Blogging and Your Business


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You can do less marketing and find more freedom for your business by starting up a blog, producing high-quality content, and connecting with your audience. Create meaningful change by starting conversations, having a voice, telling your story, and bringing in revenue for your business.

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Blogging and Your Business

  1. 1. How to Do Less Marketing and Find Freedom Blogging + Your Business
  2. 2. (what is it?)
  3. 3. Blog (short for web log): • • • • A place to publish quality content Attract new website visitors//customers Keep your existing visitors engaged Show thought leadership
  4. 4. Blog vs. website… what’s the difference?
  5. 5. A blog is a website (it’s just more dynamic) • Findability (automatically notifies search engines) • Flexibility • More interaction means more opportunity to build a bigger community
  6. 6. A platform to tell your story
  7. 7. Why Tell Stories?
  8. 8. Shifting mindset…
  9. 9. Evokes emotions Not just any emotions…but the RIGHT emotions.
  10. 10. Set up your blog: Choose your CMS (content management system): 1. Tumblr 2. Squarespace 3. WordPress
  11. 11. vs.
  12. 12. Pros: • Complete control over the look and feel of your site • You can install any WordPress plug-in to extend the functionality of your site (very powerful and inexpensive way to add functionality)
  13. 13. Cons: • More technical set-up (FTP access) • Need a hosting provider (Bluehost charges around $6.95/month) • Need to manage your own backups (but free plugins automate this easily)
  14. 14. back-end
  15. 15. Must have plug ins: • • • • Akismet Google Author Link Livefyre (real time comments) W3 Total Cache (improves speed and user performance of your site) • Nice to have: Social Metrics
  16. 16. Link your Google+ profile with the content you create
  17. 17. What kind of blog do you want to create? Do a buyer persona – An example of a real person buys, or might buy, your products or services. – Informs messaging and content marketing decisions. Create editorial calendar to create consistency with your blogging efforts
  18. 18. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook @garyvee
  19. 19. Blogging 101 • Add value to your customers. • Be original + unique (do NOT steal content). • Create meaningful content (not just content for SEO purposes) • Publish content consistently.
  20. 20. Natural, human conversation is the true language of commerce. - The ClueTrain Manifesto
  21. 21. Use Social.Media • Connect with other like-minded people • Share their content (don’t just share your content) • Build meaningful relationships
  22. 22. Quick Review… • • • • • • • • Be yourself Write for your customers Be human Be accessible Don’t write purely for SEO Link your Google Authorship Connect with others Build your audience
  23. 23. What if you’re not a writer? Many business owners are not bloggers. It takes tons of time to create high-quality content. Work with a copywriter or content strategist. Find the right people to help you.
  24. 24. What you’re doing is bigger than just Blogging • Possibility • Opportunity (finding more time + freedom) • Creates a community and a sense of belonging
  25. 25. You’re creating meaningful change by: • Starting conversations • Speaking up • Having a voice • Telling your story • Bringing in revenue for your business
  26. 26. Questions? Visit: Email: jessica {at} jessica ann media dot com (no spaces) Twitter: @itsjessicann Google+: Jessica Ann
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