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Eng essay1


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Eng essay1

  1. 1. Mascara is a common and usual cosmetic substance that females use to apply to thicken, lengthen, and darken the eyelashes. Females emphasize at their look, especially their eyes. With perfect eye lashes, the eyes will look more energetic and fresh.This is what they say „eyes can do the speech‟. Nowadays the society is very realistic and everyone tends to judge a person by their appearance before getting to know them. Indirectly, this will give others a good impression and also lift up their selfconfidence. As my self-experience, every morning I look sleepy and listless, but after putting it on, I look awake and rested. The Face Shop Waterproof Mascara is always the mascara that I support to. It does not smudges after I playing water sports or sweating under the sun. It can be describe in many ways, by its outlook, characteristics and also functions. This mascara provides a square bending brush that gives a strong adherence to eyelashes and volumes up the eyelashes. The brush is made from nylon and mostly has the same sense of touch with toothbrush. This kind of special designed brush makes me apply it equally and separate my eyelash out of my expectation. I can also rub off the excess product easily when pulling the wand out. The black-coloured liquid inside smells like ink, followed by an alkaline smell. The no-water formulas of the product produces triple coating shield which less likely I will get smeared. It also contains waxes obtained from animal oils, vegetables oils and minerals, that is why the mascara feel sticky and condensed. Waterproof mascara is free from those chemicals known to be water-sensitive. Once dried, it is highly resistant to rain, sweat and tears. By testing it on my skin, I feel the cooling and relaxing temperature. The soft wand brushing the cool liquid on my skin and provides „squishy‟ sound.
  2. 2. Next, I will talk about the packaging of the mascara. The mascara has the height around 7cm with short upper part and long lower part. It has almost the same shape with sunflower seed. The curve of its body brings out comfort, safety, familiarity and relaxation. The less active the curve the calmer the people felt. It is covered with dark blue and light blue words. These are the colours that seek peace and exhibit own confidence. I truly feel that this outlook of this mascara makes people in crash with it before get to know it more. Best of all, its light weight as 10g is easy for me to bring along the day. Although the body of brush is made of steel, but it never burdens the whole design. It fulfills the needs of the busy females in this 21st century. Design, visual, colour, function, applicability and price are always the elements that females consider before they grab and pay for it. To understand my mascara more, I have tried to apply it following with the rights ways which I have saw in Internet. First, wiggle the brush left to right at the base of lashes. Easy to say that place the mascara near the roots of eyelashes will give the illusion of length. Second, pull the brush up and through lashes. In this step, I wiggle the brush to separate eyelashes and to add more curl and definition. Blinking your eyes are not allowed before the mascara is dried, if not you eyelashes will clump together and feel like the glue is sticking the upper lashes and lower lashes. Because this is waterproof mascara, so I wipe it off with waterproof makeup remover. Best of all, waterproof mascara can last longer and suitable for the females that always been outdoor. „ Never try,never know‟ you will never know how waterproof mascara change your life.
  3. 3. As a conclusion, this mascara is really like a “magic wand” that transforms magic on eyes. It can change dull into interesting, boring into attractive. It can bring out someone‟s self-confidence, it can improve females‟ appearances. It is a special designed brush that will enhance the beauty of a lady. With it‟s convenient design and functional use, it is favoured by many young ladies.