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The Ensemble Logical Model (by Remco Broekmans)


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Presentation on the Ensemble Logical Model by Remco Broekmans (Genesee Academy) at the #BIDASUMMIT on June 13th , 2019 in Diegem, Belgium

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The Ensemble Logical Model (by Remco Broekmans)

  1. 1. Presented by: © 2018-2019 Genesee Academy, LLC The Ensemble Logical Model and the path to get there Remco Broekmans remcobroekmans
  2. 2. What is Ensemble Logical Model
  3. 3. ▪ Based on the core idea of Unified Decomposition™. • Basically break things out into component parts for reasons of flexibility, adaptability, agility, and generally to facilitate the capture of things that are either interpreted in different ways or changing independently of each other. But at the same time keeping them consitent. • Is a family name for Data Vault, Anchor modeling, Focal Point, 2G, 6NF, … Ensemble Modeling 2018 Entities Ensembles Dimensions
  4. 4. 4 HUB ENSEMBLE LINK SAT The Ensemble
  5. 5. CBC Ensemble Logical Modeling ELM workshops are interactive, facilitated, business-driven design sessions for Business-Driven Models
  6. 6. Why a Business-Driven Model? “You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it is.” “If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.” “nothing improves your aim like having a target” ― Aristotle “Without a goal, you can't score” ― Tony Robbins ― Zig Ziglar
  7. 7. Why a Business-Driven Model?
  8. 8. Why a Business-Driven Model?
  9. 9. Why a Business-Driven Model? AIM HERE !
  10. 10. EDW Business Model STEP 1 Staging Source A Source B Source C STEP 2Enterprise DWBI Solution: • Integrate STEP 3Enterprise DWBI Solution: • Integrate • Align • Reconcile Common Business Rules EDW Data Mart Data Mart Data Mart STEP 4 Mart Specific Rules EDW Data Mart Data Mart Data Mart Staging Source A Source B Source C Ensemble Reference Architecture Business Model
  11. 11. ELM Workshops Page: 11
  12. 12. ELM Workshop ▪ The ELM workshop is an interactive, facilitated, business-driven design session. It depends on the active participation of all attending business representatives. ▪ During the workshop, participants work together on identifying the Core Business Concepts (CBCs) of the organization and the Natural Business Relationships (NBRs) that associate the concepts. CBC
  13. 13. Running the ELM Workshop Analyze Discuss Contemplate Present
  14. 14. Ensemble Modeling Process ▪ The Modeling Process for creating any Ensemble is basically the same: 1) Identify and Model the Core Business Concepts • What does your organization/department do? o Elevator pitch (keep it short and to the point) o Explain to nitwit (10 yr old) • What happens in your organization/department on a given day? • What do you think other departments / people in the organization tell me what your department is doing and/or is responsible off? 2) Identify and Model the Natural Business Relationships • What is the relationship between the CBC’s • How do we know? • Is this relationship a driver for your organization/department?
  15. 15. An employee in a store is selling products to a customer Ensemble Modeling Process: Step 1 CBC Page: 16 • What are the Core Business Concepts (CBC) in the story? • Write all recognized identifiers on PostIts – most likely to be the nouns & verbs Organize into Event, Person, Place, Thing, Other Concepts
  16. 16. Identifying the Core Business Concepts * This involved party has an arrangement with our involved party regarding a resource item! Be specific! Business must recognize the terms used
  17. 17. CBC Canvas • Begin to consider CBCs that might be the same • Semantic integration • Level of CBC • Discuss any missing CBCs in each category related to this event
  18. 18. UoW Event Matrix ▪ For each Event: • Align with all other CBCs that are involved • Organize by Person, Place, Thing, OC ▪ Consider CBC that might be the same • Semantic integration • Level of CBC ▪ Discuss any missing CBCs in each category related to this event
  19. 19. Towards ELM Page: 27 An employee in a store is selling a Car to a customer * Note: Includes all Events * Note: Per Event
  20. 20. Sales Ensemble Model - Backbone 28 Sale LI Vendor Customer Store Sale Product Employee
  21. 21. ELM maps directly to Ensemble Modeling Pattern (EMP) ELM Maps Direct To The EMP
  22. 22. About Data Vault Ensemble 34 Estimated 1750 + Data Vault based Data Warehouses around the world Currently over 1350 + Data Vault CDVDM Certified Professionals
  23. 23. Schedule: 2018
  24. 24. Links and Information 36 Data Vault, Ensemble & ELM Training gohansgo Book HansHultgren DataVaultAcademy