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Google Webmaster Tool Guide


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This presentations explains each feature of Google Webmaster Tool with screen shots to make the most out of it

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Published in: Marketing
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Google Webmaster Tool Guide

  1. 1. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Google – Webmaster Tool 1
  2. 2. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved  Webmaster Tool Uses  Adding/Verifying Site  Email Notifications  Site Health Crawl errors Crawl stats Blocked URL Fetch as Google Malware  Site Configurations Sitelinks URL Parameters  Links to your site  Optimization  Sitemaps Structure Data  Labs  Conclusions 2 Table of content
  3. 3. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Webmaster tools can be used to:  Audit website effectiveness, SEO  SEO insights and ideas  Monitor website performance  Monitor impact of campaigns on search 3 Webmaster Tool Uses
  4. 4. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Google Webmaster Tools — helps you with detailed reports about your website to improve site's visibility on Google. All you need to do is confirm your ownership of your website by verifying it! Verification methods:  Add a meta tag to your home page  Upload an HTML file with the name you specify to your server  Add the Google Analytics code  Verify via your domain name provider. 4 Adding/Verifying a site
  5. 5. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Get email notifications about your site for the following reasons:  Critical site issues — for example, if your site is down or inaccessible, or if pages infected with malware.  Crawling or indexing issues — learn about specific problems Google having accessing it.  News and information — even just an informational message that you may find useful. 5 Email Notifications
  6. 6. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Crawl Errors Google will list out the number of error pages that Google has detected when crawling your site. This page list two types of error: Site errors: Lists errors that prevent Googlebot from accessing your site at all. URL errors: Lists errors Googlebot encountered when trying to crawl specific URLs. 6 Site Health (1/1)
  7. 7. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Crawl Stats The crawl stats section gives you an idea of how fast the crawlers are able to crawl(read) pages on your site and time spent downloading a page, also the size of a page.  If Google is crawling your site too often, and slowing down your server, you can change the crawl rate! 7 Site Health (1/2)
  8. 8. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Blocked URLs Here Google will list out the blocked URLs by robots.txt, it helps you to check that your robots.txt is working as expected. 8 Site Health (1/3)
  9. 9. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Fetch as Google This tool lets you see the page as Googlebot sees at the time of crawling, tool return the HTTP response, the date and time, and the HTML code, including the first 100kb of visible text on the page.  This is useful if you're using rich media content and not sure whether Google will crawls it or not, the page returned by the Fetch as Google tool may not contain this content if Google can't crawl it.  If your site has been hacked, the Fetch as Google tool can help you Identify to understand exactly what it is that Google is seeing on your site  You can use this tool to fetch up to 500 URLs a week per Webmaster Tools account. 9 Site Health (1/4)
  10. 10. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Index Status This section provides stats about how many URLs of your site are included in Google index. And also URLs Google was not able to crawl.  If you see spike in graph, it indicates that Google can visits your site and crawls your content.  If you see a sudden drop in the number of indexed pages, it may bring your attention about your site having problem accessing your content. 10 Site Health (1/5)
  11. 11. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Malware If Google has detected any malware on your site, this is where they will list out.  If you see a page here you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible and click on the “Request a Review” button that will be displayed here. 11 Site Health (1/6)
  12. 12. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Sitelinks Some of Google’s search results will show you the links from the same website are called sitelinks.  It helps users to navigate your site easily and that will save time and allow them to quickly find the information they're looking for. 12 Sitelinks (1/1)
  13. 13. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved  Google generate sitelinks through an automated algorithm and only if they’re relevant to user’s query  Site owners can demote the sitelinks if they think that a page appearing as a sitelink is inappropriate.  To demote a sitelink URL, visit to Configurations tab on Webmaster tool. Note: Google doesn't guarantee that demoted URLs will never appear as a sitelink, but they will consider a demotion as a strong hint! 13 Sitelinks (1/2)
  14. 14. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved URL Parameters Use URL parameters tool to tell Google the purpose of the parameters you use on your site, and how Google should handle URLs that contain those parameters.  This feature allows you to specify URL query string parameters that shouldn’t be considered when examining URLs on the site to determine unique URLs.  URL parameter feature can be helpful hint to improve the canonicalization of a site in Google’s index due to duplicate content 14 URL Parameters
  15. 15. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Links to Your Site This feature lists the total links to your site that Google discovered during crawling and indexing process.  This page lists the following data: Sources: Who links the most Your Pages: Your most linked content Anchor Text: How your data is linked  Now links that redirected using 301 or 302 also counts and listed here.  This feature helps site owner to understand Who’s linking to them most ! Note: Blocked URLs and Broken links won’t be listed on this page 15 Links to Your Site
  16. 16. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Labs Webmaster Labs allows you to try out experiments new features in Webmaster Tools. It has the following features Note: These features are experimental, they may disappear temporarily or permanently, the may or may not become regular feature in Webmaster Tool Labs 16 Labs  Custom Search - is the power feature of Google to create a customized search experience for your own website, your blog, or collection of websites. You can customize the look and feel of the search results as per your website look!  Instant Pageviews - are page snapshots that helps users to decide if a particular result was relevant for their query. Instant Previews had some problems related to how pages are rendered for Instant Previews. To help webmasters diagnose these problems, came up with a new Instant Preview tool in the Labs  Site Performance –is an another experimental Webmaster Tools Labs feature that shows you performance statistics of your site. You can use this information to improve the speed of your site and create a faster experience for your users  Author stats - This page shows search statistics for pages for which you are the verified author. Author information appears in search results for the content you create. All you need is a Google+ profile with pic!
  17. 17. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Sitemaps Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google's normal crawling process.  A sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL, when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site. 17 Sitemaps Sitemaps can be submitted for one of following reasons;  Your site has dynamic content.  Your site has rich content such AJAX, Flash that aren't easily discovered!  Your site is new and has few links to it.  Your site has a large archive of content pages that are not well linked to each other, or are not linked at all.
  18. 18. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Structured data The Structured Data page lists each type of structured data that Google was able detect on your site.  If Google understands the content on your pages, it can be used to create rich snippets—detailed information to help users with specific queries. For example, the snippet for Mark Zuckerberg query might show the name, professional, & company Structured Data page include the following:   Microformats  Microdata  RDFa This markup helps Google recognize certain types of data and display it usefully in rich snippets. 18 Structure Data
  19. 19. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Conclusions on Webmaster Tool  Important tool for monitoring  Website appearance to Google  Website's performance / SEO  URL Errors, crawling issues, Index Status and malware.  Optimize rich snippet  Sitelinks and URL parameters handling 19 Conclusions
  20. 20. © 2012 Regalix Inc. Confidential, All Rights Reserved Thank You! 20