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imi health booklet

  1. 1. A string ofpreciouspearls inhealthcaremHealth management at your fingertipsin association with
  2. 2. 02 | IMI HEALTH TECHNOLOGY www.imi-health-technology.comIntegrated and interactivemHealth solutionsA must for the future of healthcare…A s a result of the challenges and Healthcare systems are therefore forced to requirements of a modern, efficient and anticipate and find solutions for these challenges. cost-effective healthcare system, IMI However, it’s not only about tomorrow, becausemHealth technology solutions have been even in today’s world healthcare resources aredeveloped. Consequently, IMI Health AG is a far from an optimised allocation or utilisation.first mover in an emerging and developing All these factors will enhance the developmentmarket that is designated mHealth. of mobile health solutions that are convenient The next few decades in Europe will be to handle for patients/users and the healthcarecharacterised by significant changes in the specialist. These solutions can and should bedemographic structure of its population; smart enough to have an impact on individualespecially those age groups with high birth lifestyles. They should support awareness andrates in the years following World War II. This enable preventative creating an ageing population that is living When it comes to serious clarification of thelonger and by definition placing greater demands health status of treatments, the same solutionon the healthcare system. The demand for should be ready to support the communicationpreventive medical examination will arise and between patient and health specialist and grantso will the need to create convenient and access to a knowledge base of the biggestcost-effective solutions. possible scale. The cloud of useful health As people get older, the risk of serious information should provide value instantaneouslydiseases will automatically rise. The lifestyle and ubiquitously. In addition, the data containedchanges through a shift from an industry-led to in individual health records will enter the clouda service-centred society will cause diseases and be safely and securely stored. The next few decadessuch as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and IMI mHealth technology has taken these in Europe will beburnout syndromes. challenges and needs into consideration and characterised by Those people who are still integrated into provides robust and innovative solutions. significant changes inwork life will have to face a high level of demand It is important to identify where mHealth the demographicwhen it comes to surviving in a highly competitive solutions can add value to assist healthcare structure of itslabour market. A significant portion of these specialists make more effective use of their time. population; especiallypeople will not be able to afford to have a major IMI believes it can, over time, make a considerable those age groupshealth problem for two reasons: they cannot impact in the monitoring the health of patients/ with high birth ratescover the costs for treatments and they cannot users remotely. Fig. 1 provides a graphical in the years followingafford to stay away from work. illustration of what can be achieved. World War II
  3. 3. IMI HEALTH TECHNOLOGY | 03 main focus of common healthcare systems Ist Healthy outside influence occurrence detection lag detection reaction lag reaction/ recovering Healthy status of disease treatment status regular health checks communication empowerment data availability post treatment care nutrition nutrition physical training physical training communication with other devices remote monitoring prevention indication for communication recovery through life-style certain diseases support support basic monitoring, tracing and recording Quadrant 4 Quadrant 1 Quadrant 3 Quadrant 2Fig. 1 IMI mHealth service © by IMI Health AG, 2012 The formula for IMI’s mHealth solution is: concept + hardware + software = integrated and interactive mHealth serviceConcept with is a ‘Health 2.0’ approach according to DrBased on the principle that wellness and health Lingg, the founder of IMI Health individual and that any influencing factor onthe human system must be verifiable in its Hardwareeffect, IMI believes in the power of open, IMI can offer mobiles or tablet PCs asintegrated systems. Open for smart approaches all-in-one devices, separate devices as add-onsand applications (apps) and thus open for for mobiles with blue tooth connection orimprovements through the input of users and provide the technology for third parties toevery smart brain/idea in this emerging market. white label their products. Sensors can be The empowerment of people to be able to take applied in different ways to take measurements.conscious decisions about what they should eat, Sensors on the back of a mobile phone or awhat they could do to improve their wellbeing tablet PC or integrated in a chest strap areand who they want to share this information already available.
