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It's Your Skills


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'It's Your Skills' is a HR Tech Startup aimed to creating a difference in the talent landscape. The Skills Ontology and the Skills Profiler enables a unique experience in mapping of skills and creating better skills analytics. 'It's Your Skills' offers different products for managing employees skills, individual skills and skills in an organization.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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It's Your Skills

  1. 1. A disruptive approach to the talentscape’s problems
  2. 2. The Problem Facing HR Recruitment consumes a lot of time, and results are poor Skills in organizations are poorly utilized Talent Development is unsystematic Governments find it difficult to prepare citizens for future employability
  3. 3. The HR space has changed very little at a fundamental level over the past 2 decades Data Analytics, AI and advanced technology are now being applied, but with only minor impact The core of problems facing the Talentscape - POOR INFORMATION ON SKILLS - has remained unaddressed Why these Problems Exist
  4. 4. Poor Information on Skills Non Standardized terminologies for mapping and describing Skills Lack of quantification of proficiencies Verbose and unstructured resumes and job descriptions Incomplete and imprecise profiling of skills
  5. 5. A simple, universal and structured method of communicating skills data (of both people and jobs) has been developed As a result, every process in HR - from recruitment to applying for jobs, from learning & skills development to career development – will be simpler and more effective The real impact of AI and Data Analytics can then be harnessed to solve talent problems The Solution The root cause of the problem – The QUALITY OF SKILLS DATA - is our focus at It’s Your Skills
  6. 6. It’s Your Skills is an HR Tech company Our vision is to meaningfully disrupt the long running status quo in the talentscape We plan to achieve this by applying our unique blend of HR and IT expertise to empower HR around the world We
  7. 7. The IYS core team includes seasoned professionals with rich experience in the technology and talent spaces Our technology solutions are hand coded at our development facility in Chennai, India We constantly map skills across the talentscape It’s Your Skills is a self-family-friends- funded initiative Who We Are
  8. 8. For Employers, our Employee Skills Management application - constructed around our Skills Profiler - helps recruitment, learning and employee engagement amongst others For HR Tech Companies, our Database, API and Plugins provide a robust back-end on which to develop applications For Individuals, our Skills Profiler application helps develop a precise, structured and easy-to- consume way of communicating their skills What We Offer
  9. 9. At the core of our offerings is the rich, one-of-its-kind Skills Ontology - a vast, logically categorized, continuously updated skills library that includes both functional / technical skills and behavioral skills What We Offer
  10. 10. Where We Are Headed Some day soon, we hope to see the IYS Skills Profile become the accepted standard for communicating skills among employers, HR tech companies and individuals alike We hope to pave the way for faster and more effective recruitment, charting of development plans, tying up of development programs with the right audience, macro level skills planning and more
  11. 11. Thank You! We’d love to see you involved in the It’s Your Skills journey in any capacity Do contact us any time at