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  1. Deciphering the Organizational DNA Visualizing and analyzing data internal to an enterprise for improving collaboration Ritesh M Nayak @itsmeritesh
  2. How do you go from ….
  3. to …
  4. Conversationalists! Replies to People Total Replies People People who Left who Left 16% 17% Currently employed 83% Currently employed 84% We lost more people with answers than people with questions. That’s knowledge walking out of the office.
  5. Our algorithm picked out the topics I speak about
  6. How do you figure out? • Who is really contributing to your internal communities and who is spamming? • How do you determine communication patterns in your organization? • Who knows about an esoteric topic: “Power builder anyone?” • The impact of someone leaving your organization?
  7. Technologies NetworkX
  8. All this... and more at the talk *conditions apply