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Animoto (How To)


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This is a presentation about what Animoto is and how to use it. It also includes a video example.

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Animoto (How To)

  1. 1. Ironically, a slideshow on eliminating slide shows.
  2. 2.  A web application that allows users to upload photos or video, add music and relax while the application creates a video for you. Click to see Animoto’s 60 second description
  3. 3.  (charges professional to do it)  YouTube editor (just video)  Flip Camera (must have the flip camera)  Microsoft Movie Maker/ iMovie (just movie)  Vuvox, Scrapblog and (just photo, no video or music)  Flextor and Onimosio (similar but were eliminated several years ago.)
  4. 4.  A 30 second video can be created in 20 minutes  If you are prepared with the content you wish to upload.  Unique  No two videos are alike!  Professional look  People will be amazed at the quality.
  5. 5.  The video is tailored to the speed of the music you choose.  No two Animoto videos are alike!  You can have them remix it several times  Easy to upload or export anywhere!
  6. 6. “750,000 people sign up in three days. At the peak, almost 25,000 people tried Animoto in a single hour.” "[The technology] takes a body of music, looks at all the nuances--like the beat, the tempo and the energy--and figures out how to juxtapose the imagery on top of that so the whole thing feels like one consolidated piece that evokes the intended emotional experience."
  7. 7. Tweets @Animoto ask questions they answer. Tweets featuring links to Animoto videos. Tweets from Animoto about new features.
  8. 8.  First, you will set up a free account.  Second, click create video in the upper right corner.  Next, choose from a variety of video styles that will be the background of your video.  I chose “The Animoto Original” They will try to up-sell, so be sure to click the tiny free button!!
  9. 9.  Upload from your computer, another website or use theirs.  Add text by clicking the T at the bottom.  Rearrange the photos and text by clicking and dragging to desired box.
  10. 10.  To add music, click the second tab and choose to upload your own music.  Or use one of their 30 second clips.  Finalize the video by clicking on the last tab.  Make sure all settings are correct and click continue.  Your video will be emailed to you shortly!