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PDF of "Connected for Reconstruction" presentation given at SXSW 2013 on March 8th. Embedded video not included. This presentation focused mainly on our reconstruction work in Haiti, Japan and NY/NJ

email cameron@architectureforhumanity(dot)org for copy.

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South by South West presentation

  1. architecture for humanityConnected for Reconstruction // #SXSW4Sandy
  2. architecture for humanity architecture for humanityConnected for Reconstruction // #SXSW4Sandy #SXSW4Sandy
  3. architecture for humanity architecture for humanityConnected for Reconstruction // #SXSW4Sandy #SXSW4Sandy
  4. Architecture for Humanity is a non-profit architecture and construction services firm. By architecture for humanityutilizing the power of design we improve living standards and help underserved communitiesattract future investment. We manage all aspects of the design and construction process, fromconception to completion, with the aim of building a more sustainable future for all.Total ImpactSince 1999 we have helped to build structures and places to live, learn, heal and play for more than 2.7 Million people in 47 countriesaround the world. Currently we are building in 27 countries including working on long-term reconstruction in post-disaster communities inHaiti, Japan and the US.Our Global NetworkOver 35,000 design and construction professionals and an additional 150,000+ in our global network. We have a full time staff of 35 and over60 building professionals on pro-bono design fellowships.Our Local ChaptersWe have 54 city based chapters in more than 12 countries. Each chapter is made up of volunteer architecture, engineering, landscape andbuilding professionals dedicated to shaping and improving the local environment. ARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - Global, National and Local Response #SXSW4Sandy
  5. architecture for humanityBECOME A COMMUNITY BUILDER #SXSW4Sandy
  6. architecture for humanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - Global, National and Local Response #SXSW4Sandy
  7. architecture for humanityA Dedicated Multi-disciplinary Team of Building Professionals #SXSW4Sandy
  8. architecture for humanityProvide Professional Design Services #SXSW4Sandy
  9. architecture for humanityBuild For Communities in Need #SXSW4Sandy
  10. architecture for humanityDesigning for the future not the present #SXSW4Sandy
  11. architecture for humanityFocus on Social and Economic Change While Protecting Cultural Heritage #SXSW4Sandy
  12. architecture for humanityEmbed Architects and Construction Managers Within the Community #SXSW4Sandy
  13. architecture for humanityPartner With Locally Licensed Professionals #SXSW4Sandy
  14. architecture for humanityEngage Communities As Partners. Listen, Learn and Design Together #SXSW4Sandy
  15. architecture for humanityCreate Opportunity By Supporting Local Construction Trade Jobs #SXSW4Sandy
  16. architecture for humanityStrengthen Community Resiliency Through Capacity Building #SXSW4Sandy
  17. architecture for humanityTransfer Leadership to local community leaders and designers. #SXSW4Sandy
  18. architecture for humanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - Global, National and Local Response #SXSW4Sandy
  19. In 2013, Architecture for Humanity is working in 27 countriesrebuilding lives affected by natural disaster, war, blight and neglect. Regional Office / Japan Tohoku Reconstruction Regional Office / US Sandy ReconstructionOrganization HQ architecture for humanity Regional Office / Haiti Haiti ReconstructionRegional Office / Colombia Regional Office / Africa ARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - Global, National and Local Response #SXSW4Sandy
