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Physco journal1


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Physco journal1

  1. 1. Journal 1 LIEW QIAO LI 0315671 Self-concept Not everyone knows themselves well. People often define their own personalities in a wrong way. Through the ‘Who am I’ section, I realise that I am interdependent person. When we are sharing our information, everyone has different sights of herself or himself. Most of them will define themselves with their personal traits, such as ‘I am football player’, ‘I am sexy’, ‘I am tall’ and etc. So, I started to have conflict on myself that time because all the information I give are about the social responsibilities and relationships. Now, I know that I just defined myself by the connections with others. Most of the Asian practice collectivism whiles the western practice individualism as well. Western society puts their own privacy in the first place and their children will totally get free from parents when they are 18. We can see that the thoughts of western people are different with the Asian. Self-knowledge People often get the wrong self-explanations through their thoughts and responding. This is because self-explanation may influence by the media. Sometimes people will think that they can kill the cockroach with no fear, but when the situation really happened, mostly they will run away.To get to know ourselves well, we need to ask the others instead of listen to our heart.
  2. 2. Self-serving bias People will always think that they are the right one and tend to see themselves in the centre stage. People will define their achievements to their own hard works and abilities but once they fail, they will give reasons to themselves to pretend they are not the one who cause the failure. Other than that, people like to compare themselves favourably to others. This can keep them up and ‘spotlight’ them among the society. As a conclusion, people will always think that they are the special between others and overestimate others’ abilities. Self-efficacy Everything has the bright side. When thing goes wrong, people possibly will give themselves pressures and indirectly affect the continuous works. By this way, thing is getting worst instead of solving the problems. So, in the lecture, I learn to think in a positive way and smile or laugh in any situations. The strong feelings of self-efficacy help people to stay strong. Everyone lives once. No matter how the life will be, I will face it by my smile.