2013 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention keynote


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This is the keynote presentation presented by Cameron Sinclair at the AIA National Convention in Denver, CO on June 21, 2013. Watch the livestream at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/34714049

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2013 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention keynote

  1. a r c h i t e c t u r e f o r h u m a n i t ycameron@architectureforhumanity.org646.765.0906 | @casinclair | @archforhumanity
  2. What Do You See?
  3. What Do You See?
  5. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY // 1999380 sq ft Apt in NYC
  6. architectureforhumanityRegional Office / HaitiHaiti ReconstructionRegional Office / JapanTohoku ReconstructionRegional Office / South AfricaARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY // 2013Regional Office / NYCSandy ReconstructionOrganization HQRegional Office / Colombia
  7. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - Global, National and Local ResponseAbout UsArchitecture for Humanity is a non-profit design and construction services firm.By utilizing the power of design we improve living standards and helpunderserved communities attract future investment. We manage all aspects ofthe design and construction process, from conception to completion, with the aimof building a more sustainable future for all.Total ImpactSince 1999 we have helped to build structures and places to live, learn, heal andplay for more than 2.1 Million people in 47 countries around the world. Currentlywe are building in 27 countries including working on long-term reconstruction inpost-disaster communities in Haiti, Japan and the US.2.1M47
  8. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - Global, National and Local ResponseOur Global NetworkOver 35,000 design and construction professionals and an additional 150,000+ inour global network. We have a full time staff of 35 and over 60 buildingprofessionals on pro-bono design fellowships.Our Local ChaptersWe have 54 city based chapters in more than 12 countries. Each chapter is madeup of volunteer architecture, engineering, landscape and building professionalsdedicated to shaping and improving the local environment. Collectively thisrepresents over 6,800 building professionals.2012: AFH Washington DC2013: AFH Denver2014: AFH Chicago35K54cities
  9. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - Global and National Response
  10. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - Local ResponseAFH DenverOutdoor Classroom for Museo de las Americas, Denver
  11. architectureforhumanityARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY - LEED Gold HQJosephSchell//Photography
  12. architectureforhumanityA Dedicated Multi-disciplinary Team of Building Professionals
  13. architectureforhumanityProvide Professional Design Services
  14. architectureforhumanityBuild For Communities in Need
  15. architectureforhumanityDesigning for the future not the present
  16. architectureforhumanityFocus on Social and Economic Change While Protecting Cultural Heritage
  17. architectureforhumanityEmbed Architects and Construction Managers Within the Community
  18. architectureforhumanityPartner With Locally Licensed Professionals
  19. architectureforhumanityEngage Communities As Partners. Listen, Learn and Design Together
  20. architectureforhumanityCreate Opportunity By Supporting Local Construction Trade Jobs
  21. architectureforhumanityIntegrate local craft within the building
  22. architectureforhumanityStrengthen Community Resiliency Through Capacity Building
  23. architectureforhumanityTransfer project ownership to local community leaders.
  24. Value of Safety
  25. architectureforhumanityKhayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa
  26. architectureforhumanityViolence Prevention through Urban Upgrading | AHT Group, Sun Development
  27. architectureforhumanity
  28. architectureforhumanityDesigned by: ARG Design, Architecture for Humanity + VPUU Planning
  29. architectureforhumanityEconomic Environmental Cultural
  30. architectureforhumanity18,000 children taken throughHIV/AIDS Awareness program
  31. architectureforhumanity200% increase inperceived safetySource: Crime Information Management South Africa
  32. architectureforhumanitySource: Crime Information Management South AfricaIn 2005 there were465 murders893 violent assualtsIn 2009 there were124 murders554 violent assualts
  33. architectureforhumanityRwanda // Kimisagara Football For Hope Center
  34. architectureforhumanityRwanda // Kimisagara Football For Hope Center
  35. architectureforhumanity20 Centers for 2010 World Cup // 15 Countries + 1/4M Children
  36. architectureforhumanitySkatistan Skate Park, Kabul, Afghanistan by Convic Design
  37. Value of Education
  38. architectureforhumanityPeru // Francisco Perez Anampa School, Ica // Client: Happy Hearts Fund and ING
  39. architectureforhumanityPeru // Francisco Perez Anampa School, Ica // Client: Happy Hearts Fund and ING
  40. architectureforhumanityPeru // Maria Auxiliadora School, Ica // Client: Happy Hearts Fund and ING
  41. architectureforhumanityChina // Classrooms for Migrant Children, Shanghai // AFH ShanghaiShanghai
  42. architectureforhumanityKenya // Sauti Kuu Banda and Learning Center, Kogelo // Client: Auma Obama and Sauti Kuu Fdn.
  43. architectureforhumanityKenya // Rainwater Court, Mahiga // Design Team: Greg Elsner and Dick Clark
  44. architectureforhumanityEDUCATION INVESTMENTSAcademic Partners in Building and Construction Grants 2013-2015supported by the Alcoa FoundationCarnegie Mellon UniversityDelft University of TechnologyGeorgia TechPurdue UniversityTechnical University of OWLTsinghua University School of Architectureother schools may be added
  45. Value of Resilient Places
  46. architectureforhumanityKatrina Reconstruction / USA760 Houses, 5 Businesses and 1 Park0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 ........Tohoku Reconstruction / Japan12 SME’s and 2 ParksBati Byen Reconstruction / Haiti3000+ Homes, 12 SchoolsSandy Reconstruction / NY/NJ5 Schools, Fire House and BoardwalkCOMMITMENT TO COMMUNITYSET UP FIELD OPERATIONSRAISE MAJORITY OF INITIAL FUNDINGANNOUNCE INTENTION AND LONG TERM PLANTHE RULE OF FOUR // RESPOND // RAISE // MOBILIZE // COMMITMoore Reconstruction / OKassessments underway
  47. architectureforhumanityRebuilding Haiti : Building From The Ground UpEARTHQUAKES DON’T KILL PEOPLE,BUILDINGS KILL PEOPLE
  48. architectureforhumanity
  49. architectureforhumanityThe Rebuilding CenterProjects Project BoardBati Byen Rebuilding Center
  50. architectureforhumanityImages from Rebuilding 101 ManualImages from Rebuilding 101 ManualBati ByenAwareness: Rebuilding 101 ManualBuilding Assessment Training Quality Control TrainingConstruction TrainingConstruction Training
  51. architectureforhumanityBid and Tender AdjudicationAutodesk Lab: CAD/BIM TrainingProfessional Business DevelopmentAutodesk CAD/BIM Training Labs
  52. architectureforhumanityJob Creation
  53. architectureforhumanityJob Creation
  54. architectureforhumanityCeverine School, Ceverine, Haiti // Client: Ben Stiller, Stiller Foundation and Save The Children
  55. architectureforhumanityEcole La Dignite, Jacmel, Haiti // Client: Ben Stiller, Stiller Foundation and Students Rebuild
  56. architectureforhumanityCollege Mixte Le Bon Berger, Montious, Haiti // 2010
  57. architectureforhumanityCollege Mixte Le Bon Berger, Montious, Haiti // Client: Ben Stiller, Stiller Foundation and Students Rebuild
  58. architectureforhumanityEcole Elie Dubois, Port au Prince, Haiti // Client: Shakira, Barefoot Fdn, IDB and CINA
  59. architectureforhumanityModel Housing (2575 Homes) Partners: Habitat for Humanity, Cortaid, UN Habitat, IOM and CHF
  60. architectureforhumanityResilient Communities // Partners: Nike
  61. architectureforhumanityResilient Communities // Partners: Nike, Cortaid, UN Habitat, IOM and CHF
  62. architectureforhumanityChamp de Mars Corridor, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  63. architectureforhumanityEconomic Sustainability // Champ de Mars Corridor, Port-au-Prince, HaitiMAP INDICATING DAMAGED COMMERCIAL BUILDINGSIn the heart of downtown Port-au-Prince, Route Capois faced slightly less damage than neighboringstreets that were totally destroyed and deemed unsafe by the government.Yet it still suffered significantlevels of destruction, faces a large number of displaced persons living in the many surroundingspontaneous settlements, and is receiving less reconstruction assistance than neighboring areas.
