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Warm up


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Warm up

  1. 1. Alumna: Luisa Pérez Curso: 3º E.S.O - B
  2. 2. What is it? It is the set of exercises you do for prepare your muscles and joints before you do a sport to prevent injuries and to have better results.
  3. 3. Befenits On the body:- Increased body temperature.- Increased activity in the lung and improves oxygen utilization.- Increased speed of muscle contraction. On the motor:- Improved transmission of nerve impulses. On the performance in the activity:- Increased psychic abilities and cognitive: attention, concentration and information processing.- Capacities article-organic and muscular.- Increased levels of force. On injury prevention:- Increased body temperature.- Increased muscle elasticity.
  4. 4. How to do it 1. Joint mobility: Move all your joints from feet to head.- Rotate your ankles, first the right one and then change.- Rotate your knees and your waist.
  5. 5. - Move your right leg and your left leg forward and backward and then side to side.- Move your shoulders forward and backwardand move your arms like swimming.
  6. 6. - Move your elbows over your head.- Rotate your wrists.- Move your head making circles andthen to one side to another. And with this you have finished the joint mobility.
  7. 7.  2. Activation: Set of short excersises you do to warm up your muscles. (You always do these excersises moving to one side of the court to the other)- Run slowly.- Run with your heels to the ass.- Skipping.- Run touching your feet.- Sidewards.- Run crossing your legs.- Sprint.- Three steps and jump- Run doing circles with your arms.You can also invent new excersises*
  8. 8.  3. Games- The package: Everybody must have a pair and do a big circle. Now one of a pair must chase the other and if he/she catch his/her pair the one who was catched must chase his/her partner, and if you want to be safe you should put in front of another couple and the one who is backwards must run for not to be catched.- Gavilan: One is the catcher and he/she should be in the middle of the court, the rest must be at one side and try to pass to the other side without being catched if the catcher catchs you, you become a catcher too. These are only two examples of games, there are a lot you can do and you can also invent games*
  9. 9. And with all of this you have finished the warm up and you are prepare to do any kind of sport.