  4. 4. 04 | IMI HEALTH TECHNOLOGY self assessed health status healthy sick The concept of the IMI mHealth framework is integrated to build a healthy healthy hypochondriac perfect quality control (low risk*) tendencies (low risk*) loop that is open actual health status enough to have 4 3 permanent upgrades through application providers, users and unrecognised disease under experts from all over sickness sick medical care/control = highest risk* and = assessable risk* the world suffering potential 1 2Fig. 2: The greatest benefit for cost savings provided by mHealth solutions can be identified in Quadrant 1. The opportunityfor pre-screening leading to prevention is now available and the health specialist should begin to consider the use of thedevices being developed. It always takes time for new ideas to be used on a daily basis, but the development of what isavailable could be greatly assisted by a realistic approach being taken by the regulatorsSoftware The loop: from measurement to data captureIMI owns mobile and server-based software that To be able to test all the different impacts onis secure, patented and able to be connected to the human system, a measurement point ismost common operating systems and browsers. needed that:Data protection in this environment is mandatory • Maybe used instantly and in any environment;and may be provided to military standard. • Functions for all users in the same way; • Has an immediate response to every impact onIntegrated the human body.The concept of the IMI mHealth framework isintegrated to build a perfect quality control The cardiovascular and the autonomous nervousloop that is open enough to have permanent systems of the human body send instant signalsupgrades through application providers, users about our wellbeing. IMI has found a way toand experts from all over the world. The interpret those signals utilising its patentedconcept is also integrated with the holistic idea algorithm. That is why IMI developed a devicethat the human body is a complex system and that can be integrated in every mobile phoneeverything people do has an impact, whether using four sensors on the back that can bethey want to lose weight, improve their shape equally applied to the fingertips or the breast.or optimise nutrition. The measurements are of one channel ECG, pulse These points are all just single aspects of and blood oxygen that calculates and reportspeople living in our so-called ‘highly developed’ blood pressure, the status of metabolism and thecivilisation. But losing weight could make some autonomous nervous system with a special focuspeople sick and training to hard could overburden on stress levels.the heart. This is why the IMI solution monitors After a measurement, which can be conductedthese aspects so that people can function in a daily and takes two minutes 20 seconds, thebalanced way, taking care of their metabolism result will be shown immediately on the deviceand cardiovascular requirements. and, whenever connectivity to the internet is
  5. 5. IMI HEALTH TECHNOLOGY | 05Fig. 3: The IMI mHealth Loop Fig. 4possible, also in a personal user area online.Based on that spot check, advice can be madeupon the optimal nutrition, cardio workouts. Summary A special sport application is also available that The integrated and interactive mHealthshows the optimal training guide. Well-recognised solutions provided by IMI Health AGand approved databases like Nutri-Find and technology facilitate:WikiFood are used to build up a detailed nutrition • Remote monitoring;diary, containing recipes and other useful sources • Self-empowerment;of information. The comparison of advice given • Secure data storage for medium andand what actually happened will enable the long-term analysis;software to make a gap analysis. There are • A large range of supporting mHealthalready some precious ‘pearls’ with regards to applications;apps and databases that are available in the • A range of differing hardware devices;mHealth sector, dealing with specific aspects of • A built-in and effective control system.wellness and health. IMI has developed a string that is now able In a world in which people are livingto integrate those developments and hence be longer, the available medical resource,able to provide a ‘string of pearls’ together with with the inherent cost, is being stretchedthe loop. Eventually, all the captured and to breaking point. It is vital that mobilestored data will provide valuable information, communications are used to monitorboth demographically and geographically, on a people remotely. IMI has developedglobal basis. technology to make this a reality. Appealing graphics and an easily comprehensible Remote monitoring together with themenu structure on a mobile phone and internet accurate evaluation of the collected dataaccount make the IMI solution a discrete and creates wellness management at yourviable companion in daily life. fingertips.
  6. 6. 06 | IMI HEALTH TECHNOLOGY The motion to maximise European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli heralds the importance of technology and innovation in advancing the cause of health… E ach and every European should have access to safe and good quality healthcare. This applies now more than ever, as health budgets are squeezed at a time when Europe’s © European Union, 1995-2011 population is ageing. 20 years ago, for every person over 65 there were five people of working age. Today, there are only four. In 50 years’ time, there will be just two. The health workforce is also ageing and Commissioner John Dalli and DG SANCO Director General this is estimated to lead to a shortfall of one Paola Testori Coggi million health workers by the end of this decade. As the population grows older, the burden of potential for innovation, such as e-health, which chronic conditions is likely to grow with it. can improve the quality of healthcare, increase Conditions such as heart disease, or Type 2 the efficiency and availability of health systems diabetes, already account for around 70% of and support patient-centred health systems. healthcare costs. Telemedicine is a case in point as it could These factors combined are set to add even improve access to diagnosis and treatment – further pressure on Europe’s health systems. The particularly for rare conditions where expertise question arises: How do we continue to deliver is scarce. By concentrating expertise in a few healthcare to more people with fewer resources? centres connected to the whole of Europe, it is The time has come to consider smart and possible to move the knowledge without having responsible ways of investing in health systems, to move the patient. This, in turn, can translate to improve their efficiency and sustainability, into better access for patients, and greater while at the same time ensuring the best possible cost-effectiveness for health systems. healthcare for patients. For this reason, the EU is supporting ‘European Investment in health innovation is the key to Reference Networks’ that would offer high-quality achieve this. The health sector has tremendous and highly specialised expertise across Europe – © Kevin.Souza© USDAgov Left to right: Dr Megan R Mahoney; Standardised Patient, The telehealth unit is demonstrated on Grants Committee Adrienne Krug; Michael Quirk, Director, Kanbar Center for member Bob Umidi, while Grants Committee member Simulation, Clinical Skills and Telemedicine Education, Mary Lyons Bradley watches and learns UCSF Teaching and Learning Center
  7. 7. IMI HEALTH TECHNOLOGY | 07a welcome development for patients with amedical condition requiring a particularconcentration of expertise in areas where medicalexpertise or technology is rare. Furthermore, e-health applications canfacilitate access for patients to the best medicalexpertise from the comfort of their own home,while having their condition continuouslymonitored from a distance. By moving some routine checks from hospitalto home, telemonitoring can help reduce hospital support research on diseases and treatments The health sector has tremendous potential foradmissions and thus free up the precious time and, ultimately, improve our understanding of innovation, such as e-health,and resources of health professionals and, at the how to treat a given disease. Such cooperation which can improve the quality of healthcare, says Dallisame time, improve patients’ comfort and control will help us to learn from one another and breakover their own health. down barriers to interoperability. In a nutshell, e-health tools can help provide The EU has invested over €1bn in research andbetter healthcare, to more people, in a more pilot projects to develop e-health not just toefficient and sustainable manner. Yet there remain treat people, but also to keep them healthy,a number of barriers to its use across the EU. active and independent. It is important to show e-Health requires profound changes in how such investment can trigger efficiency gainshealthcare as we know it, with a reduced need that help secure the quality and sustainabilityfor face-to-face interaction. Not every doctor of health systems. We need to ensure thatfeels comfortable liaising with patients via a investment pays off – not just today, but in 10,computer screen, so they need real incentives to 20, 30 years’ time.overcome this barrier. In parallel, not every This is where health technology assessmentpatient feels comfortable being diagnosed or (HTA) has an important role to play. HTA helpsadvised by a doctor online. Compare this with to ensure that e-health technologies are chosenthe banking sector, where many of us manage and used in the most effective and efficient way.our accounts online without thinking twice. A This means showing that e-health can be moresimilar trend is starting to emerge in health. effective than conventional treatment, and that There are also structural barriers, in particular the benefits outweigh the costs.the lack of interoperability or compatibility As part of the Europe 2020 Strategy – the EU’sbetween health systems. In other words, blueprint to emerge stronger from the economichealth systems in the EU are unable to ‘speak’ crisis – we have launched a European Innovationto one another. Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. The To help bridge these gaps, an EU directive has partnership brings together public and privaterecently been adopted on patients’ rights in sector representatives to share their knowledgecross-border healthcare, which clarifies the right and expertise to translate innovation intofor patients to be treated or diagnosed in an- concrete products and services to help peopleother EU member state, and be reimbursed for it. live active, healthy, independent and longer This directive also encourages EU member lives to support more efficient and sustainablestates to cooperate on e-health, for example to health systems, and boost EU competitiveness John Dalliagree on a minimum set of data for patients’ and growth. Commissioner forsummaries that can be shared between health I believe in maximising the potential for Health andprofessionals. Member states would work together innovation in healthcare: not because innovation Consumer Policyto pool data on public health and medical is trendy; not because innovation is an end in European Commissionresearch, notably through patients’ registries, itself; but because it is a means to advance the Email: cab-dalli-webpagewhich currently remain fragmented across Europe. cause of European health and a means to drive By promoting patients’ registries, we can forward the economy upon which we all depend. Web:
  8. 8. mHealth management at your fingertips IMI HEALTH AG Felbaweg 10, 9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein t: +423 230 3060 f: +423 230 3062 IMI MHEALTH SOLUTIONS LTD Regus, Davidson House, Forbury Square, Reading RG1 3EU t: +44 1189 000 600 f: +44 1189 000 601 @ w³