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  • Our mission is that every person has got social responsibility and especially those person who had an oppurnity to get better education and living condition. They should extend helping hand to those lost fortune people who are very much below in the society and show light to their life so that these loss fortunate children can also get an oppurnity to lead a happy and peacefull life and this bring down the social imbalance. These objectives can be achieved only if educated and elite people take the responsibility and lead the path for these abandoned children of the society. With this objective in view, Sudar Academy and Charitable Trust was started our mission and vision is to educate physically challenged children prove others that they are like common people they have all abilities and talents like normal people and bring down the social imbalance in the society which ultimately bring in peace in the society.


    Though we are giving free education for few number of childrens who were from poor background. we want to extend them into a large number. We are about to start orphanage, oldage home and widows care but we are in putforth for financial assistance. We provide education, food, physiotheraphy for 30 Differently abled children.


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Types Of Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Types of Entrepreneurs Types of Entrepreneurs • Business • Technology • Motivation • Growth • Development • Area • Gender & Age • Sale of Operation • Others Type of Business determines the Entrepreneurs : Business Entrepreneur : Idea Generator Trading Entrepreneur : Exchange of Goods & Svs , Mktg & Brand Building Industrial Entrepreneur : Manufacturer first & Innovator Next Corporate Entrepreneur : Plans, Organise,Develops & Manages Corporate Agriculture Entrepreneur : Develops Agri Based Activities Technology Based : Technical Entrepreneur : Highly Skilled in product Craft’s men. Focuses mainly on Product Design Non- Technical Entrepreneur : Focuses on Mktg, Distribution& designing the cheaper product. Professional Entrepreneur : Who creates new technology or idea & sells it to others for money & Moves to next level of creation Motivational Based : Pure Entrepreneur : Who creates jobs rather seek a job Induced Entrepreneur : Who is encouraged by govt. bodies Motivated Entrepreneur : Who creates jobs rather seek a job
  2. 2. Indian Heroes : Indian Entrepreneurs/BIOGRAPHIES Laid the foundations of the Birla Empire; founder of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). Ghanshyam Das Birla is considered as a doyen of Indian Industry. He was the man who laid the foundations of the Birla Empire. G.D. Birla was a multi-faceted personality. Ghanshyam Das Birla entered the business arena during the time of First World War. He established a cotton mill in Sabzi Mandi, and later on established Keshoram Cotton Mills. Along with cotton mills he diversified to jute business and shifted his base to Calcutta city in Bengal, the world's largest jute producing region. He established Birla Jute Mills in Bengal, much to the consternation of established European merchants. founded several educational institutions. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) Pilani has today evolved into one of India's best engineering schools. He also established many temples, planetariums, and hospitals. Dhirubhai Ambani DhiruBhai Ambani built India's largest private sector company. Created an equity cult in the Indian capital market. Reliance is the first Indian company to feature in Forbes 500 list Dhirubhai Ambani was the most enterprising Indian entrepreneur. His life journey is reminiscent of the rags to riches story. He is remembered as the one who rewrote Indian corporate history and built a truly global corporate group. Dhirubhai Ambani was named the Indian Entrepreneur of the 20th Century by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). A poll conducted by The Times of India in 2000 voted him "greatest creator of wealth in the century". Dhirubhai Ambani died on July 6, 2002, at Mumbai
  3. 3. Sunil Mittal Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Group, India's largest GSM-based mobile phone service provider; IT Man of the Year Award 2002 from Dataquest and CEO Of the Year, 2002 Award from World HRD Congress. Sunil Mittal can be called as originator of cellular phone revolution in India. He is the founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Group and runs India's largest GSM-based mobile phone service. In 1986, Sunil Bharti Mittal incorporated Bharti Telecom Limited (BTL) and entered into a technical tie up with Siemens AG of Germany for manufacture of electronic push button phones. Gradually he expanded his business and by early 1990s, Sunil Mittal was making fax machines, cordless phones and other telecom gear. Today, Sunil Mittal runs a successful empire with a market capitalization of approximately $ 2 billion and employing over 5,000 people. He has been honored with several awards. Sunil Bharti Mittal was chosen as one of the top entrepreneurs in the world for the year 2000 and amongst 'Stars Of Asia', by 'Business Week'. He also received IT Man of the Year Award 2002 from Dataquest and CEO Of the Year, 2002 Award (World HRD Congress).