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Introduction to Entrepreneurial class taught us how to make other plans when something tragic happens to a performer. What is the contingency plan? This document explains a scenario and is not real.

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Jessica Northey Press Release

  1. 1. Jessica Northey
  2. 2. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ELTON JOHN UNEXPECTED DEATH BEFORE WORLD TOUR The London, England Tour CancellationsLondon, England, July 27, 2011 - We’ve just learned Elton John has died. Hewas 64. Eltondied in a private jet crash accident earlier this afternoon near hisEngland home on their way to the London Heathrow Airport. The paramedicswere unable to revive him. We’re told when paramedics arrived Elton had nopulse and cause of death may be from his neck being snapped, although this hasnot been confirmed yet. Police on-site from the crash have reported motormalfunction on the jet’s engine. Once at the hospital, there was chaos afterEltonarrived. People who were with the singer were sobbing, “You must savehim! You must save him!” Elton is survived by one child: Zachary Jackson Levonand husband: David Furnish.(Todd, 2011)In regards to the upcoming solo concert in London, England that was a sold outshow atthe venue Royal Opera House, (“Elton john concert,” 2011) the venue willrefund tickets or a second option is to keep the ticket for sentimental reasons andpossible future worth, and half off the upcoming tribute concert tour called “TheDefunctTribute”.Captive Promotions (“Captive communication,” 2011) will be handling the newconcert tour “The Defunct Tribute” of a variety of performances will be put onfor acombo charity and remembrance event. Event will remember artists who havedied before their time and were great musicians such as The Beatles, MichaelJackson, and Elvis Presley. Funds from tour shows will go back to loss of thecancelled tour in London from the unexpected death of Elton and 10% ofproceeds will go to the charity, Elton John AIDS Foundation. (“Elton john’scharity,” 2011)Currently interested bands in performing are: Green Day, TheBlack Eye Peas, Cold Play, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, and Lady Gaga;not toexceed five discounted performances.The concessions swag that was shipped to London, England for Elton’s solo actwill be kept near the venue in a storage facility for auctioning date before “TheDefunct Tribute” tour in order to avoid losing money on paying double or tripleshipping costs. We will market the concession swag to consumers as increasedvalue and call it “limited” as in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy swag fromElton’s last solo act. There is a market for Elton John’s memorabilia on a globalscale. Last year Elton’s mother discovered this fact when she was downsizingher home and wanted to sell Elton’s treasures including tour jackets, VIP passesand more. (Association, 2010) The auction will be conducted privately at theRoyal Opera House will the artists, staff and crew on-site one day earlier beforeopening the auction up publically.
  3. 3. Ticket pricing for various seating arrangements: “Platinum Floor $400 (NZD) Diamond - Pitch Floor $300 Gold - Pitch Floor $200 Silver - Pitch Floor $150 Diamond - Stand North Stand $300 Gold - Stand North Stand $250 Silver - Stand North Stand $175 Bronze - Stand North Stand $130 Diamond - Stand South Stand $300 Gold - Stand South Stand $250 Silver - Stand South Stand $175 Bronze - Stand South Stand $130 West Stand Lower West Stand/Lower $95 West Stand Upper West Stand/Upper $110 Plus applicable service fees: Internet $1.50 per ticket Box Office $2.50 per ticket Call Centre $3.50 per ticket Venue Pickup $6.00 per transaction Courier $6.00 per transaction Rural Courier $9.00 per transaction” (“Ticket prices out,” 2011)“The Defunct Tribute” will begin where Elton John’s touring left off. Our firstvenue will be located at the Royal Opera House in London, England. Thereforethe show production crew will keep their contracts intact, other than lengtheningthe days needed for work. Green Day will perform cover songs of Elton John towork with the stage lighting and settings already planned for Elton. Theperformances will be cut short and then a rotation of bands will perform followingGreen Days acts, along with an original Green Day song. Due to theunfortunately death of Elton John and raising money for his charity, artists eachhave agreed to perform at a discounted price of $100,000 each. (“Contactinformation – booking,” 2011) In order to market to a younger crowd, we havepitched to Ryan Seacrest to host the performance and tour with us. He also hasa discounted rate for non-profit events and is a huge Elton John fan that is morethan willing to rearrange his schedule to help kick off “The Defunct Tribute” tour!There will be an intermission between performance for the artists who admiredElton and wish to speak out to the fans about their adventures and experienceswith Elton and what they liked about him the most. The first show located inLondon, England’s Royal Opera House will be televised worldwide on pay-per-view in order for everyone to celebrate the life of Elton John and other greatperformers from our music history. We will provide new radio spots for marketing
  4. 4. to the London area several days before the first performance instead of printingflyers. In order to pay for upfront costs before turning a profit, Captive Promotionswill open up a line of credit in order to have cash flow financing to pay for travelcosts of performers to travel to London because it is a short notice.All of the staff and crew already scheduled and currently arrived in London,England will remain in the area until after the show production has left for thenext tour. The promotions company, in order to uphold contracts and savemoney on traveling back and forth, will cover the staff and crew’saccommodations until they are needed again for the show at the Royal OperaHouse in London, England.In order to save rehearsal time, we will chose other bands that are currently ontour who are ready to perform and need little rehearsal time. This will be thegreatest benefit and charity show of the decade.The marketing campaign budget for “The Defunct Tribute” will be 1% of projectedsales of the festival tour.Release provided by Captive Promotions, written by Jessica Northey, Publicist ofCaptive Promotions. I can be contacted by email or by phone 234-555-1234 extention 1188. ###
  5. 5. References: Todd, B. (2011, February 23). Stage one of your ever-so normal upbringing,zachary: a holiday in hawaii with daddy and papa. Retrieved from Elton john concert at royal opera house, london, england setlist on january28, 2011. (2011, March 7). Retrieved from Captive communication. (2011). Retrieved from Elton johns charity work, events and causes. (2011). Retrieved from Association, Press. (2010, September 27). Elton johns mother finds globalmarket for sale of memorabilia. Retrieved from Ticket prices out for dunedin, nz . (2011). Retrieved from Contact information – booking. (2011). Retrieved from