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Comparison of Ilohamail, Roundcube, Horde IMP4.

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Webmail Survey ’08 Zero
  2. 2. Choices
  3. 3. RoundCube Pros/Cons Very beautiful ( I think it might be the most beautiful one ) Using Ajax Still in early development ( but It’s active developing )
  4. 4. Who’s using Roundcube? NCTU CS ( NKNU (
  5. 5. Horde IMP4
  6. 6. Horde IMP Pros/Cons Hard to install ( We have to install Horde3 framework and IMP4 ) Big supporting community Supporting External Mailbox Provide Web Administration UI Too many configurable items
  7. 7. Who’s using Horde IMP4? NTU ( NCU CSIE ( NCTU CSIE ( and many...
  8. 8. Ilohamail
  9. 9. Ilohamail Pros/Cons Light-weight, Efficiency Its IMAP library is widely used. (Ex. Roundcube mail)
  10. 10. Who’s using Ilohamail? NTHU (
  11. 11. Discussion
  12. 12. Topics Shall we promote IMAP? MTA: Sendmail or Postfix? None of these webmail provide vacation-reply, shall we write a extra features control panel?
  13. 13. Topics (cont.) Mail hosting service? (Google Apps Edu.?) Many schools provide multiple webmail system, shall we?
  14. 14. End.