  20. Current Architecture for Humanity Projects - On The Boards Tohoku Business Lounge (MakiBiz), Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan"Recomeçar" Project - Morro do Bumba, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Kitakami "We Are One" Market and Youth Center, JapanRuka Llallin Domuche Ralco, VIII Region del Biobio, Chile Shizugawa Banya, Shinzugawa, JapanSan Francisco de Asis Educational Institution, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia Maeami-hama Banya, Maeami-hama, JapanSan Felice sul Panaro Sports Centre, San Felice sul Panaro, Modena, Italy Tohoku Sports facility, Tohoku,JapanSumate School, Lota, Concepcion, Chile CSI High School, Melrosapuram, Tamil Nadu, IndiaSanta Elena de Piedritas School, Caserio Piedritas, Talara, Piura, Peru Coney Island School, New York City, New York, United StatesIzvoarele Medical Center, Izvoarele, Giurgiu County, Romania Coney Island School 2, New York City, New York, United StatesPeople in Need Community Center, Rožkovce, Slovakia Far Rockaway School, New York City, New York, United StatesBesongabang FFH Centre, Besongabang, Cameroon Restore the Shore, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, United StatesTarrafal FFH Centre, Tarrafal, Santiago Island, Cape Verde Healthy Schools by Design Investment Guide, United StatesSouth East FFH Centre, Ramotswa, South East District, Botswana Rio Floods Community Center, Petrópolis, BrazilBujumbura FFH Centre, Bujumbura, Burundi USAID Training Manual on Community Design and Construction, United States architecture for humanitySiyabonga Creche, Umkhanyakude District, KwaZulu-Natal Nez Perce Straw Bale Village, Lapwai, Idaho, United StatesKalebuka FFH Centre, Lubumbashi, Katanga, DR Congo Public Arts Program, Various Locations, United StatesAddis Ababa FFH Centre, Addis Ababa, EthiopiaManica FFH Centre, Bairro Vumba, Manica, Manica, MozambiqueMogalakwena FFH Centre, Dudu Madisha Drive, Mokopane, Limpopo, South AfricaEdendale FFH Centre, Edendale Hospital, Pietermaritzburg, South AfricaAlexandra FFH Centre, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaIringa FFH Centre, Iringa, TanzaniaBulawayo FFH Centre, Bulawayo, ZimbabweIle a Vache Community Development Plan, Ile a Vache, HaitiVilla Rosa / Saint Marie Community Plan, Villa Rosa, Port-au-Prince, HaitiEcole Nationale Republique dArgentine, Bel Air, Port-au-Prince, HaitiCollège Coeur Immacule de Marie, Port-au-Prince, HaitiHaiti Economic Corridors, Port-au-Prince, HaitiÉcole Elie Duboism Champ Mars, Port-au-Prince, HaitiÉcole Baptiste Bon Berger, Pele, Port-au-Prince, Ouest, HaitiEcole Bon Berger Montrouis, Montrouis, HaitiHaiti Partners Childrens Academy, HaitiSimon Pele Community Action Plan, Port-au-Prince, HaitiAtelier Modayiti, HaitiLiga FOS, Moreno, Buenos Aires Province, ArgentinaGuerrilla Green School Challenge, Various, United States #SXSW4Sandy
  21. Upcoming/Potential Architecture for Humanity Projects Chapter ProjectsLittle Ferry School, Little Ferry, New Jersey, United States Lamas Cultural Center, Lamas, Peru [LA Chapter]Union Beach School, Union Beach, New Jersey, United States El Dorado Dog Park, Long Beach, CA, USA [LA Chapter]Harbor Light Restaurant, Far Rockaway, New York, United States Gaia Gardens - Multipurpose Shelter, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA [Sante Fe Chapter]Broad Channel Volunteer Fire House, Queens, New York, United States ParkFEST, Long Wharf Drive, New Haven, CT, USA [New Haven Chapter]Galapagos Island Environmental Center, Galapagos, Ecuador The Remakery, Brixton, London, UK [London Chapter]Vanuatu Environmental Research and Arts Center, Vanuatu ABC Cultural Orphanage, Bangladesh [Dhaka Chapter]Open Architecture Challenge 2013 [Focus TBC] CMC Community Cube for Bangladesh [Dhaka Chapter]Fort Peck Tribal Housing, Montana E+O’s housing and community initiative, Bangladesh [Dhaka Chapter]Kinshasa Orchestra House, Kinshasa, DR Congo Green Meeting Space, Lisbons Cerebral Paralysis Assoc. [Lisbon Chapter]USGBC / FEJ Orphange, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Viviendas "a prueba de agua", Hatillo de Loba, Bolivar, Colombia [Bogota Chapter]Cavalion Community Plan, Cavalion, Haiti Touristic Center, Bahia Solano, Chocó, Colombia [Bogota Chapter]Martissant Grande Ravine Development Plan, Port-au-Prince, Haiti PCK artistic Community Center, Bogotá, Colombia [Bogota Chapter] architecture for humanityIDB Professional Village, Haiti Wounaan Community House, Bogotá, Colombia [Bogota Chapter]Bainet Schools Schools, Jacmel, Haiti FUNES Handicapped Center, Bogotá, Colombia [Bogota Chapter]Artists Peace and Justice / Cine Institute, Jacmel, Haiti IT rooms, Amaga and Angelopolis, Antioquia, Colombia [Bogota Chapter]Dlo Haiti, Haiti Hope Forest park, Soacha, Cundinamarca, Colombia [Bogota Chapter]Ecole Republique de Chile, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Join The Action, Cundinamarca, Colombia [Bogota Chapter]Healthy Schools by Design National Bus Tour, United States Saco Community Development, Atlantico, Colombia [Bogota Chapter]Resilient Retrofitting of Multi-Unit Housing, Brooklyn, NY, United States Barefoot School, Quibdó, Chocó, Colombia [Bogota Chapter]Greater Chicago Food Depository Pantry Prototype, Chicago, United States ACTIVATE! Design Competition, Chicago, IL, United States [Chicago Chapter]Avondale Park Master Plan - Chicago, United States Nyegina Library and Resource Center - Tanzania [Chicago Chapter]Crawford Power Plant Remediation + Redevelopment - Chicago, United States Fisk Power Plant Remediation Project, Chicago, IL, United States [Chicago Chapter]Reilly Elementary Outdoor Classroom - Chicago, United States Neighborhood Housing Services, Chicago, IL, United States [Chicago Chapter]"An Inconvenient Youth" Off-the Grid Community Center, Biratnagar, Nepal Chicago Avenue Revitalization, Chicago, IL, United States [Chicago Chapter]e5Star Wetsuit Factory, Ishinomaki, Japan South Park Storefront Improvements, Seattle, WA, United States [Seattle Chapter]Tokura Earthblock Workshop, Minami-sanriku, Miyagi, Japan Hunter Tree Farm Bench Prototypes, Seattle, WA, United States [Seattle Chapter]Osaka Photo Studio, Rikuzen-takata, Iwate, Japan Ryther Meeting Space, Seattle, WA, United States [Seattle Chapter]Kazuma Youth Center, Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan Raise the Roost; Chicken Coop Competition, Seattle, WA, United States [Seattle Chapter]Hanahama Fishermens Cafe, Kesennuma, Miyag, Japan El Rincon Taco Pavilion, Seattle, WA, United States [Seattle Chapter]Mattys Surf Shop, Shichigahama, Miyagi, Japan Oasis/Rainbow Center, Tacoma, WA, United States [Seattle Chapter]Ishinomaki Sharehouse and Business Incubation Center, JapanFarm Camp, Minami-sanriku, Miyagi, JapanTakayama Inn, Ishinomaki, Miyagi, JapanIshinomaki Playground project, Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan #SXSW4Sandy
  22. architecture for humanityCommunity Builders provide the seed funding that makes all of our projects possible #SXSW4Sandy
  23. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  24. architecture for humanityTHE LAST RESPONDERS #SXSW4Sandy
  25. Tohoku Reconstruction / Japan 12 SME’s and 2 Parks Bati Byen Reconstruction / Haiti 3000+ Homes, 12 Schools Sandy Reconstruction / NY/NJ Katrina Reconstruction / USA 5 Schools, Fire House and Boardwalk 760 Houses, 5 Businesses and 1 Park architecture for humanity0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 ........ SET UP FIELD OPERATIONS COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY RAISE MAJORITY OF INITIAL FUNDING ANNOUNCE INTENTION AND LONG TERM PLAN THE RULE OF FOUR // RESPOND // RAISE // MOBILIZE // COMMIT #SXSW4Sandy
  26. architecture for humanityRebuilding Haiti : Building From The Ground Up #SXSW4Sandy
  27. EARTHQUAKES DON’T KILL PEOPLE, BUILDINGS KILL PEOPLE architecture for humanity Bati ByenWhat We Face #SXSW4Sandy
  28. architecture for humanity The Rebuilding CenterMap of current programs and initiatives Project Board Bati Byen Rebuilding Center #SXSW4Sandy
  29. architecture for humanity Bati ByenInvestment in Sustainable Reconstruction #SXSW4Sandy
