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Building Change : Constructing a legacy


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Presentation to IOC Sport for All conference April 26, 2013/

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Building Change : Constructing a legacy

  1. 1. Building Change : Constructing a legacy
  2. 2. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - ABOUT USAbout UsArchitecture for Humanity is a non-profit architecture and construction servicesfirm. By utilizing the power of design we improve living standards and helpunderserved communities attract future investment. We manage all aspects ofthe design and construction process, from conception to completion, with the aimof building a more sustainable future for all.Total ImpactSince 1999 we have helped to build structures and places to live, learn, heal andplay for more than 2.1 Million people in 47 countries around the world. Currentlywe are building in 27 countries including working on long-term reconstruction inpost-disaster communities in Haiti, Japan and the US.2.1M47
  3. 3. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - SCALEOur Global NetworkOver 35,000 design and construction professionals and an additional 150,000+ inour global network. We have a full time staff of 35 and over 60 buildingprofessionals on pro-bono design fellowships.Our Local ChaptersWe have 54 city based chapters in more than 12 countries. Each chapter is madeup of volunteer architecture, engineering, landscape and building professionalsdedicated to shaping and improving the local environment.35K54cities
  4. 4. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - SCOPE OF WORKIn 2013, Architecture for Humanity is working in 27 countriesrebuilding lives affected by natural disaster, war, blight and neglect.
  5. 5. architectureforhumanityWORK IN PERUCHINCHAICA ICAICATALARA
  6. 6. architectureforhumanitySPORTS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE // 48 FACILITIES // 500K BENEFICIARIESColeman Oval Skatepark / USALiga Fos Football / ArgentinaClean Water Courts / 3 / HaitiGames in Lost Heaven / ChinaOoya Sports Park / JapanMagic Bus / 6 / IndiaSan Francisco da Asis / ColombiaFootball for Hope Centres / 20 / AfricaUna Cancha Muchas Canchas / 2 / GuatemalaSkateistan Skatepark / Afghanistan40+ local partners
  10. 10. architectureforhumanitySPORTS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE FACILITIES // BRAZIL // FOOTBALL
  12. 12. architectureforhumanitySPORTS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE FACILITIES // GHANA // FOOTBALL
  14. 14. architectureforhumanity2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016Skateistan / AfghanistanFFH Khayelitsha // South AfricaFFH Baguineda // MaliFFH Katutura // NamibiaFFH Mathare // KenyaSiyathemba / South AfricaFFH Edendale / South AfricaFFH Qua Qua // South AfricaFFH Addis Adaba // EthiopiaFFH Alexandra // South AfricaFFH Magalakwena // South AfricaFFH Ramotswa / BotswanaFFH Lesotho / LesothoFFH Kimisagara // RwandaFFH Oguaa // GhanaUna Cancha // GuatamalaFFH Kalebuka // DR CongoMahiga Rainwater Court // KenyaLiga Fos // ArgentinaGames in Lost Heaven / ChinaOoya Green Park / JapanJudo Juku / JapanClean Water Courts // HaitiFFH Iringa // TanzaniaFFH Besongabang // CamaroonFFH Manica // MozambiqueFFH Tarrafel // CapeVerdeFFH Bulawayo // ZimbabwePark for All // JapanDesign CompetitionSouthern AfricaDesign CompetitionSao Paulo + Buenos AiresDesign CompetitionNYCColeman Oval Park / USADesign Competition-Global-SPORT FOR ALLFROM BEIJING TO RIO
  15. 15. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE AND THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENTOlympic medalists in mixed architecture1912 StockholmEugène-Edouard Monod & Alphonse Laverrière (SUI) Building of a modernStadiumnone awardednone awarded1920 AntwerpNo Gold MedalHolger Sinding-Larsen (NOR) Project pour une Ecole de GymnastiqueNo Bronze Medal1924 ParisNo Gold MedalAlfréd Hajós & Dezső Lauber (HUN) Plan dun StadeJulien Médecin (MON) Stade pour Monte-CarloOlympic medalists in mixed architecture - architectural designs1928 AmsterdamJan Wils (NED) Olympic Stadium in AmsterdamEjnar Mindedal Rasmussen (DEN) Swimming pool at OllerupJacques Lambert (FRA) Stadium at Versailles1932 Los AngelesGustave Saacké, Pierre Bailly, & Pierre Montenot (FRA) Design for a "Cirquepour Toros"John Russell Pope (USA) Design for the Payne Whitney Gymnasium, New Haven,Conn.Richard Konwiarz (GER) Design for a "Schlesierkampfbahn" in the Sport Park ofBreslau1936 BerlinHermann Kutschera (AUT) Skiing StadiumWerner March[note 1] (GER) Reich Sport FieldHermann Stiegholzer & Herbert Kastinger (AUT) Sporting Center in Vienna1948 LondonAdolf Hoch (AUT) Skisprungschanze auf dem KobenzlAlfred Rinesch (AUT) Watersports Centre in CarinthiaNils Olsson (SWE) Baths and Sporting Hall for GothenburgOlympic medalists in town planning1928 AmsterdamAlfred Hensel (GER) Stadium at NurembergJacques Lambert (FRA) Stadium at VersaillesMax Laeuger (GER) Municipal park at Hamburg1932 Los AngelesJohn Hughes (GBR) Sports and Rec Center with Stadium, City ofLiverpoolJens Klemmensen (DEN) Design for a Stadium and Public ParkAndré Verbeke (BEL) Design for a "Maraton Park"1936 BerlinWerner March & Walter March (GER) Reich Sport FieldCharles Downing Lay (USA) Marine park, BrooklynTheo Nussbaum (GER) Municipal Planning and Sporting Centre in Cologne1948 LondonYrjö Lindegren (FIN) The Centre of Athletics in Varkaus, Finland.Werner Schindler & Edy Knupfer (SUI) Swiss Federal Sports TrainingCentreIlmari Niemeläinen (FIN) The Athletic Centre in Kemi, Finland.
  16. 16. architectureforhumanityXXS: GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA // STREET SOCCER // $2,500
  17. 17. architectureforhumanityXS: SHIZUGAWA, JAPAN // MINAMI SANRIKU JUDO JUKU // $15,000
  18. 18. architectureforhumanityXS: PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI // BASKETBALL COURTS AS URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE // $15,000
  19. 19. architectureforhumanitySM: OAXACA, MEXICO // OAXACA COMMUNITY SPORTS CENTRE // $25,000
  20. 20. architectureforhumanityM: MAHIGA, KENGA // MAHIGA RAINWATER COURT // $75,000
  21. 21. architectureforhumanityM: MOTOYOSHI, JAPAN // OOYA GREEN SPORTS PARK // $89,000
  22. 22. architectureforhumanityM: MOTOYOSHI, JAPAN // OOYA GREEN SPORTS PARK // $89,000
  23. 23. architectureforhumanityL: NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA // COLEMAN OVAL SKATEPARK // $400,000
  24. 24. architectureforhumanityXL: AFRICA // FOOTBALL FOR HOPE CENTRES // $4M FOR 20 FACILITIES IN 15 COUNTRIES
  25. 25. architectureforhumanityXL: AFRICA // FOOTBALL FOR HOPE CENTRES // $4M FOR 20 FACILITIES IN 15 COUNTRIES
  26. 26. architectureforhumanityXL: AFRICA // FOOTBALL FOR HOPE CENTRES // $4M FOR 20 FACILITIES IN 15 COUNTRIES
  27. 27. architectureforhumanityXL: AFRICA // FOOTBALL FOR HOPE CENTRES // $4M FOR 20 FACILITIES IN 15 COUNTRIES
  28. 28. architectureforhumanityXXL: DESIGNED TO MOVE // ACTIVE CITIES
  29. 29. architectureforhumanityChallenges.7 out of 10 Americans are either overweight or obeseThe US Spends $147B on health related costs.Brazil has the most rapid decline in activity of any nation in the world.Children 10 and under are estimated to die 5 years younger than their parents.THE CHALLENGE
  30. 30. architectureforhumanityGOALSGoals of This Initiative. Lower rate of obesityCreate holistic approach to tackling inactivityUtilize vacant land to encourage future development Build spaces that connect downtown with surrounding peri-urban and suburban neighborhoods 
  31. 31. architectureforhumanityCOALITIONActive Living Research Alliance for a Healthier GenerationAthletes for Citizenship Brazil Ministry of SportMinistério doEsporteWorld Federation of the Sporting GoodsIndustryKaiser PermanenteInternational Council of SportScience and Physical EducationInternational Councilfor Coaching ExcellenceSustransSocial Serviceof Commerce Sector, BrazilNational Football LeagueResearch Centre for Sport, Society &Culture, Peking UniversityResearch Centrefor Sport,Society & Culture,Peking UniversityAmerican Academy of Pediatrics American College of Sports Medicine Architecture for Humanity Association Internationale des EcolesSuperieures d’Education PhysiqueFederation Internationaled’Education PhysiqueInternational Association of PhysicalEducation and Sport for Girls and WomenInter-American Development BankDeutsche Gesellschaft fürInternationale ZusammenarbeitYoung FoundationInternational Sport& Culture AssociationInternational Society for ComparativePhysical Education and SportInternational Federationof Adapted Physical ActivityInternational Societyfor Physical Activity and HealthSport Center – University of São PauloSport and CitizenshipSpecial OlympicsPartnership for a Healthier AmericaNIKE, Inc. Research Center for Physical, Healthand Arts Education, National Instituteof Education SciencesPremier LeagueSport for Social Change Network, BrazilDesigned to Move – vii
  32. 32. architectureforhumanityACTIVE SPACESArchitecture for Humanity is seeking to partnerwith cities to transform under-utilized spacesinto active places.We are focusing on five areas that support physical activity;1. Open Spaces / Parks2. Urban Design / Land Use3. Transportation4. Schools5. Buildings / WorkplacesUnder the Designed To Move collective we hope to bringmomentum to a nationwide movement to create healthier,active spaces in our cities and towns. As the lead organizationin the built environment, Architecture for Humanity is seekingto identify three to five cities to pilot programs to buildinnovative spaces that tackle obesity and empower healthiercitizens.
  33. 33. architectureforhumanityURBAN ACUPUNCTURE - A Holistic Approach to Stitching Together A Community Through Active Spaces1. Open Spaces / ParksWho Doesn’t Love An Open Place To Play?Quick Win: Organize playground/park clean up and other ‘done ina day’ improvement projects2. Urban Design / Land UseWalk it, Bike it, Skate it, Jump It.Quick Win: Beautification and Enhancement of Space -Clean up trash, plant trees, add benches/lighting, inc art3. TransportationYou Have to Get There Somehow.Quick Win: Closing off streets of calming trafficfor physical activity4. SchoolsUse What You’ve Already Got?Quick Win: Paint bright colored lines on playgrounds andasphalt to appeal to kids’ senses, increase games5 Buildings / WorkplacesKeep It Moving.Quick Win: Include cues/signals that enhance stair usage.1 32465
  34. 34. Transforming the urban streetscape to encourage publicgathering spaces, moments ofplay and discovery and safe bikingand walking.architectureforhumanityURBAN ACUPUNCTURE - A Holistic Approach to Stitching Together A Community Through Active Spaces321Transforming empty lots andabandoned infill development intoactive and healthy environmentsfor familiesCapturing the border zones. Re-imagine highway underpass asconnections and meeting pointswith the peri-urban community.This empowers the DVP to opensits arms to the surroundingcommunity.
  35. 35. Social issues are overlapped andcomplex. By integrating socialservices within the urban fabricwe can tackle inner-city needswithin the community instead ofshunning them to the outskirts.architectureforhumanityURBAN ACUPUNCTURE - A Holistic Approach to Stitching Together A Community Through Active Spaces654To empower alternative teachingmethods we need to embededucation in entrepreneurialenvironments. Use downtown asan incubator and interweave theclassrooms within start-ups andbusinessesHistoric way-finding and signage.Rather than treating Las Vegas asa place of destination we can usealternative way-finding totransform it into a place ofdiscovery.[Case Study: UrbanRock Design/LA]
  36. 36. architectureforhumanityRETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE- Case StudiesLocal Case Studies - Urban SpacesOur city based chapters have worked on a series of urban interventions to support local economic development andsocial services.Homeless Lockers, Minnesota, MN (Bottom Left)More Than Books, Boston, MA (Bottom Middle)The Remakery, Brixton, London (Upper Right)Under the BQE, Queens, NY (Middle Right)The Point Community Center, South Bronx, NY (Bottom Right)
  37. 37. architectureforhumanityRETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE- Case StudiesLocal Case Studies - Natural SpacesOur city based chapters have worked on a series of urban interventions to support food equity and access tohealthier options.Reclaimed Garden Shelter, Sioux Falls, SD (Bottom Left and Middle)Fresh Moves, Chicago, Il (Upper Right)People’s Community Market, Oakland, CA (Middle Right)Coconut Grove Community Gardens, Miami (Bottom Right)
  38. 38. architectureforhumanityRETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE- Case StudiesLocal Case Studies - Active SpacesFor the past seven years we have built over two dozen sports and physical educational spaces within the urbanfabric. This has included taking over empty spaces under bridges to working with city officials to close streets tocars and turn them into permanent places of play. This has ranged from $400K revitalization projects to $2000interventionsColeman Oval Skate Park, NYC (Right)Street Soccer, Guatemala City, Guatemala (Bottom Left and Middle)
  39. 39. architectureforhumanityCREATING PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIESPartnership OpportunitiesThree to five pilot projects on underutilized lots that would createactive, healthy spaces Host an international design competition that would bring attentionto the need to revitalize urban cores, while generating innovativedesign ideas Implement and construct pilot projects in partnership with localplanners and architects.Perform monitoring and evaluation on the social return oninvestment (SROI) on pilot program to support replication and scaleBenefits of Active SpacesIncreased activity and healthier lifestyle leads to healthcare savingsIncreased foot traffic and retail opportunitiesReduction in crimeIncreased real estate valuesOpportunities for serendipity
  40. 40. Cameron Sinclair // co-founder, architecture for 646 765 0906