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  • ITS Ireland allows people from the full supply chain to meet on an informal basis to discuss all things related to ITS. Being a peripheral nation,we rely on a lot of overseas manufactured solutions so makes it an obvious focal point for suppliers of solutions. We also raise the awareness and technical knowledge of everyone via events and we facilitate overseas visits to learn experiences of others etc. There was no such forum before ITS Ireland was formed.
  • Irf2012 john davis

    1. 1. Cooperation between Industry & Government Experiences in IrelandSummit on Intelligent Transport Systems as Driver for Economic Growth and Development Thursday 8th March 2012, Transport Management Centre, City of Cape Town
    2. 2. About Ireland Island on Periphery of mainland Europe Population 4.8M EU Member State ITS Governance  National Authorities  Local Authorities  EU “Small in Size but Big in Stature”
    3. 3. About ITS in Ireland Widespread ITS Deployment including;  Open Road Tolling  GoSafe (Privatised Speed Enforcement)  Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure  Real Time Passenger Information  Journey Time Information  Integrated Ticketing  Smarter Cities Initiative  Adaptive Signal Control  and many more....
    4. 4. About ITS Ireland Volunteer Non-Profit Organisation founded in 2010 Forum raising ITS awareness & technical knowledge Membership 32 Corporate 15 Government 21 Individual Communications Website Newsletters LinkedIn
    5. 5. About ITS Ireland International Links  Network of National ITS Associations  International MOUs
    6. 6. About ITS IrelandProactive State Participation State Authorities Local Authorities
    7. 7. Cooperation: Knowledge SharingInformal Member to Member Assistance Taxi Regulation  Government-led Review  Stakeholder Participation  40 Measures Identified  Technology can assist Taxi Regulator consulted informally with fellow ITS Ireland members to discuss available technologies.ITS Deployment is Policy Led, Not Technology Driven
    8. 8. Cooperation: Knowledge SharingFormal Events Technical Seminars  FP7  ITS Directive  Dublin Bus RTPI  Enforcement  Data Protection Annual Conference Christmas Lunch
    9. 9. Cooperation: R&D National Research Prioritisation Study Group  Tasked to identify priority R&D needs  ITS Ireland participated in Stakeholder Consultations EU Framework Programmes  Funds Research & Technical Development  FP7 o FP7 runs until 2013 o Joint ITS Ireland / Enterprise Ireland workshop o Inform members of benefits and opportunities  FP8 o FP8 runs from 2014 to 2020 with strong ITS focus
    10. 10. Cooperation: Enterprise Presidential Delegation to Netherlands – May 2011
    11. 11. Cooperation: ITS European Commission  Action Plan for the Deployment of ITS in Europe (Dec 2008)  Directive 2010/40/EU: o Framework for the Coordinated and Effective Deployment and Use of Intelligent Transport Systems 6 Priority Areas  Optimal Use of Road, Traffic and Travel Data  Continuity of Traffic and Freight Management  Road Safety and Security  Integration of Vehicle into Transport Infrastructure  Data Protection and Liability  European ITS Coordination
    12. 12. Cooperation: ITS 6 Priority Areas covering 24 Actions
    13. 13. Cooperation: ITS Importance of Engagement with EC  Ensures Ireland’s Voice is heard  Ensures unsuitable standards & technologies are not mandated upon Ireland ITS Ireland Cooperation to date:  EC ITS Directive Reporting Requirements o Facilitated Seminars and Data Exchange to assist DTTAS in gathering report information  EC ITS Directive Stakeholder Working Group  EC EETS Directive Stakeholder Working Group  eSafety (iMobility)  EASYWAY Deployment Guidelines  Represented State at EC Expert Meetings
    14. 14. Cooperation Works 9th ITS European Congress will be held in Dublin in 2013 ITS Ireland led the Bid Strongly supported by Irish Government, Industry & Academia Stakeholders All worked for Team Ireland
    15. 15. Cooperation Works Significant Benefits Arising  Raise Awareness of ITS  Boost Tourism  Boost Trade  Place ITS at the heart of the Smart Economy
    16. 16. Summary ITS underpins delivery of transport policies and strategies that provide Safe Efficient Mobility for All ITS contributes to the Smart Economy  reduced congestion,  sustainable transport,  sustainable employment  Etc... Cooperation between ALL Stakeholders “A RISING TIDE FLOATS (Government, Industry and Academia) ALL BOATS” maximizes ITS benefits
    17. 17. Further Information