus on immediate results.
  11. 11. diffeRence 9Rich people have noproblem using otherpeoples money whereasaverage folk believethey need their ownmoney to make money.
  12. 12. diffeRence 10It seems contradictory tothe above statement butrich people adopt theattitude of getting rich soyou can afford to livebelow your means.Average people livebeyond their means
  13. 13. diffeRence 11Rich people teach theirchildren how to be rich;average people teach theirchildren how to survive.
  14. 14. diffeRence 12Rich people dont letmoney stress them out,but average people do.
  15. 15. diffeRence 14Rich people surround themselveswith like-minded people, butaverage people think rich peopleare snobs and have a negativeattitude towards the super rich.
  16. 16. diffeRence 13Rich people wouldrather be educated thanentertained; averagepeople are the opposite.
  17. 17. diffeRence 15Rich people focus onearning while averagepeople focus on savingand miss bigopportunities by trying tolive frugally.
  18. 18. cReaTed bySaTHya PRakaSH S