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Cts group documentation

  2. 2. Group Poster
  3. 3. Costume Name Student ID
  4. 4. Logo ‘Fly Jumpie’ is the name of the game so we decide to draw a ping pong ball is bouncing. We have choosen ‘Prisoner ‘ as our group costume, automatically it must be wearing the same costume with us. Cheering Song Dark is the colour, Prisoner are the men, We all stay together, And say Ho Ho Ho Ho! The cheering song is came from Chelses FC song and pirate’s song. We change the lyrics and make it related to our theme.
  5. 5. Game Poster
  6. 6. PROCESS AND DEVELOPMENT Chosen Game : Fly Jumpie Object : Ping Pong Ball 2-players- game 2 sections Section 1 : Ping Pac Poe 3x3 paper cups will place on table. Both players will compete at the same time. The concept is same with the ‘Tic Tac Toe’ game. Players are required to form a line to win the game. The player who wins in this section will get extra 30seconds for Section 2. Section 2 : Blow Off! Each player row a dice.The number of dice will decide how many different colour ping pong balls will he/she gets in this section. Players are required to blow off the others colour balls that are placed on his/her tray. 3-players game Only 1 section due to the size of space that given and we hope to make the game simple. Ping Pac Poe 4x4 paper cups will place on table. Every player will be only given 60 ping pong balls in this game. Players are required to form a line by throwing the balls into the paper cups with full of water. The one who first success to form the line will leave the game and get 5 marks. The other two players will keep continue throwing until one of them form a line. The marks will be given to second and third players are 3 and 1. Players are allowed to replace the other’s balls by bouncing off his/her ball that is in the cup.
  7. 7. How To Play The Game? 4x4 paper sups with full water will place on table. 3 players ( one player from each group) The game will go with this way. Players must stay a distance with the table and throw the balls into the paper cups to form a line. Examples for the lines.
  8. 8. Player is allowed to replace other’s balls by bouncing off his/her balls.
  9. 9. The Actual Event We have a game tournament on 13 August 2013. This game tournament contain 15 games that created by 15 different unit. Each unit has to play another 14 games and finished a game in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, we have to change another game like rotational basis. The point will collected while one unit win a game and the unit get highest point will be a winner. It has divided into 3 sessions. On that day, we were get ready and prepared our game at Sports arena at 7:30a.m. Our unit code was C3 and the name of our game is Fly Jumpie. We have prepared the material such as ping pong ball, cup that are needed in our game. After preparing, we have started our game at 8 a.m. that is first session kick off. In first session, we have played two games that first game was we need to blow the ping pong ball into the hole in a triangle shape by using the straw and second game was we need to screw the nail. After playing these two games, another unit played our game that was they need to throw the ping pong ball into a cup that filled with water. The unit who formed a line first will be winner. We ended our first session at 8.30 p.m. We have a break time. During the break time, we have to vote the best game around these 14 games. We have started our second session at 9.00a.m. Shirley, our group member has working session that she will as photography to take the photo of the game tournament. Nicholas has responsible to take care of our game store. He has to give instruction to the unit that played, pick up the ping pong ball and refill the water in the cup. Bryan, James and Karen were responsible to play the game. In second session, we have played the first game that was we have to form a shape in a board by using the rubber band based on the diagram that given by the game’s host. The second game was we have to drink a bottle of cola by using straw without using the hand. Next game was we have to grab the clothpeg that clip on the cloth or the part of body in a middle shape. It was fun and excited. Then, we have played a game that is we have to step on the velcros as much as possible and rub the velcros that stick on the socks that provided by host into the
  10. 10. achievement box and repeated the process in 1 minutes. We also have to find 10 pins in a messy and disgusting bucket within time 5 minutes by using the glove. It was smelly. The last game played in second session was we have to wear the sock on the hand and grab the sock from other unit. The player who lost their sock must go to jail and wait the chance to go back to the game again. At 10.00p.m, the second session was ended. While having a break, we have our lunch. After eating, we have a vote again. We have to vote the best team while playing the games. After that, we started our third session at 10.30p.m. In third session, Karen has a working session that she will as a time keeper. She had to blow the whistle while the 10 minute was reached in playing one game. Nicholas has to take care of the game stores and Bryan, Shirley and James playing the game. We needed 3 players while playing the first game in third session. Player 1 has to find out the towel that marked with M in the bucket and rinsed it. The player 2 has to pick up the hanger and work together with player 1 and hang the marked towel. Player 3 has to stand behind the line by holding a pole on the head and player 2 has to hang the towel to the pole. The next game we played was we have to memorize the arrangement and structure of hanger and built it. Besides that, we also played a game that was we need to unfasten the safety pin balls and separated the bead and safety pin into different containers with different colour within 3 minutes. Then, we have played a game that needed 3 players. The player1 have to apply lipstick to the player 2 and the hand and legs of player 2 will be bound by shoelaces. The player2 kiss a piece of cloth and player 1 have to erase the lipstick stain by using toothbrush provided. After finished erasing, the player 3 has to fork the coloured grapes out the bowl of water by wear an eye mask. The other game we have played also needed three players to play the game. The player1 has to pick up the soap bar and passed it by squashing and catching until it reaches player3. The player3 has to squash the soap bar into the container by matching it’s respective colour. The last game we have played in third session was we have to arrange
  11. 11. the paper clips and paper cut-outs according to the assigned colours based on memorizing. We have ended third session at 11.30a.m. We have a rest after playing all the games. During these break session, we have to vote the best costume team. At 12.00p.m, our lecturer, Miss D has giving us a speech. She was happy and congratulated to us that we had do a good work on that day. She also giving us some comment that what we still need to improved. After that, each unit has showed the way to cheer up to Miss D. At 12.30p.m, we have a closing and prize giving ceremony. Our unit get third place in all unit. We were happy and excited. Besides that, we also get second place in the best game awards. After giving the prize, we clean up the court and throw the rubbish into the rubbish bin. At 1p.m, we check the cleanliness of the whole court for the last time and it was ended.
  12. 12. The Time When Our Members Are Playing Other Unit Game
  13. 13. The Facilitators of Our Group
  14. 14. Time When Other Unit Playing Our Game