  30. architecture for humanity Professional Business Development Site Evaluation and Survey Training Mason Training at International Code Bid and Tender Adjudication CAD/BIM TrainingBati Byen // Professional Development and Support #SXSW4Sandy
  31. architecture for humanityEmergency Work. IDP Camp Birthing Center // Partner: JP H/RO and Can-Do Foundation #SXSW4Sandy
  32. architecture for humanityDesigning as if a Childs Life Depended On It / Partner: JP H/RO and Can-Do Foundation #SXSW4Sandy
  33. “Today we saved a lot of lives” architecture for humanity Designing as if a Childs Life Depended On It Partner: Jenkins Penn H/RO and Can-Do Foundation #SXSW4Sandy
  34. architecture for humanity Bati ByenBuild Back Better: Jobs #SXSW4Sandy
  35. architecture for humanity Bati ByenBuild Back Better: Jobs #SXSW4Sandy
  36. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  37. architecture for humanityCeverine School, Ceverine, Haiti // Completed 2011 #SXSW4SandyClient: Stiller Foundation and Save The Children
  38. architecture for humanityEcole Elie Dubois, Port au Prince, Haiti // Under Construction #SXSW4SandyClient: Barefoot Foundation, Shakira and CINA Foundation
  39. architecture for humanityCollege Mixte Le Bon Berger, Montious, Haiti // Completed 2011 #SXSW4SandyFunder: Stiller Foundation and Students Rebuild
  40. architecture for humanityCollege Mixte Le Bon Berger, Montious, Haiti // Completed 2011 #SXSW4SandyFunder: Stiller Foundation and Students Rebuild
  41. architecture for humanityEcole La Dignite, Jacmel, Haiti // Completed 2011 // Funder: Stiller Foundation / Students Rebuild #SXSW4Sandy
  42. architecture for humanityBasketball Courts // Cholera Prevention and Stormwater Runoff #SXSW4Sandy
  43. architecture for humanityModel Rural Towns (500 Homes in 2012) #SXSW4SandyPartners: President Carter, Habitat for Humanity, Kellogg Foundation
  44. architecture for humanityModel Urban Towns (2075 Homes in 2013) #SXSW4SandyPartners: Komité Humanitaire de Villa Rosa, Cordaid, IOM, CHF and UN Habitat
  45. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  46. architecture for humanityMapping Haiti // 25% of the country so far. // Partner: Kellogg Foundation #SXSW4Sandy
  47. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  48. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  49. architecture for humanityRebuilding Northern Japan //よりよい東北をBUILD BACK BETTER TOHOKU #SXSW4Sandy
  50. URBAN ACUPUNCTURE アーバン・ アキュパンクチュア 「まちの鍼治療」 プロジェクト 鍼治療では一本の針が、からだ全身 を改良する力を与えます。それと同 architecture for humanity 様、一つ一つの重要なプロジェクトを 丁寧に決行することによって、地域全 体にポジティブな影響を与えることが できると私たちは信じています。IMPLEMENTING EXIT STRATEGY AID #SXSW4Sandy
  51. architecture for humanityLast Responders | Japan 2011-2013 #SXSW4Sandy
  52. our architect our carpenter local architecteconomic development clientACCESS TO EDUCATION & architecture for humanitySPORTS WELFAREスポーツへのアクセス 教育&福祉ECONOMICDEVELOPMENT経済発展Offering a hand, not a hand out. // Social enterprise as a mechanism for recovery #SXSW4Sandy
  53. architecture for humanityStudents Rebuild // 100,000 cranes in one month #SXSW4Sandy
  54. architecture for humanityStudents Rebuild // 4 Million Cranes By Children // Raising $1/2M #SXSW4Sandy
  55. architecture for humanityStudents Rebuild // 4 Million Cranes By Children // Raising $1/2M #SXSW4Sandy
  56. architecture for humanity DENVE 12:12Unconventional Campaigns #SXSW4Sandy
  57. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy LALA LA NYC Rome
  58. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  59. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  60. Hikado community market ひかど市場, Motoyoshi, Japan architecture for humanity Social enterprise as a mechanism for recovery #SXSW4Sandy
  61. architecture for humanityFisherman Hammock Company architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  62. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  63. architecture for humanityJudo Juku, Minami Sanriku, Shizugawa #SXSW4Sandy
  64. architecture for humanityJapan: Ooya Green Sports Park (for Asparagus United) / Design Team: Tomoro Aida #SXSW4Sandy
