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A powerpoint on New York that I did for school last year. It features basic facts and great visuals and is great for learning about New York.

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New York project

  1. 1. New York By Michaela Gustafsson Kajalic
  2. 2. Maps
  3. 3. Symbols Seal AppleBeaver Rose Lady-bug Eastern bluebird Sugar Maple Garnet Sea Scorpion
  4. 4. Climate • generally humid continental climate •Pretty warm, mild weather during the summer •Cold, windy winters •terrain, elevation and exposure to bodies of water all cause variations in the climate •Flooding is very unusual but happens once in a while •There is really no wet or dry season, the amount of precipitation varies from month to month S U M M E R W I N T E R
  5. 5. Government Executive branch •headed by the governor, who is elected for a 4-year term • The lieutenant governor, the comptroller and the attorney general are also elected for 4 years • The governor appoints officials • the governor is also chief of the state military Legislative Branch •Has a senate and an assembly •All state legislators are elected for two-year terms •The most important legislative leader in the senate is the temporary president •The chief officer in the assembly is the speaker •Convene every year in January Judicial branch •Above these are the criminal count •Voters in 12 judicial districts elect the supreme court justices who have the charge of most criminal and civil cases •The supreme court has an appellate division •New York’s highest court is the court of appeals
  6. 6. Sports New York Knicks New York Mets New York Yankees Buffalo Bills New York Rangers
  7. 7. Animals and Plants •Some of the native animals include the skunk, raccoon, striped grey squirrel, red and gray fox, Virginia opossum, eastern chipmunk, varieties of hare, woodchuck and the weasel •New York used to be almost all forest, even though it’s mostly second-growth timber now, some forests remain •The most common trees are white pine, spruce and hemlock •The peregrine falcon’s home can usually be found among the city’s skyscrapers Raccoon Skunk Red and Gray Fox Eastern Chipmunk Weasel Woodchuck
  8. 8. • Area- 54475 sq. mi • Capital- Albany • The Great Lakes cover 3901 sq. mi • Highest point- Mt. Marcy, 5344 ft • Lowest point- Atlantic coast, sea level • The state’s most highest, rugged mountains are in the north • Atlantic coastal plain in the southeast • Appalachian highlands cover half the state • Atlantic coastal plains are in the southeast
  9. 9. Regions GN- Greater Niagara CA- Chautauqua- Allegheny FL- Finger Lakes CL- Central-Leather stocking TI- Thousand Islands- Seaway Region AD- Adirondacks Region CS- Capital Saratoga Region CT- Catskills HV- Hudson Valley NYC- New York City LI- Long Island
  10. 10. Museums Metropolitan museum of art Museum of modern art Whitney museum of American art American museum of natural history Solomon r. Guggenheim museum National baseball hall of fame and museum
  11. 11. Music and theater Broadway Carnegie hall Brooklyn Academy of Music Lincoln Center For Performing Arts American Ballet Theatre
  12. 12. Colleges •Berkeley College •ColumbiaUniversity •ManhattanCollege •ManhattanSchoolOfMusic •MetropolitanCollege Of NewYork •NewYorkFilm Academy •NewYorkInstituteOfTechnology •New YorkSchoolOfInterior Design •SyracuseUniversity •UsMilitaryAcademy •JulliardSchool •BrooklynLawSchool •AlbertEinstein CollegeOf Medicine BerkeleyCollegeJulliardSchool U.S. Military schoolSyracuseUniversity BrooklynLawSchool Albert Einstein School Of Medicine
  13. 13. State Motto I LOVE NEW YORK (repeat 3 times) There isn't another like it. No matter where you go. And nobody can compare it. It's win and place and show. New York is special. New York is different cause there's no place else on earth quite like New York and that's why I LOVE NEW YORK. (repeat 3 times) State Song E X C E L S I O R
  14. 14. Economy • 11th largest economy in the world!!! • Industries- finance, communications, international trade, publishing, fashion, farming and tourism • Merchandise exports totaled $39.2 billion in 2003 • GDP(PPP)-$40,072 • They export foodstuffs, commodities, minerals, computers and electronics, cut diamonds and automobile parts • The major agricultural products include dairy, apples, cherries, cabbage, potatoes, onions and maple syrup • NewYork recently recovered from a bad economy
  15. 15. Albany • Attracts more people travelingwithbusiness than for leisure • It has numerous parks whichare most pleasant to visit during the summer • The citywas built inthe seventeenth century along the Hudson River • Became the officialcapital of New York in1777
  16. 16. •Over 3000 lakes and ponds •100 campgrounds •1000 miles of hiking •A place to relax, play or go on an adventure •Located in northern New York •It covers 6 million acres
  17. 17. Evaluation Since New York has amazing things to see, a lot of history, and even mountains, I think that there’s something for everyone, so it’s a great place to visit, and I think it would be cool to live there! If you went to New York city, the setting would be very modern and crazy, opposed to towns outside of New York City where there might be more farmlands, lakes, and more historical things to see like the Erie Canal, which is located west of the Hudson River; there’s even ski resorts, almost all in Central Leatherstocking and the Greater Niagra. So overall, I think that New York would be a great place to visit because there’s so many things to do.