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Business report

  1. 1. Revenue What are the results at the end of the project? First, we used RM548 to buy Henna materials and deposit the phone casings. After we ran the business for three days, we got RM1765 as incomes. In addition, we also received RM803 of sponsorships. All together we donated RM2020 to Red Cross Crescent. What did you do right and what did you do wrong? Right - Rather than selling outside SLC, we walked around campus to promote our Henna service. All of the members would apply Henna on their hands. So that public would get awareness and tried on our services. Wrong- We should come out with more Henna designs. Some of the customers would like to have spontaneous designs or they would come after they found interesting designs online. Other than that, we should have more types of phone casings as well. If you can repeat the event one more time, what would you do differently? If we can repeat this event one more time, we will make our booth nicer. According to what we have discussed, we first want to decorate the booth with Indian theme, but due to some reasons we do not did it well.
  2. 2. Target Market Who your customers are and their backgrounds? (e.g. cultural, socio-economic, interests & hobbies); Our customers are Taylor’s University students and stuffs. Basically, our Henna services more on female customers while phone casing selling is opened to all gender. Cultures have been mixing in Taylor’s University. We have citizens of Malaysia and also international students. They all accept other cultures and traditions openhearted. Their wants and needs. Nowadays, people love their hand phones with all their life. So, most of them possibly will buy phone casings to protect their hand phones by being spoiled. Phone casings come with different designs and different functions. They will always choose to buy a phone casing which is protective and has matching design. Henna is known as a temporary form of skin decoration. People believe that Henna is a fun and safe way to explore body art without pain. Likely due to the desire for a tattoo appearance, many people want to have a try. Their spending powers. Mostly, Taylor’s University’s students and stuffs can afford between RM10 to RM50.
  3. 3. Competition Analysis Who are the 2 main competitors? Moridabreast What are they selling? They are selling services as well. But the difference is they are selling different services, such as Polaroids photo taking and__. What are their strengths and vulnerabilities? Strengths- In their service businesses, they provide entertainment at the same time. Vulnerabilities – On the other hand, they do not get as many customers as we did. This is because of the pricing. Why would/do their customers buy from them?
  4. 4. This is the poster of Henna service that we stick on the booth.
  5. 5. The receipts of Henna materials.