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An Agent-based Multiservice Negotiation For Ecommerce

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  1. 1. WELCOME TO An Agent-based Multiservice Negotiation For Ecommerce By: PRASOON MISHRA MBAL1020
  2. 2. introduction & comparison Without Agent With Agent Provider Provider customer 1 Provider Provider n 2 agent customer
  3. 3. Facilitator Mobile Agent Base Multiservice Eg-voyager & Aglet Travel Negotiation agency Eg MOTIV Mobile Application (Mobilty n Service agent transport in provider • Presentationintermodal traffic) Customer Host place • Service description Facilitator • Customer Service RequirementProvider1 p2 p3 provider Host place
  4. 4. Analysis of the multiservicenegotiationAutomatic bundle adaptation.Suitability to mobile users.Improved scalability.Flexibility of the negotiation protocol.Local communications and asynchronous computing.Integration with an e-Commerce infrastructure