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Skills Gap Analysis Using Skills Profiler from Its Your Skills

It's Your Skills enables organizations to profile skills of employees and that of jobs with a "Skills Profiler". The skills profiles of employees and of jobs can then be used to create skills gap at employee as well as organization levels.

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Skills Gap Analysis Using Skills Profiler from Its Your Skills

  1. 1. Skills Gap Analysis A walk through on how to do a Skills Gap Analysis with It’s Your Skills web application
  2. 2. Skills Gap – a definition Skills Gap is the gap(s) in the skills that required for a job and that an employee has
  3. 3. Skills Mapping of Job You will be using the IYS Skills Profiler for creating Job Skills Profile
  4. 4. Skills Mapping of Jobs Create Job Skills Profile of all jobs and assign the JSPs to different positions and employees
  5. 5. Skills Mapping of Employees Employees can now map their skills against the skills in the JSP, mention skills they have and proficiencies in these skills
  6. 6. Employee Skills Assessment The Employee Skills Profile can be reviewed by Managers, provided feedback on to the employees
  7. 7. Skills Gap of Employees Once done you can see the Skills Gap of individual employee
  8. 8. Skills Gap of ALL Employees You can see the Skills Gap at the company level i.e. Of all employees
  9. 9. Summary • Skills Gap analysis is powerfully enabled by It’s Your Skills • Organizations can create Job Skills Profile and Employee Skills Profiles • Organization can identify skills gap at individual as well organization level
  10. 10. Operational Ease • Easy to use • Ready to use • Application managed by us • Cost effective • Rich and intelligent