  65. architecture for humanityJapan: Ooya Green Sports Park // Design Team: Tomoro Aida #SXSW4Sandy
  66. architecture for humanity“We Are One” Kitakami Market, Ishinomaki #SXSW4Sandy
  67. architecture for humanityOshika Women’s Cooperative #SXSW4Sandy
  68. architecture for humanity15 Guys Oysters // Shizugawa Banya #SXSW4Sandy
  69. architecture for humanity15 Guys Oysters // Shizugawa Banya #SXSW4Sandy
  70. SHIZUGAWA architecture for humanity BANYA 志津川本浜番屋 Shizugawa, Minamisanriku-cho 南三陸町 志津川地区15 Guys Oysters // Shizugawa Banya #SXSW4Sandy
  71. architecture for humanityMaeami-hama Banya and Community House #SXSW4Sandy
  72. architecture for humanityMaeami-hama Banya and Community House #SXSW4Sandy
  73. architecture for humanityMaeami-hama Banya and Community House #SXSW4Sandy
  74. architecture for humanity idea to rebuild needed: accessing: buildings built: architects and engineers private capital new business construction and materials government opportunities business advisory services grants and income private grant programsMakiBiz Program Flow #SXSW4Sandy
  75. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  76. architecture for humanity12 more projects in development.... #SXSW4Sandy
  77. Individuals Family Fdn. architecture for humanity Corporate InstitutionsEve n t Ye a r 1 Ye a r 2RESULTS BASED FINANCING #SXSW4Sandy
  78. Haiti 3 Years On Japan 2 Years On architecture for humanityRESULTS BASED FINANCING #SXSW4Sandy
  79. architecture for humanitySANDY RECONSTRUCTION // #sxsw4sandy #SXSW4Sandy
  80. Our five-point plan for long-term reconstruction: 1. Enable our local chapters to provide technical assistance and support to existing recovery agencies. 2. Provide design and construction assistance to nonprofits and community- b a s e d o r g a n i z a t i o n s i n a ff e c t e d c o m m u n i t i e s t o r e p a i r c i v i c s t r u c t u r e s a n d architecture for humanity public spaces. 3. Provide technical assistance to property owners, with a focus on small businesses and rental properties in low-income communities. 4. Provide community design, planning and architectural support to local agencies to rebuild and to develop model mitigation strategies, especially along the New Jersey shore. 5. Build resilient and green. Provide assistance to replace outdated building sys tem s wit h m or e s u s ta i n a b l e e n e rg y -e ffi c i e n t sol uti ons.New York & New Jersey // Five Point Plan #SXSW4Sandy
  81. Seaside Heights, NJ architecture for humanity Far Rockaway, NY Breezy Point, NYNew York & New Jersey 2012 #SXSW4Sandy
  82. architecture for humanity Rapid Repairs for Critical Career Families Rebuild One Block in Far Rockaway130th and Rockaway // Rebuild One Block #SXSW4Sandy
  83. architecture for humanityHelp Bring Bernie Back. #SXSW4Sandy
  84. BROAD CHANNEL VOLUNTEER FIRE HOUSEBroad Channel, Queens, NY architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  85. BROAD CHANNEL VOLUNTEER FIRE HOUSEBroad Channel, Queens, NY architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  86. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  87. architecture for humanity #SXSW4Sandy
  88. ONE BLOCK, ONE WORLD architecture for humanity Far Rockaway, NY (c) Wayne Price / Far Rockaway$85,000 MATCHING GRANT #SXSW4Sandy
  90. Architecture for Humanity is seeking to partner with cities totransform under-utilized spaces into active places within theUS.We are focusing on five areas that support physical activity;1. Open Spaces / Parks2. Urban Design / Land Use architecture for humanity3. Transportation4. Schools5. Buildings / WorkplacesWorking with over 70 partners under the Designed To Movecollective we hope to bring momentum to a nationwidemovement to create healthier, active spaces in our cities andtowns. As the lead organization in the built environment,Architecture for Humanity is seeking to identify three to fivecities to pilot programs to build innovative spaces that tackleobesity and empower healthier citizens. ACTIVE SPACES #SXSW4Sandy
  91. USAThree Challenges. 1965 IN FEWER7 out of 10 Americans are either overweight or obese THAN TWO GENERATIONSThe US Spends $147B on health related costs. ~2X the federal budget for the Dept. of Education -32%Children 10 and younger are estimated to die 5 years younger than their parents. 2009 -46% 2030 PROJECTION EARLY architecture for humanity CHILDHOOD ADOLESCENCE ADULTHOOD M AY F 30% Misses school of Lower 2 days higher test $2,741 per PHYSICALLY children than average scores INACTIVE year higher 1 week per CHILDREN are obese health care year of extra 5.3 million costs sick days premature taken deaths/yr. due to inactivity PRESCHOOLERS WITH INACTIVE PARENTS ARE FAR LESS LIKELY TO BE ACTIVE 2X AS LIKELY TO BE OBESE AS ADULTS THE CHALLENGE #SXSW4Sandy
  92. Goals of This Initiative. INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL FINANCIAL CAPITAL PHYSICAL CA  IMPROVEMENTS IN: IMPROVEMENTS IN: IMPROVEMENTS IN: Educational attainment Income General motor sLower rate of obesity School engagement Job success Functional fitnesCreate holistic approach to tackling inactivity Processing speed Productivity/Job performance Physical appear Cardio respiratoUtilize vacant land to encourage future development  Executive function/Inhibition/ Morale/Commitment/Turnover fitness Mental flexibility REDUCTION IN:Build spaces that connect downtown with surrounding peri-urban and suburban neighborhoods  Memory Health care costs Muscular streng PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Academic performance Adiposity/Body Absenteeism composition Brain structure and function Presenteeism Lipid profile Concentration/Attention/Impulse control Bone health/ Learning Osteoporosis architecture for humanity ADHD management Joint health FINANCIAL CAPITAL Age-related cognitive Maternal & infa M AY decline management health Rehabilitation & ACTIVE recovery PARENTS MAY LIVE 5 IN Immune system ASSOCIATED CHILDREN OF ACTIVE YEARS LONGER CA TELL AL SIC AL function MOMS ARE 2X AS PI EC WITH ACTIVE LIKELY TO BE ACTIVE TA TU HY PIT P A Sleep patterns CHILDREN L A C L TE XT Nutrition/Diet ON Reduced ENT & C risk of heart A Saves up disease, 15% NM to $2,741 stroke, cancer more EM O SU Less likely per year in diabetes R 40% PP Up to likely health costs OR TING EN VI OT CA ION higher to smoke, L 1/10th as test scores become to go to IA L C A PI AL likely to pregnant college SO PIT TA L PHYSICALLY be obese CA ACTIVE INDIVIDUAL CHILDREN CAPITAL SOCIAL CAPITAL EMOTIONAL IMPROVEMENTS IN: IMPROVEMENTS IN: EARLY Social norms Fun, enjoyment, CHILDHOOD ADOLESCENCE ADULTHOOD Social network/ Feeling good Positive relationships Self esteem Social status/Social commitment INDIVIDUAL CAPITAL Self efficacy GOALS Social inclusion & acceptance IMPROVEMENTS IN: #SXSW4Sandy Body image Trust/Teamwork/Collaboration Activity knowledge and skills Intrinsic motivati Civic participation Social skills/Life skills/
  93. Local Case Studies - Urban SpacesOur city based chapters have worked on a series of urban interventions tosupport local economic development and social services.Homeless Lockers, Minnesota, MN (Bottom Left)More Than Books, Boston, MA (Bottom Middle)The Remakery, Brixton, London (Upper Right)Under the BQE, Queens, NY (Middle Right)The Point Community Center, South Bronx, NY (Bottom Right) architecture for humanity RETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE- Case Studies #SXSW4Sandy
  94. Local Case Studies - Natural SpacesOur city based chapters have worked on a series of urban interventions tosupport food equity and access to healthier options.Reclaimed Garden Shelter, Sioux Falls, SD (Bottom Left and Middle)Fresh Moves, Chicago, Il (Upper Right)People’s Community Market, Oakland, CA (Middle Right)Coconut Grove Community Gardens, Miami (Bottom Right) architecture for humanity RETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE- Case Studies #SXSW4Sandy
