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Agro Web.I T Vrural English


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AgroWeb- iTVrural


Create an e-Agriculture food; feed industry Community showing “Best of Practice”

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Agro Web.I T Vrural English

  1. 1. AgroWeb- iTVruralObjective:Create an e-Agriculture food; feed industry Community showing “Best of Practice”AgroWeb- iTVrural aims to cover and broadcast food and agriculture : the individualelements, their interdependencies and impact on environment . While closely related toagricultural economics, the focus will be mainly on the application of business methodologiesto the food and agricultural sector (best of practice) . Original research on topics pertaining topolicies, processes and practices in the agribusiness arena will be our main concern in the field,creating appropriate articles for this Web journal AgroTVrural.It will be in the form of adigested Web journal seeking support of academics, researchers, and farmers, traders andlogistics chain.A forum for the dissemination of ideas probing relevant synergies between traditionalagricultural food chain and the business value chain with the ultimate goal of elevating thewell-being and livelihood of people in developing and emerging economies.The AgroWeb-iTVrural journal seeks to be at the nexus of science, technology, public andbusiness, all of which interact to contribute to a healthy society and a sustainable economyThe overall aim is to enable members to exchange opinions, experiences, good practices andresources related to e-agriculture, and to ensure that the knowledge created is effectivelyshared and used worldwide. This initiative will enhance sustainable agricultural developmentand food security by the use of associated technologies in the sector, information,communication. Providing both buyers and manufacturers with networking opportunities byaccessing extensive database linked to speaking platform with the aim to, help buyersapproach manufacturers and offering them professional advice on-field support basis.
  2. 2. There are several good reasons for the success of this enterprise and reason for our customersparticipating in our international network:- Opportunities for business and networking with thousands of manufacturers from Food/Feedand Beverage industry.- A chance to increase business at no extra cost.- Communication will be supported by several new technologies as:-It finds customers-It tells what they like-It reveals their interests-It introduces their brand-It expands their reach-It gives them feedback-It provides a test audience-It showcases of company’s personality-It makes them accessible-It gives them sustainabilityA new place where foreign importers can meet manufacturers, share best practices, exchangeideas and make deals without the burden of linguistic or any other cultural barriers?To network with hundreds of potential buyers and sellers dailyWe all realize the full potential for developing exports and improving trade operations.I propose we tackle 240 millions of Portuguese market consumers at a first stage. So in thehope we all agree that’s this is only short draft I would be pleased to receive further discussionand comments so we may proceed.