  64. architectureforhumanityBuilding Leadership. By the end of 2013 our office will be 95% Haitian BUILDING PROFESSIONALS
  65. architectureforhumanityRebuilding Northern JapanBUILD BACK BETTER TOHOKU //よりよい東北を
  67. architectureforhumanityOffering a hand, not a hand out. // Social enterprise as a mechanism for recoveryeconomic developmentour architect our carpenter local architectclientACCESS TOSPORTSEDUCATION &WELFAREECONOMICDEVELOPMENT
  68. architectureforhumanityStudents Rebuild // 100,000 cranes in one month
  69. architectureforhumanityStudents Rebuild // 4 Million Cranes By Children // Raising $1/2M
  70. architectureforhumanityStudents Rebuild // 4 Million Cranes By Children // Raising $1/2M
  71. architectureforhumanityJapan // Mobile Ramen Noodle Shop, Maeami-hama
  72. architectureforhumanityJapan // Hikado community market ひかど市場, Motoyoshi,
  73. architectureforhumanityarchitecture for humanity大谷グリーンスポーツパーク宮城県気仙沼市本吉町Fisherman Hammock Company Elder Housing Stairs
  74. architectureforhumanityJapan // Judo Juku, Minami Sanriku, Shizugawa
  75. architectureforhumanityJapan // Ooya Green Sports Park // Design Team: Tomoro Aida
  76. architectureforhumanityJapan // Ooya Green Sports Park // Design Team: Tomoro Aida
  77. architectureforhumanityMakiBizidea to rebuild needed:architects and engineersconstruction and materialsbusiness advisory servicesaccessing:private capitalgovernmentgrantsprivate grantprogramsbuildings built:new businessopportunitiesand income
  78. architectureforhumanity
  79. architectureforhumanity“We Are One” Kitakami Market and Childcare, Ishinomaki
  80. architectureforhumanityOshika Women’s Cooperative
  81. architectureforhumanity15 Guys Oysters // Shizugawa Banya
  82. architectureforhumanity15 Guys Oysters // Shizugawa Banya
  83. architectureforhumanitySHIZUGAWABANYAShizugawa,Minamisanriku-cho15 Guys Oysters // Shizugawa Banya
  84. architectureforhumanityMaeami-hama Banya and Community House
  85. architectureforhumanityMaeami-hama Banya and Community House
  86. architectureforhumanityMaeami-hama Banya and Community House
  87. architectureforhumanityMaeami-hama Banya and Community House
  88. architectureforhumanity12 more projects in development including PARK FOR ALL // Toyo Ito + Associates
  89. architectureforhumanityMy City of Ruins(c) Wayne Price / Far RockawayNew York & New Jersey 2012
  90. architectureforhumanityNew York & New Jersey 2012
  91. architectureforhumanityOur five-point plan for long-term reconstruction:1. Enable our local chapters to provide technical assistance and support toexisting recovery agencies.2. Provide design and construction assistance to nonprofits and community-based organizations in affected communities to repair civic structures andpublic spaces.3. Provide technical assistance to property owners, with a focus on smallbusinesses and rental properties in low-income communities.4. Provide community design, planning and architectural support to localagencies to rebuild and to develop model mitigation strategies, especiallyalong the New Jersey shore.5. Build resilient and green. Provide assistance to replace outdated buildingsystems with more sustainable energy-efficient solutions.New York & New Jersey // Five Point Plan
  92. architectureforhumanityFar Rockaway, NY Breezy Point, NYSeaside Heights, NJNew York & New Jersey 2012
  93. architectureforhumanityNYC SCHOOLSPORTS FACILITIESPerkins + Will, GenslerNYC, NY
  94. architectureforhumanitySEASIDEHEIGHTSCOMMUNITYPROJECTSSeaside Heights, NJ
  95. architectureforhumanityBROAD CHANNELVOLUNTEERFIRE HOUSEAFHNYBroad Channel, Queens, NY
  96. architectureforhumanityBROAD CHANNELVOLUNTEERFIRE HOUSEAFHNYBroad Channel, Queens, NY
  97. architectureforhumanityHARBOR LIGHTRESTAURANTNYC, NY
  98. architectureforhumanity130th and Rockaway // Rebuild One BlockRapid Repairs for Critical Career FamiliesRebuild One Block in Far Rockaway
  99. architectureforhumanityMoore, OK // Midwest Disaster Reconstruction Fund 2013
  100. architectureforhumanity(c) Lyle Owerko / Far RockawayUS DisasterResiliency Fund
  101. Value of Environmental Inclusion
  102. architectureforhumanityTribalNationsOff Grid Elder Housing for Tribal NationsUSA // Elder Housing on the Hopi and Navajo Tribal Lands
  103. architectureforhumanityOff Grid Elder Housing for Tribal NationsMexico // Women for Adobe, Oaxaca
  104. architectureforhumanityUSA // Fresh Foods Mobile Market, Chicago // AFH ChicagoChicago
  105. architectureforhumanityBangladesh // Prefabricated Retractable Classrooms, Dhaka // AFH DhakaDhaka
  106. architectureforhumanityAminho da Raposeira Estrada Militar, Trafaria, Lisbon, Portugal
  107. architectureforhumanityOcean & Coastline Observatory, Lisbon, Portugal
  108. architectureforhumanityMozambique // Football for Hope Center // Appropriate Technology Construction Training
  109. Value of Healthy Spaces
  110. architectureforhumanity
  112. architectureforhumanityACTIVE SPACESArchitecture for Humanity is seeking to partner with cities totransform under-utilized spaces into active places within theUS.We are focusing on five areas that support physical activity;1. Open Spaces / Parks2. Urban Design / Land Use3. Transportation4. Schools5. Buildings / WorkplacesWorking with over 70 partners under the Designed To Movecollective we hope to bring momentum to a nationwidemovement to create healthier, active spaces in our cities andtowns. As the lead organization in the built environment,Architecture for Humanity is seeking to identify three to fivecities to pilot programs to build innovative spaces that tackleobesity and empower healthier citizens.
  113. architectureforhumanityThree Challenges.7 out of 10 Americans are either overweight or obeseThe US Spends $147B on health related costs. ~2X the federal budget for the Dept. of EducationChildren 10 and younger are estimated to die 5 years younger than their parents.THE CHALLENGEUSA2030 PROJECTION-46%-32%19652009IN FEWERTHAN TWOGENERATIONSEARLYCHILDHOOD ADOLESCENCE ADULTHOOD30%ofchildrenare obeseMisses school2 days higherthan averageLowertestscores$2,741 peryear higherhealth carecosts1 week peryear of extrasick daystaken5.3 millionprematuredeaths/yr. dueto inactivity2X AS LIKELY TO BEOBESE AS ADULTSPRESCHOOLERSWITH INACTIVEPARENTS ARE FARLESS LIKELY TOBE ACTIVEFM AYPHYSICALLYINACTIVECHILDREN
  114. architectureforhumanityEARLYCHILDHOOD ADOLESCENCE ADULTHOODUp to1/10th aslikely tobe obese40%highertest scoresLess likelyto smoke,becomepregnant15%morelikelyto go tocollegeSaves upto $2,741per year inhealth costsReducedrisk of heartdisease,stroke, cancerdiabetesAPHYSICALLYACTIVECHILDRENCHILDREN OF ACTIVEMOMS ARE 2X ASLIKELY TO BE ACTIVEMAY LIVE 5YEARS LONGERACTIVEPARENTSASSOCIATEDWITH ACTIVECHILDRENM AYPHYSICAL ACTIVITYEMOTIONALCAPITALINTELLECTUALCAPITALSOCIALCAPITALINDIVIDUALCAPITALPHYSICALCAPITALFINANCIALCAPITALSUPPORTINGENVIRONMENT&CONTEXTPHYSICAL CAIMPROVEMENTS IN:General motor sFunctional fitnesPhysical appearCardio respiratofitnessMuscular strengAdiposity/BodycompositionLipid profileBone health/OsteoporosisJoint healthMaternal & infahealthRehabilitation &recoveryImmune systemfunctionSleep patternsNutrition/DietEMOTIONALIMPROVEMENTS IN:Fun, enjoyment,Feeling goodSelf esteemSelf efficacyBody imageIntrinsic motivatiSOCIAL CAPITALIMPROVEMENTS IN:Social normsSocial network/Positive relationshipsSocial status/Social commitmentSocial inclusion & acceptanceTrust/Teamwork/CollaborationCivic participationFINANCIAL CAPITALIMPROVEMENTS IN:IncomeJob successProductivity/Job performanceMorale/Commitment/TurnoverREDUCTION IN:Health care costsAbsenteeismPresenteeismINDIVIDUAL CAPITALIMPROVEMENTS IN:Activity knowledge and skillsSocial skills/Life skills/INTELLECTUAL CAPITALIMPROVEMENTS IN:Educational attainmentSchool engagementProcessing speedExecutive function/Inhibition/Mental flexibilityMemoryAcademic performanceBrain structure and functionConcentration/Attention/Impulse controlLearningADHD managementAge-related cognitivedecline managementGOALSGoals of This Initiative.Lower rate of obesityCreate holistic approach to tackling inactivityUtilize vacant land to encourage future developmentBuild spaces that connect downtown with surrounding peri-urban and suburban neighborhoods
  115. architectureforhumanityRETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE- Case StudiesLocal Case Studies - Urban SpacesOur city based chapters have worked on a series of urban interventions tosupport local economic development and social services.Homeless Lockers, Minnesota, MN (Bottom Left)More Than Books, Boston, MA (Bottom Middle)The Remakery, Brixton, London (Upper Right)Under the BQE, Queens, NY (Middle Right)The Point Community Center, South Bronx, NY (Bottom Right)
  116. architectureforhumanityRETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE- Case StudiesLocal Case Studies - Natural SpacesOur city based chapters have worked on a series of urban interventions tosupport food equity and access to healthier options.Reclaimed Garden Shelter, Sioux Falls, SD (Bottom Left and Middle)Fresh Moves, Chicago, Il (Upper Right)People’s Community Market, Oakland, CA (Middle Right)Coconut Grove Community Gardens, Miami (Bottom Right)
  117. architectureforhumanityRETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE- Case StudiesLocal Case Studies - Active SpacesFor the past seven years we have built over two dozen sports and physicaleducational spaces within the urban fabric. This has included taking over emptyspaces under bridges to working with city officials to close streets to cars andturn them into permanent places of play. This has ranged from $400Krevitalization projects to $2000 interventionsColeman Oval Skate Park, NYC (Right)Street Soccer, Guatemala City, Guatemala (Bottom Left and Middle)
