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Christine Alyse Foster Visual Resume


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Published in: Design, Lifestyle, Business
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Christine Alyse Foster Visual Resume

  1. 1. 14.6 million women elect to have cosmetic plastic surgery every year.
  2. 2. Christine Alyse Foster
  3. 3. When i worked as a teacher’s assistant for 5th graders in 2008, I noticed that body image issues began at a young age. I wanted to create a lingerie line which encouraged women to love their bodies.
  4. 4. Be your own hero. Sketches illustrated by Christine Alyse Foster
  5. 5. Change your perception of what beauty truly is.
  6. 6. A survey from 300 women of all sizes were conducted, & 97% of women say they are cruel to their bodies at some point on a daily basis.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. I would like to encourage self acceptance.
  9. 9. Love the body and skin you’re in.
  10. 10. Love the body and skin you’re in.
  11. 11. Love the body and skin you’re in.
  12. 12. I heard Alyse lingerie is half the price of the top lingerie line!
  13. 13. Wait, so I don’t look sexier when I spend more money?
  14. 14. Created with the highest quality Indian fabrics.
  15. 15. The ideal fashion designer.
  16. 16. I’m able to capture the natural curves of every woman on paper.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. I want to inspire women to embrace their curves.
  19. 19. Creative. Open minded. Ambitious.
  20. 20. Contact: