Political marketing 2014


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Political marketing 2014

  2. 2. Trust Hope Money
  3. 3. COMMUNICATION MEDIUM Mass & Face to Face campaigns Drama, Body paintings Print Media Television Social Media
  4. 4. INFLUENCING FACTORS • Symbols • Caste • Party • Language • Celebrity • Color • Technology
  5. 5. 4C’s of Political Marketing • Cause • Constituency • Comparative Advertising • Celebrity Endorsements
  7. 7. NDA’s India Shining Campaign during 2004 Elections  Beginning of a new age of political advertising in India.  Campaign aimed at highlighting the progress India had made during the tenure of NDA government and to stress the Feel Good factor. Estimated to be Rs. 150 crore and done by Grey Worldwide. The 'India Shining' slogan was created by Prathap Suthan, national creative director, GWI.  “First ever national brand building initiative by any Indian government” as praised by Dr Jagdish N Sheth, known as the father of relationship marketing and professor of marketing at the Emory University in the US
  8. 8. NDA lost the 2004 election !!
  9. 9. 'India Shining' campaign the 'worst' poll strategy in Indian history • Congress countered with the campaign Aam Aadmi Ko Kya Mila? • The campaign didn't reflect the reality - "lopsided" focus on urban growth story while neglecting the distress and backwardness of the rural landscape. • Had an instant recall value, but recalled only the failures attached to the campaign.
  10. 10. 2009 Election Campaigns • The estimates of CMS(Centre for Media Studies) - - Rs 10,000 crore spent during the Lok Sabha elections • Rs 2,000 crore by the Election Commission and other government agencies • The remaining Rs 8,000 crore by the political parties and candidates for campaigning. • The total advertisement spending by the political parties will be around Rs 800 crore. • Nearly 10% of the budget was spent on Digital marketing.
  11. 11. 2009 Election Campaigns The common man moves forward, And with his every step India prospers. Mazboot Neta, Nirnayak Sarkaar
  12. 12. Jai Ho Vs Bhay Ho • 48% in ad liking • 55% felt happy • 72% voting in high on entertainment and enjoyment parameters • Elements around women • Feel good and a sense of optimism (parody of Jai Ho) • 19% in ad liking • 40% felt happy • 51% voting in high on entertainment and enjoyment parameters • No gender focus • Negative shades and ads projecting LK Advani as ‘Nidar Neta’ (fearless leader)
  13. 13. Different media used for advertisements • Television – 15% • Outdoor Ads – 20 to 25% • Print Ads – 40 to 50% • Radio – 5% • Internet – 10% • Mobiles – 3 to 5%
  14. 14. • The growth of AAP has been organic • Content creation plays a big role along with the timing of the content • Creating connection with the hottest issues • AAP concentrated on constituency level manifesto to resulting in better connection with voters. Trust in candidates and leaderships are other parameters where AAP raised its standard higher than other parties to differentiate itself
  15. 15. Explore the Technology to Reach out Your Target Market Effectively and Efficiently • • 5,00,000 calls made by more than 7,000 volunteers in just a week Enabled even the financially weak sector of the society to actively involve themselves in the political campaign of the AAP
  16. 16. • To reach young first-time voters, it used social media • It was useful for publicizing the voter registration campaigns it ran in institutes of higher education in Delhi The campaign raised approximately Rs. 20 crore [Ed: ~$4.6M] through marketing, and most of that money was raised through online marketing
  17. 17. This sort of grassroots effort is impossible to mobilize for large political parties with their hierarchical structures.
  18. 18. DMK & AIADMK
  19. 19. DMK & AIADMK
  20. 20. BSP & SP Elephant Statues “Umeed ki Cycle”
  21. 21. BSP & BJP • 19 special trains - BSP • 27 special trains - BJP The total outlay for these extra services is expected to be US$1.2 million
  22. 22. General Election 2014
  23. 23. Congress Campaign
  24. 24. Congress Campaign
  25. 25. BJP campaign • MISSION 272+ campaign • Mobile app & website on India272+ • Modi for PM fund – One note, one vote campaign
  26. 26. HISTORY OF NaMo Tea vendor CM of Gujarat Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP
  27. 27. Brand NaMO Vibrant Gujarat – promoted by Apco Worldwide  One of the trendiest male politicians in India.  He was among the first to possess a digital diary.  He is always well groomed.  He goes for made-to-order Modi kurta with hand-tailored button holes.
  28. 28. • NaMo Store – Online merchanidise portal • "The products inspire people to wear a cause, embrace the change and be the creator of a better tomorrow,“
  29. 29. #POPULARITY
  30. 30. #MENTIONS
  31. 31. Arnab: what do you think about Modi ? Rahul: Open the system, empower women, bring in youngsters Arnab: will you punish Chavan ? Rahul: Open the system, empower women, bring in youngsters Arnab: WTF is wrong with you ? Rahul: Open the system, empower women, bring in youngsters
  32. 32. • Excellent Oratorical Skills • Quick Decision Making Ability • Clarity of Vision
  33. 33. • Honest and Simple • Candidates
  34. 34. Rahul Gandhi must meet Uday Chopra to give tough competition to Salman-Modi meet. Modi: When I’m driving, even if a puppy … Salman: Don’t talk to me about driving, yaar! Modi: Bhai SRK ke saath film karoge dobara? Salman: Sir aap Rahul gandhi ke saath sarkar banaoge? Modi: LOL Salman: LOL
  35. 35. Social Media Users in India As of July 2013, - 82 million users in FB - 33 million users in Twitters
  36. 36. Twitter Wars & Controversies
  37. 37. Sheila Dixit & Arvind Kejriwal "Is this the same party that accused Sheila Dikshit of making excuses? Today when they should take responsibility, they say that we need to study this issue.“ – NDTV News
  38. 38. Thank You!!