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KPI's are your best friend - Slides


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KPI's are your best friend lecture by Daniel Breston

Published in: Data & Analytics
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KPI's are your best friend - Slides

  1. 1. DevOpstastic WELCOME KPIs are you BEST Friends! Daniel Breston
  2. 2. DevOpstastic Me!
  3. 3. DevOpstastic ITIL Agile Lean Itera&ve Dev. End-User VOC Teams Bus. Ownership PM execu&on Best Prac&ces Framework – Strategy, Design, Transi&on, Opera&ons, CSI DEVOPS Customer Quality Value Streams Flow CPI Problem Solving Respect for People Source: Mike Orzen & Associates, Inc. © AXELOS Limited 2014 All rights
  4. 4. DevOpstastic Value & Principles •  Focus on people •  Embrace change and experimentation Culture •  “Continuous Delivery” •  “Infrastructure as Code” •  Focus on producing value for the end user •  Small batch sizes •  Measure everything •  Show the improvement •  Open information sharing •  Collaboration and communication Automation Lean Metrics Sharing
  5. 5. DevOpstastic Just curious ? Is ‘Gaming metrics’ something that happens where you work? §  No, our reports accurately reflect facts and acDons §  Yes we “game the numbers since we manage from a distance §  Not sure! ? Does your business lifecycle match your IT lifecycle from their point of view? §  Yes, most of the Dme §  Yes, some of the Dme §  No not really
  6. 6. DevOpstastic Best Technology KPI quote Don’t measure me on cost or tradi&onal IT metrics, but on the metrics of the business. Jim Fowler, CIO, GE Capital
  7. 7. DevOpstastic All about Behaviour “Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave” Eliyahu M. GoldraM
  8. 8. DevOpstastic KPI: Does this make sense? ∏= = n i i E EMSizeAPM 1 xx ∑= += 5 1 x01.0 j jSFBE where Effort kSLOC kiloSourceLinesOfCode Effort Multiplier: linear effect on effort Scale Factor: exponential effect on effort Constants that can be used to calibrate the formula Daft KPI
  9. 9. DevOpstastic My First KPI MTBAK
  10. 10. DevOpstastic KPI: Indicator of Performance that is KEY An agreed measure that allows us to: •  Assess our performance against a baseline or expectaDon •  Immediately spot issues, problems or waste •  Enables a behaviour •  Let’s us conDnuously improve •  Is a Metric that MaMers Steve Bell” of LeanIT Strategies: “A useful metric that makes the invisible visible”
  11. 11. DevOpstastic 4 traits of a KPI OR Validate & Jus&fy Do something Confirm performance Intervene or Direct
  12. 12. DevOpstastic KPI Design §  An owner §  Defini&on §  Purpose §  Equa&on §  Unit of measure §  Frequency §  Data loca&on §  Dependency §  Most importantly – the required response when checked
  13. 13. DevOpstastic One KPI to rule them all Customer Cost of delay Get it back
  14. 14. DevOpstastic Catchball From Lean IT with permission from Steve Bell From Lean Enterprise with permission from Jez Humble
  15. 15. DevOpstastic KPI Tree Example
  16. 16. DevOpstastic 5 Level Example Employee Team GM-1 GM SGM IIT IOB Dep 1 Team 1 Employee 1 Employee 2 Employee n Team N Dep 2
  17. 17. DevOpstastic QUALITY Manage capacity, con&nuity and technology SAFETY PRODUCTIVITY PEOPLE CUSTOMER COST Business wants: Easy to use, highly available digital Less incidents, less tes&ng involvement, no press report BYOD, Data Analy&cs, less &me to market of new innova&on IT people that speak business (BRM, tools/ training in technology, good people & suppliers ? Time to market reduced, less money on RUN vs CREATE, budget to spare IT must Deliver secure services, use automa&on more to do things, manage stress of staff, governance Understand business tools & processes, solve problems with tech solu&ons, integrate data Learn sob skills, supplier management, train staff ? Go to cloud, automa&on, improve processes Senior Mngmnt Internal External Middle Mngmnt No change incidents % risk reduc&on % complete. No re-work % of bad patches Compliance met Audit issues DR test success % breaches caused TTM reduced Resolu&on &mes Rls/Chg cycle &me Tool usage/ value Sa&sfac&on Fire / Hire Training % of new / old Customer sa&sfac&on VOC Value-added features Value-added services Increased cash flow Time to cash Cost of delay Coast of delat
  18. 18. DevOpstastic KPI tips •  Keep it Simple and SMART •  KPIs drive behaviour •  KPI has data easily collected and collated •  KPIs as a forecast or rough guide are ok •  Measure the outcome not the output to the customer •  Keep checking that you are monitoring and aler&ng on the right things (not analysis paralysis) •  Look end-to-end as one KPI may impact another (power of visual mapping and display) •  Collaborate, communicate, have fun
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  20. 20. DevOpstastic Be DevOpstasDc