  95. Local Case Studies - Active SpacesFor the past seven years we have built over two dozen sports and physicaleducational spaces within the urban fabric. This has included taking over emptyspaces under bridges to working with city officials to close streets to cars andturn them into permanent places of play. This has ranged from $400Krevitalization projects to $2000 interventionsColeman Oval Skate Park, NYC (Right)Street Soccer, Guatemala City, Guatemala (Bottom Left and Middle) architecture for humanity RETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE- Case Studies #SXSW4Sandy
  96. 1. Open Spaces / Parks Who Doesn’t Love An Open Place To Play? Quick Win: Organize playground/park clean up and other ‘done in a day’ improvement projects 2. Urban Design / Land Use Walk it, Bike it, Skate it, Jump It. architecture for humanity Quick Win: Beautification and Enhancement of Space - Clean up trash, plant trees, add benches/lighting, inc art 1 3 3. Transportation You Have to Get There Somehow. Quick Win: Closing off streets of calming traffic 6 for physical activity 2 4. Schools Use What You’ve Already Got? 4 Quick Win: Paint bright colored lines on playgrounds and asphalt to appeal to kids’ senses, increase games 5 5 Buildings / Workplaces Keep It Moving. Quick Win: Include cues/signals that enhance stair usage.URBAN ACUPUNCTURE - Stitching Together A Community Through Active Spaces #SXSW4Sandy
  97. Transforming empty lots and abandoned infill development into active and healthy environments for families 1 Transforming the urban street architecture for humanity scape to encourage public gathering spaces, moments of play and discovery and safe biking and walking. 2 Capturing the border zones. Re- imagine highway underpass as connections and meeting points with the peri-urban community. 3URBAN ACUPUNCTURE - Stitching Together A Community Through Active Spaces #SXSW4Sandy
  98. To empower alternative teaching methods we need to embed education in entrepreneurial environments. Use downtown as an incubator and interweave the classrooms within start-ups and 4 businesses 4 Bradner Gardens Park Improvements, Seattle, 1999–2000 Bradner Gardens Park holds particular The Design/Build Studio participated Central meeting pavilion Social issues are overlapped and significance in the history of community in this process by offering its labor architecture for humanity action in Seattle. Long neglected by the as an in-kind contribution to enable city and its parks department, the park the community to obtain a matching was rescued in the early 1990s by a grant from the city’s Department of dedicated group of local residents, who Neighborhoods for park improvements. reconfigured it as a public community garden. In the late 1990s, as real estate values improved, the city attempted to replace the park with a market-rate Among the projects completed over two years were a wood and concrete footbridge, three decorative steel perimeter gates, and a pavilion canopy complex. By integrating social housing development, and the ensuing for the central meeting area. controversy galvanized the local com- munity to establish the park as open space in perpetuity. services within the urban fabric we can tackle inner-city needs 72 within the community instead of shunning them to the outskirts. 5 Historic way-finding and signage. Rather than treating Las Vegas as a place of destination we can use alternative way-finding to 5 transform it into a place of discovery. 6 [Case Study: UrbanRock Design/LA]Canal Basin Charette, Cleveland, 2000 #SXSW4Sandy URBAN ACUPUNCTURE - A Holistic Approach to Stitching Together A Community Through Active SpacesThis weekend-long charette generated 1 / 2
  99. architecture for humanity Malala Fund Congo Orchestra Schools for All Performing Arts CenterTWO UPCOMING PROJECTS #SXSW4Sandy
  100. Resiliency is not by chance, it is by design. Our role is to build a more sustainable future using the power of innovative solutions. Together with SXSW lets help rebuild a commuity. #sxsw4sandy