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Gifting To Daughters And Mom


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Daughters And Mom

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Gifting To Daughters And Mom

  1. 1. Creative Title: Gift Of Love – The Goddess With honor and devotion to many events and persons The pleasure of this creational piece has lengthy history … recent history suffices here… > My Eldest turns 21 years of age > My Next goes out on her own at 18 > My Youngest turns the 14 > My Mother needs a hug > I am Re-Created Use this when you need an answer to a perplexing question; or you want to connect within yourself; or you desire communion with the unknown; learn it’ s True value within your walk; Hold it in your Spirit’ s Heart when feeling Vulnerable or in Danger, when feeling Lost, Disheartened, Alone; Refelect upon the Magickal needs you hold and shall encounter throughout your Lifewalk; Practice listening to it, Practice using its’ Magickal Properties; Use it to Learn of your own Magickal Attributes, Gifts, Beliefs...or simply hold it as heirloom and gift… this is Your part of this Family, of You, of Your Sisters, of Your Father, of your Grandparents. This holds all the Magick a Parent can muster for you each, for granting Grandma her Righteously Earned Position, for Connecting us all… the 4 Greatest Women within my present Lifewalk – Gifted to Us through the single hand of the Mistress of My Beliefs – She need not be that of Your Beliefs… She works for you each none-the-less. To paraphrase what President Lincoln was told by the Great Red Chief of
  2. 2. the Sioux… ” in the end – we all, ultimately, worship the same god” My advice: Believe in something – or – Fall for anything Tiffany Louise Caple I worried for years over you – now, I still worry, as my Mother worries for me. But you are, without a doubt, on the Good Red Road. To watch you turn 21 is bitter- sweet, but I have to release you to the world-today, and pray you remain within your path. For that reason I Needed to find a way to continue my role as your Father; yet, I needed to still be able to step back far enough and allow you to become. I pondered all sort of Birthday gifts for your 21st Birthyear: William Puck Utensils and Cookset; Murano Sculptured Glass, Lennox, high-dollar kitchen knives, antiques, money to party on, the List was endless – but not worthy of whom it is you have become… and I was stumped because of my Desires for You and Your Life And Happiness, and for your Security. Once your idea had been Gifted to me from My Lady it became Gifted that this piece should become as our Family should be… as one. And the Gift had begun… RACHAEL MARIE CAPLE Once I realized you had slipped into adulthood I still held the Desire to guide you into your best future, and this Gifting gave me just that chance. It will either say to you… Your Father Loves You… You Belong… You Are
  3. 3. Worthy… This Is Your Power, or it shall be held as mere token – I pray you accept all that it is meant to be for you! You accept all you are to be and become… KAYLA DAWN CAPLE 14 AND DRIVING – You are going into new territory this year - A move, one direction or another. Use this to Your Best! Grow into the Knowledge of Who and What you are to become… My Daughters None of you know fully your potential – Learn, Dance, fight the good fight, walk the good red road. Study yourselves and find where your stance begins and ends, be strong and always accept love, grow – never stop My Mother I had such a touching email for you – and it flew on it’ s own. It spoke of your importance within my life. It mentioned the past hard year and how I never wanted you to think I felt you had been a poor mother – you were far from that. It spoke – I spoke of you and Dad. Of how without you – this day would never have come. It named great ancestors: grandmas Weirich and Gear, both of whom I had great joy in knowing and learning from; and realizing I did not know them real well, of grandma and grandpa caple; and of my most powerfilled ancestor… the greatest human I ever knew from within childhood, grandpa weirich… no ancestor can equal him – until I consider 2 of this earth… the love, gratiousness, beauty, joy, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and the unqualified teachings granted me by these two – my
  4. 4. Mom and dad – you two equal my greatest ancestor in all you have given and done. This is why I was surprised when I paid for only three of these precious gifts, only to receive a fourth. I wanted the Lady to say – “ Here is a 4th for the next phase of the gifting” … but within my heart was stated one phrase… MOM. Whether it be from me or from the idea and gifting - it is one and the same. You are the matriarch of this family, dad – the patriarch. Charles’ influence within my life is there – but yours and dad’ s were of abundance and love. You are the ones who taught me how to fight for my beliefs. You are who taught and gave unconditional love… the same which we teach my daughters now. You – mom - are the one who showed me how to stand and fight… even against all odds… for my girls. You gave me comfort and peace when the world offered none, and you both gave your security. No, Mom. The one or two things I fear from within the mind of childhood? it can never push aside the greatness you stand upon. The Gifting It is my desire to water the Earth, and heed power to the Greatest Mysteries – not heed to lesser minds The above was copied from a work which I began 11/04/2004, at 9:03 P.M., and continue through this age. Below are copied other varrious writings from within that very work. The process itself is not of importance here – the Gifting is. (type face reset) (note – this file was corrupted from 11/27 unti just now, 01/23/05 at 12:20 A.M.. So it begins with a comma - since I
  5. 5. still have been unsuccessful in repairing the first 2 to 4 paragraphs) , and great Enthusiasm for the hunt and fight And then of course, there is the natural wonder and respect that we show Nature herself…And…The Naturalist’s curiosity within all of nature; but no more so than our natural draw for the great dividewhich stands between us and our Deities – that of space and the vast universals Our fixation upon time and history doesn’t simply go “POOF” when we decide to take upon ourselves the title of Witch, WICCAN, Shaman, Naturalis,..t…….etc….…..No. We desire to know all we can, to feel as close to our beliefs as we can. We seek to not only have knowledge of whom it is we are, but of who we could, and should, become. Not simply of where we come from, but why. We want to hold our own beliefs firmly within our own grasp…if at all possible … And now -, without further ado I offer you this thought In what way, on the face of our Sweet Gaea, can we hold the truth of litterally billions of years within our grasp, no longer simply within our Soul’s Heart…Just think… The extreme power gathered by a thousand millennia built up throughout an amazing journey through our own universe, and possibly throughout many galaxies and universes The immense wealth of time - and of the Gods - built up throughout a prehistoric quest to come to us as a healing guide, or in a vessel of immense power They were here when the Dinosaur roamed freely…When Zeus and Diana, Apollo, Freah, and even my Dagaz roamed the many lands upon Gaea’s heart As well as many great and fierce creatures: The Faerie, The Unicorn, The Dragon, The Gnome, Pan, the Satry …… Numerous of these fellow travelers have left their own undeniable mark upon our lands, and within our climates
  6. 6. Since humankind fell upon this Earth and began to seek its Gods/Goddesses we have been guided by our Shamans and Seers, and our Prophets and Witches- known as our Holy Peoples. We were guided by the “One” to pick up the Crystal that hid in the bowels of the Earth We were subjected by our own desire to grow within our Gods/Goddesses eyes, so when we found the first piece of Copper to use in strengthening our tolerance to the pains from old joints we rejoiced in the power of our new tools; Just as, I believe, one day we, following in the ways of our Guides…both seen and unseen… will rejoice as well by this thought pattern My Mistress sees me fit to be charged with presently The next undeniable step for these long awaited Guides, Prophets, Protectors, and Destroyers of worlds is to grant them their rightful place within our Magickal system… These unsung heroes? Comets, Asteroids, and Meteorites,…..of course … 11-6-2004 Been studying upon mold manufacturers, and the intricate conditions held upon creating a great piece, especially in platinum It may be wiser to learn this process slowly, and to initially create using pre-made figures and glass vials The beauty of the thought of casting the item would be in incorporating the meteorite dust into the metal itself… … I have placed bids upon several older open-faced molds, suitable for the Goddess image … Of course, I can not over-value the portions of the Moon above all else. Mars holds His standing, but the greater will would be best served via Our Lady
  7. 7. … I can see products in my soul, and can find someone able to transfer my passion into workable information and art pieces … We all want to bring ourselves closer to our Deities, and how better than to access the inaccessible, a portion of our God/Goddess Billions upon billions of years old transferring an entire systems energies, qualities, and power whether they be of the Moon, of Mars, or of the multiple of millions of other planetaries, as well as holding within the piece an entirely accessible and direct link to all the powers of the certain planetoid, as well as its’ ruling Goddess/God…transfiguring the energies and properties of many galaxies, if an unknown meteor… … 11-23-04 further quandary – the pieces unknown would thus have specifically powerful aspects that could be misguided in the hands of lesser faith, but very appropaite to the greatest percentage of our faithful – and as the powers of the Moon Goddess may be unrighteously served, as to, the power of the Unknown One may be wisely or unwisely wielded Witch or Warlock -?- the choice is within the setting of ones’ own Soul Quest … 11/23/2004 9:43 PM Update #1 In the past several weeks since the inception of this, for me, lofty goal I have managed to purchase, via eBay as proof of date of manipulation of my business venture, a nice piece of universal meteorite; a chunk of Tektite from China ( a glass created over 700,000 years ago when a meteor hit earth and created this glass – one less likely theory of the creation of Tektite is that it was created on the Moon during a volcanic eruption and brought here when dislodged from the Moons surface by an asteroid strike…); several old Victorian
  8. 8. “Goddess-like” jewelry molds; other molds on their way; I also am presently bidding upon 2 important style molds within the Realm of Faery; and also have purchased some very important Mars meteor cutting dust (created through the cutting process of a meteorite, the dust will also carry trace diamond saw dust, but will hold all the power and strength of Mars himself). The moon rock, or even dust, is proving to be far more allusive. Our Goddess gives up far little amounts to use in Her Magick, but I am hopeful that I will be blessed with some of her guarded planet soon. … I have probably placed 50 or more bids to this point for all meteorites and jewelry molds. Most meteorites have a high value, comparatively. Of course, the rarer the piece … the greater it’s intrinsic value. The Moon’s givings are of the greater value to most, unless Martian or others are proven of a higher rarity, and of course, rarity is the issue here. As well, I have some Gold nuggets on the way, some silver, and am looking at .999 fine silver also. I will start with only minimal amounts until I prove I can. And – I have already been shown that “I Can”. Any Meteorite, be it Lunar, Martian, or other (covering all other planets and galaxies), are so much rarer than the greatest diamond on the face of the earth, many thousand times rarer. Diamonds, although the exact percentage is unknown, are not rare at all in these modern times. In the 30’s or 40’s a company, a family, known as DeBeers began a hugely successful ad campaign that turned a beautiful stone into an example of a mans “L”ove for a woman…; now, if you are to be married, you must first buy an expensive diamond ring.; however, the DeBeers patriarch also began hording a vast percentage of the diamonds the guesstimates range from a low of 40% of the worlds diamonds, to over 80%. He locked them away to create a “false” market – which, to this day, has proven highly effective for the industry…and so as to falsely maintain the diamonds “air of rarity.” On the other hand there are Meteorites, Shooting Stars, Fire From The Sky, Tears Of The Gods, etc… The most common of which is still more than a thousand times rarer than the Hope Diamond, as there are greater diamonds than this. My plan is rearing a life of its’ own, and I wish to be there to answer the glory called for by the Mistress, whom It is this
  9. 9. idea sprang forth from, for if She had not given me inspiration of thought I would have passed the thought itself by. I am still perplexed as to the funding for this gift of power by our lady, but…can I dare say no? My entire walk within this life has been geared toward the Gods/Goddesses, Family, and toward giving something Powerful/Power-Filled back in the wake of my travails. … At this point entries stopped due to corruption of the Floppy Disk which this work had been saved to. I gave no hope for failing to save this important portion of My Lady’ s gifting… it would be recovered – as it was … Janurary 23, 2005 … 12:34 A.M. The last entry concerning this Gift of Love came on 11/25, as you can see, it has taken this long to find a way to save the above information from utter loss due to a corruption of my work - either through Word, or my system somewhere. Since this time the Lady’s promise has taken form, if not full-fledged shape. I held, in my hand and my heart, the first finished pieces last Friday, about 6P.M. The photo below shows but their design…it does nothing to show their lustre. The Process for the creation follows there-after: Two photos follow at end The Process in a nut shell: (values deleted) I had to collect all items to be used….as follows:
