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PMO Work Breakdown Structure by ITVAMP LLC


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Sample desing of a PMO WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). This slide displays a Level 5 set of key deliverables as well as Phases that cross SDLC type sub phases with key deliverables and associated artifacts. Designed by Sharon Summers of ITVAMP LLC

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PMO Work Breakdown Structure by ITVAMP LLC

  1. 1. b Sample PM WBS Designed by: Sharon Summers of ITVAMP LLC Copyright 2008
  2. 2. PM Work Breakdown Structure IT Project Name 1.0 Initiation 1.1 Planning 1.2 Execution 1.3 Implementation 1.4 Control 1.5 Closing 1.6 Charter 1.1.1 Master Project Plan 1.2.1 Scope Statement Detailed Project Schedule Cost Plan 1.2.2 Organizational Plan 1.2.3 Business Requirements Technical Requirements 1.1.2 Design & Analysis 1.3.1 Functional Specs Architecture Design System Design System Configuration Vendor Selection Pilot 1.4.1 Build 1.4.2 Deployment 1.4.3 Status Reporting 1.5.1 Weekly Meeting Risks Actions Executive Summary 1.6.1 Rollout Maint & Operations Unit &Integration Testing Build Support System & UAT Testing Build Test Plan Test Plan IT Quality Request for Proposal SOW Business Initiative Communications Plan 1.2.4 Quality Plan 1.2.5 IT Release Change SOX IT Audit WBS 1.1.3 High Level Project Plan Estimates 1.1.4 Deliverables List Closing Meeting Dependencies Financial Analysis Variance Reporting Issues Resource Optimization Dashboard Reporting IT Issues & Risks Financial Budget Resource Plan Timeline Timeline Progress Project Scope Change Finance Tracking Project Audit Project Evaluation Test Script Test Script Go No go Meeting Budget Assigned Resources Key Milestones Deliverables Links & Dependencies Time Allocation Time Reporting 1.5.2 Time Sheet Registration 1.1.2 Decommissioning Data Management Governance 1.5.3 Governance Review Generic Resources Milestones Procurement Plan 1.2.6 Risk Plan 1.2.7 Training Training Plan Vendor Reporting Registration Form Regulatory Compliance