Product & brand selection


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Product & brand selection

  1. 1. Bargaining power of suppliersLimited no. of suppliersHigh PriceQuality of milk & other substitutesVolume of businessBargaining power of customersLess ExpensiveHigher quality and high valueEasily availableAttractive PackagingThreat of new entrantsFDI allowed; Foreign PlayersITC to enter Dairy businessMany small players may evolveThreat of substitute productsSoft DrinksEnergy DrinksTea/CoffeeJuicesCompetitive rivalryNestle, Amul etc.Local Players like Heritage, NilgirisNeed to differentiate from competitor products
  2. 2. ProductProduct Name: Nutros & Nutros LITESize: 200ml, 500ml, 1LFlavors: Banana, Butterscotch, Badam-Pista, Chocolate,Kesar-Badam, Mango, StrawberryAll vital macronutrients and micronutrients; sugarfreevariant availablePriceRs. 20 as starting pricePositioned as premium productPlaceTo target Metros; Starting south with BangaloreSelective distribution; fitness centers, schools, offices,retail shopsPromotionAdvertising, PR, Sales Promotion, Digital Marketing,Print Media, TV and Radio, Social Media, BillboardsExtensive use of Viral Marketing strategies
  3. 3.  Health conscious people; Mothers Tech Savvy individuals ‘On-The-Go’ consumers People with high disposable income People who take the lead in experiencing new products Teenagers who are looking for some funky products andwho are starting with new products
  4. 4.  Geographic Region – Urban Metros in India Demographic – All age groups SEC – A B Occupation – Students, Male & Female Professionals, Home-Makers (Housewives) Generation – Generation X, Y Psychographic – Middle and Upper class, Achievers, Ambitious,Compulsive
  5. 5. Pros: Access to wider market Greater satisfaction for customers Could be highly profitableCons: Costly Product Proliferation Cannibalization
  6. 6.  Nutros provides a healthy twist to an existing andpopular concept Seen as fun and healthy – an uncommon pairing Two variants : Nutros & Nutros LITE It is a source of energy and nutrition, i.e. it nourishesand revitalizes
  7. 7.  Nutros is the product for people of all age groups It is a healthy and tasty alternative to common softdrinks It is an on-the-go drink – something you can carry ontrips or to the gym or anywhere else, and can be used asa snack drink at home
  8. 8.  Nutros LITE is the product for highly health conscious people aged25+ It contains no sugar, and uses aspartame instead It is the perfect thirst-quencher for people suffering fromDiabetes and for those who are extremely cautious regardingweight issues It is an on-the-go drink and can be enjoyed by people who areconscious of calorie intake, and also people who are diabetic It is a source of energy and nutrition, i.e. it nourishes andrevitalizes
  9. 9.  TV Ads Print Media Social Media Tie-ups with fitness centers: Gyms, Yoga Centers, AerobicsCenters, etc. Brand Ambassador Viral Marketing
  10. 10.  Product Samples Thakaan BhagaaoTM Campaign Viral Videos Mall kiosks
  11. 11. Innovative pricing to penetrate new marketsEntering a Franchise modelHere, the plan is to offer smaller packs with lower price tags to penetrate new markets andtarget wider customer base. This only applies to initial promotion stages and furthermanufacturing of smaller packs will be decided by analyzing consumer interest and demandsIt will still remain a premium health drink and hence would fall in higher price bandOur strategy for expansion is based on appointing area franchisees based on territories. TheIndian market is very large and attractive but at the same time very diverse in terms ofgeography, languages, taste palate and purchasing power. We are selecting companies whoare strong in the local territories and who have better knowledge of the area to manage theoutlets.
  12. 12. TV ads Nutros – In between TV Soaps, Kids programs etc. on Entertainment and News channelsNutros LITE – In between Spiritual programs, Travel & Leisure, Sports channelPrintMediaNational Dailies (Page 3), Magazines, Health Journals (like Prevention, etc.)NotebooksSocialMediaYouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Website adsSearch Engine Optimization, Google ad wordsPR Articles on health discussion, New product launch discussionMedia discussion, Public meetings, Newspaper articles
  13. 13.  The main focus of the message strategy will be to convey to ourcustomers that our products Nutros and Nutros LITE contain all majorMacronutrients (like Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E, Calcium, Iron,Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium & Zinc) andMicronutrients (like Vitamins A, D, K, B7, B9, B12, Molybdenum &Selenium) along with 100% milk protein The message that would be carried forward is that daily consumptionof our product contributes significantly towards completing thenutritional needs of people of all age groups The message will also convey that the product is fresh, healthy,nutritious and tasty
  14. 14. (Contd.) The product Nutros will satisfy taste buds, improve health and alsoimprove fitness for everyone, while Nutros LITE would deal with therequirements of Diabetics and extremely health conscious people The product would be available in different flavors like Banana,Butterscotch, Badam-Pista, Chocolate, Kesar-Badam, Mango &Strawberry Some other values that will be communicated through the strategyare that the product will help in improving quality of life, achievingsuccess and staying happy
  15. 15. * Nutros Launch Ad
  16. 16. * Nutros LITE Launch Ad
  17. 17. * Nutros & Nutros LITE Infomercial
  18. 18. Press ConferencesNutros shall be calling pressconferences at its launch (andwhenever required subsequently)in order to engage with the pressfor PR activitiesA press kit will be developed andgiven to the journalists who shallbe present and covering thelaunch of the productPress Kit
  19. 19. Social MediaNutros as a brand intends to tap socialmedia in a very big way so as to have aconstant feel of the pulse of our audienceCompany WebsiteNutros shall maintain a company websitewhich shall not only be used for promotionsbut shall also as a repository for anycompany/product related information
  20. 20. Press ReleasesA press release shall be sent to all the leading dailynewspapers detailing what it stands forDamage ControlIn case of any emergencies, Nutros shall create awritten public relations crisis communications planand follow it to negate any bad publicity thathopefully shall not arise