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Visual media is a means of communicating using visual effects. How can we use imagination and curiosity for visual thinking? What do the past visual media channels mean for the visual media platforms of today?
Visuals evoke emotions, pique curiosity, sparks creativity, and promotes discussion. Instagram is one beautiful way to share your world. How do you do so in a way that makes sense for you and your business?

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  • Favorite magazines/newspapers?When did you start reading them?Do you read them online or in print now?If you read them in print, you can store them and remember the info. If you read them digitally…there’s such rapid turnover with design + content…
  • How often do you get a new phone? How many have updated to iOS 7?
  • Something we all can build an understanding around…
  • Visual media // Visual Web part1

    1. 1. Visual Media… what does it mean to you?
    2. 2. Visual Media Definition: a means of communication using visual effects. What are some examples?
    3. 3. Hint: you see one type of visual media driving on highways
    4. 4. the virtual cycle of visuals The web in 1995 replicated magazine pages online.
    5. 5. The Wayback Machine Works to prevent the Internet from disappearing into the past.
    6. 6. “Digitized information, especially on the Internet, has such rapid turnover these days that total loss is the norm…
    7. 7. Visual Media = Visual Thinking There’s a profound and enduring beauty in: Simplicity Clarity Efficiency - Jony Ive Senior VP Design, Apple
    8. 8. Quick Poll: • Are you from a visual professional background? (e.g., design, architecture, mechanical engineering, artist) • Are you from a non-visual professional background?
    9. 9. Quick Test
    10. 10. Duck? Left hemisphere thinker Duck? Left brain thinker Rabbit? right brain thinker Not quite.
    11. 11. Characteristics: Source:
    12. 12. Instead… Convergent//Divergent Thinking
    13. 13. Divergent thinking People with personality traits such as: Nonconformity Curiosity Willingness to take risks Persistence
    14. 14. Source: marketingpilgrim
    15. 15. Convergent thinking What is it?
    16. 16. “look for patterns, and then ask why those patterns exist.” - Debra Kaye, Red Thread Thinking
    17. 17. Source: @sachac
    18. 18. Imagination • Everyone has an imagination • We’re told to “stop imagining things…” • Imagination is good. • Use the mind’s eye to revive imagination through exercises…
    19. 19. Imagine… See. Hear. Taste. Touch. Smell With your mind’s eye: • The face of a loved one. • Your bedroom • A dog barking • The voice of a friend • The smell of bacon • The feeling of hunger • Of coming awake Inspired by: Adrian David Cheok
    20. 20. Visuals are Visceral Requires Imagination Evokes emotions Plays with our senses
    21. 21. Humans need to visualize information to…
    22. 22. Spark Creativity
    23. 23. Promote discussion
    24. 24. Build n d e r s t a n d i n g
    25. 25. Dark vs. Milk
    26. 26. The Three Modern-Day Musketeers
    27. 27. • 18 – 29 year olds are the largest user base on Instagram • 40 million photos per day • 100 million monthly active users • Women are more likely to use instagram than men
    28. 28. Social. Media. Participatory Culture + Collaboration = Community
    29. 29. The strength of the medium: Allows you to: • Be yourself. • Tell your story. • Show your unique, personal view of the world.
    30. 30. How do they use visual content in an engaging way? What are your Favorite Brands?
    31. 31. Chipotle. not only tasty, it’s virtuous. Source: The New Yorker
    32. 32. Marketing Your Content Teach, help Attract, interact, Connect Brains The magnet Source: Andy Crestodina, Content Chemistry
    33. 33. Focus on Your Customers Use fascination triggers
    34. 34. Fascination Advantage
    35. 35. Visual content needs to be… • Swipe-stopping: needs to stand out enough to stop a user while scrolling or mid-swipe • Storyf’d: brands that show photos to open up the mind//put customer’s imagination in driver’s seat • Self evident: requires few words to convey the message
    36. 36. Download the instagram app • If you have an iPhone/iPad download it from the App store • If you have an Android, go to Google Play • Once the app is installed, tap the instagram logo to open it • Tap Register. • Create a username and password and fill out your profile • Tap Done.
    37. 37. Adjust privacy settings
    38. 38.
    39. 39. Exercise…
    40. 40. Go Play… • Walk around campus • Take photos that tell your story + intersect with your customers • Tag photos with: #visualmedia
    41. 41. Search by hashtag Search by location
    42. 42. Questions? Visit: Email: jessica {at} jessica ann media dot com (no spaces) Twitter: @itsjessicann Google+: Jessica Ann
    43. 43. Photos courtesy of: