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Use of ArchiMate at Colruyt Group (presentation by Brechtel Dero at the I.T. Works/LoQutus meetup)


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Presentation by Brechtel Dero at the I.T. Works/LoQutus meetup on July 1st, 2014 at Vlerick School Campus Gent. See for full details on this event

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Use of ArchiMate at Colruyt Group (presentation by Brechtel Dero at the I.T. Works/LoQutus meetup)

  1. 1. 1 Who am I?
  2. 2. 2 Colruyt Group
  3. 3. Bakery 1900-1930 Wholesale trade 1930-1955 Discounter 1955-1995 Retail Group 1995-Present Growth of the company and the family 4 Bakery Jozef Colruyt Wholesale Franz Colruyt Discounter Jo Colruyt Retail Group Jef Colruyt Frans Colruyt
  4. 4. Retail: 76% of group revenue
  5. 5. Wholesale and foodservice: 16% of group revenue
  6. 6. Other activities: 9% of group revenue
  7. 7. Corporate activities Support services: Business Processes & Systems Finance Logistics & Production People & Organisation Marketing Premedia Technics, Real Estate & Energy Vlevico 8
  8. 8. Key figures 9
  9. 9. Employees 10
  10. 10. 3 Architecture @ Colruyt Group
  11. 11. Timeframe 2000 Infoco21 2008 Start “procesmatig ondernemen” 2010 Start current EA approach 2014 Where are we now? 12 Main focus of today
  12. 12. Architecture helps to realize strategy Strategy Planning Design and Delivery EnterprisewidefocusProjectfocus Strategy Business Operating Environment and IT Infrastructure Business and IT Solutions support govern feedback steer EnterpriseArchitecture Transition Plan (as-is  to-be) IT Architecture - Applications - Data - Infrastructure - Security Business Architecture - Components - Processes - Information EnterpriseArchitecture 13
  13. 13. It took us 4 years to develop a mature architecture discipline 14 Fundaments& Alignment Embodiment& Consolidation Content& Improvement Managging roadmaps Pre- fase B A U ACoE Maturity +1 ACoE Maturity +2 ACoE Maturity +3 ACoE Maturity +4 Nov ‘12 May ‘13 Oct ‘13 March ‘14 ACoE Maturity +5 Final embodiment
  14. 14. Why a metamodel? • To ensure that there is a common understanding • Between different architecture disciplines • On different levels (enterprise and solution) • “Builders” need to understand what architects want • A means to describe the complete landscape • A foundation to understand the landscape 15
  15. 15. Everyone has the right to make 1 major mistake (a year ) We tried to build our own metamodel … and failed gloriously Too complex Impossible to get disciplines aligned Language vs style Endless discussions Impossible to exchange experiences outside the company Conclusion beginning 2013: stop the crap, introduce archimate 16
  16. 16. 4 Architectural modelling @ Colruyt Group
  17. 17. Structure of our Architecture Repository part 1 18 Reference Material for the creation of new Architectures The Architectural representation of the state of the Enterprise (current and future state)
  18. 18. Reference Model: BCM 19
  19. 19. Reference Model: Process Chains 20
  20. 20. Architecture Patterns at Colruyt Group 21
  21. 21. Example: exposed stand-alone application runtime pattern 22
  22. 22. Decision matrix in reference architecture PowerPoint-presentatie Colruyt Group - 05-23 Protocol Choices MQ HTTP RMI-IIOP Other IMSL SOAP (WS) JMS(10) SOAP (WS) REST (WS) Remote Java Beans(EJB) Public SP Adapters Criteria DEPRECATED (2) X (1) TBD(1) Asynchronous communication V  (2) V V V (7) Synchronous communication V(2) X (2) V V V V(7) Supports XA transactions (remote) V ?(3) V V V(7) Supports non-java consumer V V V V (9) V Message persistency V  V(7) Guaranteed delivery to provider V V X V (7) Supports XML message V V X (8) V (7) Supports Attachments V V Supports Encryption V V V(4) Supports Authentication V (5) V V V (6) V V (7) Open standard V V V V V Lightweight Message protocol V V V V V
  23. 23. So, what do we have so far 24
  24. 24. Reference Model Architecture Landscape ABB SBB Relation Reference Library & Landscape: BCM example Element of the BCM Business Components defined by the Business Operating Model
  25. 25. Layered setup of Archimate 26 refine refine Archimate concepts are used to describe ABBs and SBBs Archimate concepts for SBBs always refer to a certain solution Refine relation between ABB and SBB
  26. 26. Part 2: Project Views vs Landscape Views 27 Project views visualize entities and relations relevant for a project Entities and Relations exist independent from the diagrams on which they appear Landscape views visualize the same entities and relations, but from a holistic perspective
  27. 27. Project Views
  28. 28. Example Application Landscape Views 29 L0 ABB Application Overview Internal Architecture diagram of L0 component “HR System” Internal Architecture diagram of L1 Local HR Applications BE Internal Architecture diagram of L2 Component “PSFT HCM 9.1.”
  29. 29. Example: Landscape Views for Application Architecture Application Environment Diagram of Application Component Core HR.
  30. 30. 2 repository setup for MEGA 31 A work repository where projects and programs create new architecture content A published repository that contains all architecture descriptions that are validated Transfer between these repositories is part of the governance process
  31. 31. Architecture Validation Flow 32
  32. 32. Current status • All IT architects are trained in ArchiMate • All new architectural content is modeled in Archimate in Mega • Visio remains available for free format diagrams • By the 2nd half of this year, we will run a project to give direction on the future IT landscape based on the combined information of the architecture repository and cmdb • Busy building the application function diagram to explain different scenario’s 33
  33. 33. Hope you enjoyed 36