Increase Website Traffic By Using Seo


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A very useful presentation on how SEO can be used to generate and increase traffic on a website. It also talks about how search engines work and how a site should be optimized.

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Increase Website Traffic By Using Seo

  1. 1. Increase Website Traffic using SEO
  2. 2. Agenda Internet usage Stats Tools to increase website traffic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Key SEO Dimensions Hiring SEO professionals Some useful SEO resources
  3. 3. Statistics Internet Usage There are 1.6 Bn internet users in the world There are close to 200 million websites (including blogs) Google searches around 1 trillion web pages This means there is a flood of information on the internet. How do you ensure that your website stands out and is among the top results displayed for its search-category?
  4. 4. Tools to increase website traffic Some main ways to increase traffic: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Paid Listing Affiliation Advertisement E-mailing Partnerships
  5. 5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is the set of methods and tools used to get listed in the initial results of the main search-engines based on keywords that are related to your goals
  6. 6. Main SEO dimensions Technical Editorial Reputation
  7. 7. Technical The main techniques are: Defining parameters in robots.txt file Optimizing folders' classification tree Using appropriate HTML markup
  8. 8. Editorial Write stuff that would interest your readers (understand the concept of two messengers and how search-engines quot;readquot; you) Optimize content, mainly text, using keywords that are relevant to your category Optimization refers to sound repetition of words, positioning near the BODY tag, positioning in titles, accentuation, etc.
  9. 9. Reputation Reputation is measured by the number of incoming links to your page It is one of the key parameters in calculating Page-Rank It matters if the incoming links are coming from well-established sources of your domain Parameters used for indexing pages are many - more than two hundred in Google - and their weight is unknown and shifting. Indeed, search-engines modify their algorithm as the Web evolves. Therefore, even though some good practices always remain, optimizing a website is a never-ending task
  10. 10. Hiring SEO professionals Some tips if you want to outsource SEO activities: Use Freelances: They are less costly; Check their references to know about their work Start optimizing your site at the design phase Negotiate a result-commitment; introduce a performance element clause in your contract Use Web Analytics tools to measure the outcome of your SEO efforts
  11. 11. SEO Resources Here are a few resources to explore SEO further: The Wikipedia page Words from Google itself on its site and in this document The excellent site SEOmoz which offers a blog and many tools This exceptional page where the best experts discuss and evaluate the influential criteria Search Engine Roundtable a blog which offers a good perspective on this microcosm
  12. 12. Thank You The Palermo Project A blog about internet strategy and entrepreneurship (