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Debix OnCall Credit Monitoring


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New OnCall Credit Monitoring can prove your customers and your brand are safe.

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Debix OnCall Credit Monitoring

  1. 1. Is ordinary credit monitoring putting your brand at risk? New OnCall Credit Monitoring™ From Debix Is Proven To Keep Your Customers And Your Brand Safe. D at a Breach S olutions Debix has earned a reputation as the leader in providing safe, innovative and highly e ective identity protection products. With the introduction of new OnCall Credit Monitoring, Debix once again exceeds industry standards to create the best breach solution in the market – at a cost equal to ordinary credit monitoring. Tak ing The Correc t Ac tion Af te r A B re a c h Eve nt I s Cr i t i c a l. • Your customers demand and deserve the best protection. • Your organization is measured by how you respond. • Loss of business is the most expensive consequence of a breach – averaging $202 per customer, according to a 2008 study by Ponemon Institute. • Your e ectiveness is shown in consumer loyalty or rejection. • Your brand image remains consistent, improves or declines. Post-Breach I ntelligence Is Yo u r B e s t D e fe n s e. 9 out of 10 • To respond responsibly and e ectively to a breach event, privacy you need immediate, quanti able information. professionals prefer Debix over • Is your stolen data being used by thieves? ordinary credit • Are your customers experiencing attacks? monitoring.* • Do you need to engage law enforcement to stop the attacks? O rdina r y Credit M onitoring Le ave s Yo u U n i n fo r m e d An d Vu l n e ra b l e. • The process is reactive, not proactive. • Consumers ignore 99% of alerts because they are burdensome, repetitive and non-essential. • No post-breach intelligence on damage to your customers is provided. • No investigative assistance is available. * Hundreds of privacy experts at the International Association of Privacy Professionals conference took the Debix OnCall Challenge and 9 out of 10 preferred Debix over ordinary credit monitoring. S P E A K W I T H A D E B I X B R E A C H S P E C I A L I S T AT 800-965-7564 O R V I S I T W W W. D E B I X . C O M / B U S I N E S S
  2. 2. Put Powerful Technology To Work For Your Customers And Your Organization. Only OnCall Credit Monitoring features an electronic network that does what ordinary credit monitoring can’t. G et Cr iti c a l I nfor mat io n Fas t. • Sends immediate, actionable OnCall Credit Alerts by phone • Eliminates repetitive, non-urgent emails that get ignored • Provides live, OnCall Investigator if an attack occurs • OnCall Attack Reports prove whether or not criminals are using your consumers’ information • • Proven fraud recovery service and $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance coverage • Assesses and reports risk to your organization • Trusted and chosen by top Fortune 500 companies • Costs no more than ordinary credit monitoring O n Ca l l Care Star ts Here. From OnCall Credit Monitoring to our com- prehensive Data Breach Solutions services, Debix technology and customer care can help you prepare for an event and protect yourself afterwards. A Breach Specialist is OnCall now to help you. 1-8 00-965-7 564 The Identity Protection Network In Action S P E A K W I T H A D E B I X B R E A C H S P E C I A L I S T AT 800-965-7564 O R V I S I T W W W. D E B I X . C O M / B U S I N E S S
  3. 3. D e b i x O nCall Credit M onitoring Is Debix Comprehensive Data Bre a c h S a fe, S i mple And Ac tionable. S olutions M inimize Your R isk . 1 Customers receive a secure, automated OnCall Credit Monitoring for your customers OnCall Credit Alert by phone with informa- means OnCall solutions for your organization. tion on a recent change in their credit le. • 1 year or multiple years of protection in the 2 The name of the bank or creditor and the Debix Identity Protection Network™ type of account are provided. (VOLUME PRICING AVAILABLE) • $1,000,000 of Identity Theft Insurance cover- 3 If the account is recognized as legitimate, the customer presses the “1” key on the phone age and proven fraud recovery through Debix and the call is completed. Fraud Resolution Services • Dedicated Breach Specialist to assist through 4 If the account is not recognized and fraud is the breach event suspected, the customer presses the “*” key • Weekly & monthly OnCall Attack Reports to be immediately connected to a Debix • Consumer noti cation ful llment OnCall Investigator. • Live-operator, phone-based registrations 5 The OnCall Investigator will immediately • Breach call center support initiate an investigation. • Proven breach response 6 If requested, law enforcement will be noti ed to pursue the criminals responsible. OnCall Credit Alerts OnCall Investigation OnCall Attack Reports S P E A K W I T H A D E B I X B R E A C H S P E C I A L I S T AT 800-965-7564 O R V I S I T W W W. D E B I X . C O M / B U S I N E S S
  4. 4. Debix Data Breach Solutions What’s Included: FULL STANDARD FEATURE SERVICE SERVICE OnCall Credit Monitoring With Secure Credit Alerts $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance Coverage Debix Fraud Resolution Services Live Support – OnCall Investigators Co-branded Breach Response Website Dedicated Breach Specialist OnCall Attack Reports Live-operator Phone Enrollments S P E A K W I T H A D E B I X B R E A C H S P E C I A L I S T AT 800-965-7564 O R V I S I T W W W. D E B I X . C O M / B U S I N E S S