  10. 10. > Gold Nuggets purchased off eBay (22k to 23k) – apx. for 30 - 1/16” nuggets – to add power of natural gold, and for financial success > 18k Gold purchased from shop – apx – to add power in value of alterred gold + Gold’s own spiritual prowess > Sterling Silver purchased from shop – apx – to add prowess of silver and soft spirituality > Russ, Jeweler, Added 18K Gold at Vulcan’s Forge – amt added - to add value and greater gold content > Cutting Dust of Lunar Meteorite from eBay – apx for 50 mg – to add the Grace, Love, Comfort, and Growth which my Goddess offers > Pieces of rock from a Meteorite from Mars – apx for a chunk 1/4th the size of a grain of wheat – to add the Strebgth and Endurance of my God > Pieces of iron from an Universal Meteorite – This was purchased off of eBay 3 to 4 years ago by Kayla and myself – apx for a large chunk of unknown origin – to add the millions to billions of years of history it had seen in it’s own journey throughout all our space (and possibly of other Galaxies or Universes) and to add the visions and gift of hindsight and foresight > The design was chosen from one I purchased off eBay – an early 1900’s Czechloslovakian Victorian design piece, or possibly a Guntler work from 1930’s Europe (this according to Russ and his partner). I left this stamping as a gift for him in thanks – apx – I wanted a design to represent my Goddess, as it was her idea for me to create and rebuild her tools > I originally wanted to create the entire c o l l e c t i o n m y s e l f – whew , w a s I e v e r ahead of myself – I wound up finding Russ at Vulcan’s Forge (a metaphysical shop and Jewler). He agreed to create the ceramic mold and cast 3 pieces with the metal I would supply him with. The process of waiting took apx 2
  11. 11. weeks before he cast the pieces – cst was + the ceramic mold > For Kayla and Rachael I added each a Mercury Dime, and a Barber Dime for Tiffany since she was the eldest and the 1st inspiration of my Lady’s Gift – apx – for their Financial Security and Success and the extra spiritual power of this Silver > And to bind each to their own piece, along with the separate spell work for each ones separate needs, a few locks of their hair was added to their metalwork – to combine and hold their DNA to the work, that they may more easily work with the powers held within each piece > Each of the girls’ metals were created seperately, and in separate ceremonies > My God and Goddess, The 4 Great Elements, the 4 Great Directions, My own Guides Guards and Ancestors (Grandpa and Grandma Caple and Grandpa Weirich), along with my childrens’ own separate Guides Guards Teachers and Protectors were of witness at each spellcasting > Kayla was able to work her own metal, and add her own Magick to the mix, as was her friend Mindy’s Magick felt within Kayla’s piece > Once each metal was prepared, Sanctified, and Blessed, they were then combined into one metal to bring this family closer and more aware > I added myself in the mixture with my Magick and Love toward each > Russ was out of town until last Wed…I took the metal in Sunday, the 16th of this month. Although serriously ill – Russ cast them Thurdsday/Friday > I received a call about 5:10P.M. Friday, Jan. 21st, 2005, that they were ready. I told the lady that it would be 1 ½ to 2 hours…but I finished my project within 10 minutes and arrived at Vulcan’s Forge within 25 minutes of the call > I shook as I reached for the bag, and by the time I left the shop I was teary-eyed. I could
  12. 12. litterally feel the Love I had poured into these, and theat from My Goddess > I brought them home and went straight into my Alter Room to place them for consecration > 10 minutes later Rachacel showed up quite unannounced – I couldn’t help it…I hugged her quite exhuberately and let her view my extra Amulet…none were allowed to touch it yet > And now, I can not wait to get back to Parsons 1. That is as it stands on this day – a lot was left out due to not having had access to this work 2. Funny Note: Between near conception and today I could not get either Word or the computer to even recognize the floppy disk that I stored this on to even heve been formatted. T o d a y I w a n t e d t o a t t e m p t , a g a i n , t o r es c u e t h e f i l e , a n d t h i s t i m e i t r e c o g n iz e d t h e f i l e n a m e s , b u t w o u l d b a r e l y o p e n a n o t h e r i d ea o n t h e s a m e d i s k , b u t i t r e c o g n iz e d t h e f i l e s b e i n g t h er e f o r t h e 1 s t t i m e s i n c e t h e l a s t entry. T h e n I w o r k e d f o r l i t t e r a l h o u r s t r y i ng t o g e t i t to open this document – with no success. I f i n a l ly d o w n l o a d e d s e v e r a l f i l e R e s c u e programs and after numerous rejections and n o s u c c e s s I a s k e d f or My M i s t r e s s e s h e l p … o n e o f t h e p r o g r a m s f i na l l y o p e n e d a g o o d portion of this work – but a large section was n e e d i n g u n s a l v a g ea b l e a n d n e e d e d t o b e r e b u i l t by h a n d , a n d t h e i n i t i a l 2 t o 4 p a r a g r a p h s a r e s t i l l l o s t… t h a t i s w h y t h i s paper begins with a comma.
  13. 13. I a ls o h a d t o r e b u i l d t h e s e i n i t ia l f i r s t f o u r stanzas (word for word, dot for dot, color for color). Finis 01/23/05