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Project Progress Report


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Project Progress Report

  1. 1. Insurance Survey Portal(ISP)Progress ReportSupervised ByMs. Rabia LatifAbdul Rehman Aslam9998Yasir Mehmood9994Submitted for the partial fulfillment of BS Software Engineering Degree to theFaculty of Engineering29thApril, 2013NATIONALUNIVERSITY OF MODERN LANGUAGESSECTOR H-9, ISLAMABAD
  2. 2. 1. IntroductionThe aim of a project is to develop an online web application and informationsystem that maintains and manipulates insurance survey record for our valued customernamed Saleem Siddiqui and Co., a leading insurance surveying company with fourexisting branches in major cities of Pakistan. The application will allow the company toautomate the record of survey reports of its intended customers for different types ofinsurance policies like motor, fire and marine Insurance.2. Completed TasksThe Graphic user interface has been createdThe supporting 3-Tier architecture has been developedSystem Database has been created3. Requirements GatheringCore requirements have been obtained from clientChange in requirement are meant to be included as the development precedes.5. Task to be completed in next 2 weeksDatabase has to be configuredUser Authentication Modules are to be developedClient side validation of User Login is to be developed using JavaScriptBasic UI Design scripts are to be included using JQUERY
  3. 3. CERTIFICATIONIt is certified that final year project progress report submitted by Abdul-Rehman Aslam, andYasir Mehmood for the partial fulfillment of the requirement of “Bachelor’s Degree inSoftware engineering is approved”.Ms. Rabia LatifSupervisor Signature ___________________