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How blockchain can enhance data sharing and collaboration in air cargo communities (presented by Paul Delbar of Nallian at #TheFutureofIT)


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Nallian is a maker of a cloud-based data sharing platform. Paul explains 2 projects that are coming out of the POC phase, where blockchain technology enhancing data sharing and collaboration between partners in a supply chain.

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How blockchain can enhance data sharing and collaboration in air cargo communities (presented by Paul Delbar of Nallian at #TheFutureofIT)

  1. 1. © Nallian 2018 Howblockchaincanenhancedatasharingandcollaborationin aircargocommunities Paul Delbar, Nallian making theworld operateas one TheFutureOf It– September 20, 2018 +32471046662 pdelbar paul-delbar
  2. 2. © Nallian 2018 BRUcloud NALLIAN AIRCARGOFACTS FREIGHT MANAGEMENT GLOBALPHARMA TRACKER CONCLUSIONS how collaborative apps help streamline processes at Brussels Airport very, very short introduction of what we do an introduction to the world of air cargo a basic application of distributed ledger technology a global and hybrid data sharing / DLT application lessons learned, future outlook and Q&A Topics
  3. 3. © Nallian 2018 WhoisNallian ? Nallian offers a cloud-based data sharing platform that helps networks and communities of business partners collaborate and operate as one single integration of enterprise data systems to the platform granular sharing control by the owner of the data enables collaborative apps that leverage a single version of the truth
  4. 4. © Nallian 2018 $ billion revenue in 2017 revenue growth in 2017 million tonnes in 2017 of global trade by value AirCargofacts 96 9.5%61.5 35%
  5. 5. © Nallian 2018 hours door-to-door delivery by air Whyshippers chooseAirCargo 138 SPEED RELIABILITY SPECIAL CARGOSECURITY hours in the hands of airline carriers44 faster than maritime transport (or more) 10x perishables pharmaceutical dangerous goods e-commerce air freight is very dependable and predictable of air cargo is carried as belly load 52% ship under tightly controlled conditions tight process control reduces risk of damage and theft strong collaboration with customs authorities of air cargo is shipped on an electronic airway bill 56.3%
  6. 6. © Nallian 2018 Keyactors intheAirCargo supply chain FREIGHT FORWARDERS CARRIERS GROUND HANDLING AGENTS AIRPORTS handle door-to-door (D2D) freight for shippers, book capacity on a flight and deliver cargo to the airport offer air freight capacity, ensure airport-to- airport (A2A) transport and contract with ground handlers for airport operations specialize in services to receive, store, handle and ship freight under contract to one or more airlines, covering landside and airside operations own and operate infrastructure and try to attract as much high-value import/exportand transit cargo
  7. 7. © Nallian 2018 In collaboration with the Brussels Airport Cargo department and with Air Cargo Belgium, Nallian has developed a suite of collaborative applications for air cargo communities Air Cargo Reporting App Customs App Slot Booking App Freight Management App Driver Database App Equipment Booking App Freight Consolidation App Pharma Dashboard App CEIV Acceptance App Vehicle Database App Global Pharma Tracker BRUcloud
  8. 8. © Nallian 2018 WhyDLT? NallianDNA DLTDNA focus on communities of collaborating companies focus on cross-enterprise process synchronization in logistics hubs focus on secure and owner- controlled data sharing capability to form permissioned or private networks consensus approach ensures tamper-evident system of records build an open ecosystem of apps on top of a single version of the truth distributed nature forces agreement on data model and smart contracts early references in use cases for logistics processes initial research and experiments started in late 2017 first customer PoC demonstrated in early 2018 first production use cases in late 2018
  9. 9. © Nallian 2018 DIGITAL RIGHT #9465245 AWB 083-652438263 – T15 - K87.5 Agent: Global Forwarding Ltd Slot: 28MAY2018 13:00 – 13:45 DIGITAL RIGHT #9465287 AWB 083-652472263 – T64 – K212 Agent: Global Forwarding Ltd Slot: 28MAY2018 13:00 – 13:45 SLOT #28MAY2018-0332 Booker: Global Forwarding Ltd Service type: IMPORT Duration: 13:00 – 13:45 DIGITAL RIGHT #8654203 AWB 266-783565472 – T800 – K1450 Agent: InterTrans Logistics SA Delegate: Vermaelen Transport Slot: 28MAY2018 12:00 – 13:30 Freight Management An integrated solutionfor digital release rights for import shipments at BRUcargo
  10. 10. © Nallian 2018 Freight Management When import shipments are received, they need to be picked up from the ground handler by the correct freight forwarder. As long as the goods are not customs cleared, a special permit (laat-volgen) is required to handle the transport (on the cargo airport premises). Problem FREIGHT FORWARDER GROUND HANDLING AGENT issue paper laat-volgen document and send a runner collect laat-volgen documents and assign for pickup send a truck to pick up goods check whether laat- volgen document is in order release goods to forwarder handle customs requirements receive goods from incoming flight book a time slot to pick up the goods what? you’re picking this up now?
  11. 11. © Nallian 2018 Freight Management Ground handlers can create and assign a digital release right (DRR) for a shipment using a blockchain ledger. DRRs can be linked to a slot booked by the forwarder. Upon pickup, the DRR is formally transferred to the forwarder. Solution FREIGHT FORWARDER GROUND HANDLING AGENT link DRRs to a booked slot send a truck to pick up goods DRR is already validated, linked and ready for pickup signoff on DRR handle customs requirements receive goods from incoming flight = create DRR and assign to the correct freight forwarder book a time slot to pick up the goods
  12. 12. © Nallian 2018 Freight Management Solution DRR ledger and smartcode (Hyperledger) Freight Management is based on a Hyperledger-based engine which handles all business transactions. First-mile integration is handled by the Nallian platform using its B2B integration capabilities. Part of the related shared data was already available on the platform. The Nallian platform also handles all cross-cutting concerns such as identity management, notifications, monitoring …
  13. 13. © Nallian 2018 Freight Management §The future §extendto export shipments and/or larger regulatory scope §longer term: migrate from B2B integration to ledger-centric model §DLT learnings §ideal first project: limited scope, local impact, quick win §reaching community consensus takes time, but is the key to success §keep complex data integration(first mile) outside the ledger
  14. 14. © Nallian 2018 Global PharmaTracker Global trackingof temperature-controlled pharmaceutical air cargo
  15. 15. © Nallian 2018 Global PharmaTracker Pharmaceuticals products are often shipped as temperature controlled cargo (cold chain) to ensure the quality of the patient’s treatment. It requires a combination of packaging and correct handling of the goods. Problem of pharma shipments are cold chain22% $ billion of revenue is cold chain260 $ billion of revenue is lost to cold chain issues35 of cost is loss of compromised product43% of cost is root cause analysis24% $ billion in cold chain logistics market13.4 FREIGHT FORWARDER GROUND HANDLER GROUND HANDLER FREIGHT FORWARDER CONSIGNEESHIPPER CARRIER AIRPORTAIRPORT when a temperature excursion is observed, release into the market is delayed or refused it can take 3 weeks or more to collect all the relevant data from all parties involved shippers want to be able to prevent issues instead of investigating them
  16. 16. © Nallian 2018 Shipper ERP Airport Hub Solution Airport Hub Solution Forwarder Operational System Cargo Community System(s) Global PharmaTracker Problem SHIPPER CONSIGNEE CARRIER FORWARDER GROUND HANDLERS GROUND HANDLERS WHS TPT RAMP WHSTPTRAMP What caused the excursion?Where did it happen ? Who is responsible? How can this be avoided?
  17. 17. © Nallian 2018 Global PharmaTracker The enhanced data stream provides a unique overlay of logistics, quality and temperature information Information that took weeks to collect is now available in real- time Only parties related to a shipment can see the data, and only the parts that are shared with them The platform is open to all providers of relevant information Solution
  18. 18. © Nallian 2018 Global PharmaTracker The enhanced data stream provides a unique overlay of logistics, quality and temperature information Conforms to IATA Cargo iQ Master Operating Plan Different views are available, including quality data and its associated documents (damage reports, images …) providing a reliable system of records for regulatory and compliance purposes Solution
  19. 19. © Nallian 2018 Global PharmaTracker Objective is to deliver an enhanced data stream to all potentially interested parties Local community systems and platforms can provide first mile integration and leverage existing shared data Existing backend systems can augment their own data with the shared view of the end-to-end logistics chain Solution GPT PLATFORM OPERATIONAL LOGISTICS SYSTEMS TEMPERATURE SOURCES PHARMA ACCEPTANCE & QUALITY DATA VISUALIZATION APPS SHIPPER SYSTEMS FORWARDER SYSTEMS DATA INGESTION GPT ENGINE GPT DISTRIBUTED LEDGER GPT API GPT DATA SHARED DATA CARRIER SYSTEMS
  20. 20. © Nallian 2018 Global PharmaTracker A network of Hyperledger peer nodes provides the consensus and governance required for regulatory compliance The Nallian platform acts as an oracle to provide external triggers and data and process events that are emitted from the ledger. Solution GPT NODE COMMUNITY PLATFORM GPT NODE GPT NODE GPT NODE GPT NODE COMMUNITY PLATFORM COMMUNITY PLATFORM SHIPPER SYSTEM FORWARDER SYSTEM OPERATIONAL LOGISTICS SYSTEM
  21. 21. © Nallian 2018 Global PharmaTracker §The future §further developthe global air cargo network §build an application ecosystem on top of the network §DLT learnings §don’t assume your customers understand DLT(and neither should they) §DLT is a young technology, moving faster than sales cycles §not all stakeholders are created equal
  22. 22. nallian data sharing for business collaboration Q&A Paul Delbar, Nallian - The Future Of It – September 20, 2018
  23. 23. Contact us: Presented at: The Future of IT 20 September 2018 in Brussels