  118. architectureforhumanityURBAN ACUPUNCTURE - Stitching Together A Community Through Active Spaces1. Open Spaces / ParksWho Doesn’t Love An Open Place To Play?Quick Win: Organize playground/park clean up and other‘done in a day’ improvement projects2. Urban Design / Land UseWalk it, Bike it, Skate it, Jump It.Quick Win: Beautification and Enhancement of Space -Clean up trash, plant trees, add benches/lighting, inc art3. TransportationYou Have to Get There Somehow.Quick Win: Closing off streets of calming traffic forphysical activity4. SchoolsUse What You’ve Already Got?Quick Win: Paint bright colored lines on playgroundsand asphalt to appeal to kids’ senses, increase games5 Buildings / WorkplacesKeep It Moving.Quick Win: Include cues/signals that enhance stair usage.1 32465
  119. architectureforhumanityURBAN ACUPUNCTURE - Stitching Together A Community Through Active Spaces321Transforming empty lots andabandoned infill development intoactive and healthy environmentsfor familiesTransforming the urban streetscape to encourage publicgathering spaces, moments ofplay and discovery and safe bikingand walking.Capturing the border zones. Re-imagine highway underpass asconnections and meeting pointswith the peri-urban community.
  120. architectureforhumanity72Bradner Gardens Park Improvements,Seattle, 1999–2000Bradner Gardens Park holds particularsignificance in the history of communityaction in Seattle. Long neglected by thecity and its parks department, the parkwas rescued in the early 1990s by adedicated group of local residents, whoreconfigured it as a public communitygarden. In the late 1990s, as real estatevalues improved, the city attempted toreplace the park with a market-ratehousing development, and the ensuingcontroversy galvanized the local com-munity to establish the park as openspace in perpetuity.The Design/Build Studio participatedin this process by offering its laboras an in-kind contribution to enablethe community to obtain a matchinggrant from the city’s Department ofNeighborhoods for park improvements.Among the projects completed overtwo years were a wood and concretefootbridge, three decorative steelperimeter gates, and a pavilion canopyfor the central meeting area.Central meeting pavilionCanal Basin Charette, Cleveland, 2000This weekend-long charette generated 1 / 245URBAN ACUPUNCTURE - A Holistic Approach to Stitching Together A Community Through Active Spaces654To empower alternative teachingmethods we need to embededucation in entrepreneurialenvironments. Use downtown asan incubator and interweave theclassrooms within start-ups andbusinessesSocial issues are overlapped andcomplex. By integrating socialservices within the urban fabricwe can tackle inner-city needswithin the community instead ofshunning them to the outskirts.Historic way-finding and signage.Rather than treating Las Vegas asa place of destination we can usealternative way-finding totransform it into a place ofdiscovery.[Case Study: UrbanRock Design/LA]
  122. architectureforhumanity...ourselves?THE VALUE OFCOLLECTIVE CHANGE.
  123. architectureforhumanityTHE VALUE OFTANGIBLE IMPACT.
  124. architectureforhumanityJapan 2011 // Judo Juku, ShizugawaTHE VALUE OFSUSTAINED GROWTH
  125. architectureforhumanity...ourselves?THE VALUE OFHONORING OUR OWNAP Photo/Mel Evans
  126. architectureforhumanityTHE VALUE OF HOW WERESPOND. NOT WHY.
  127. architectureforhumanitySUPPORT OUR VALUE.Currently less than 2% ofour funding comes from thearchitecture profession.85% of our funds go toimplement architecture.
  128. architectureforhumanitySUPPORT OUR VALUE.Text now // $10Give A Day of Design // $100Invest in our future // $10,000+www.architectureforhumanity.org
  129. Together we can restore the true value of our profession
  130. INVEST IN THE VALUE OF ARCHITECTUREcameron@architectureforhumanity.org646.765.0906 | @casinclair
  131. architectureforhumanityIn Memory of Nathan Jones. Friend, Collegue and Architect.