(“Cinema...,” 2010)                              An Evening at the Movies                               Marketing Campaign...
Event Overview                        (“American cinematheque” 2012)                                                      ...
(“Welcome to laemmle,” 2012)                                                                                              ...
(Papazimouris, 2007)                                                          Marketing Strategies                        ...
(“Expedia media solutions:,” 2012)                           (“Get started,” 2012)                                        ...
(“Where magazine,” 2012)                         Marketing Strategies                                                     ...
Call to Action    Mailing List                                                      Press Release    •    Visit           ...
Photo References     •   Papazimouris, D. (Photographer). (2007). Four friends with their shadows. [Web Photo]. Retrieved ...
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Film Premier Marketing Campaign Presentation


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An independent film premier marketing campaign presentation

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Film Premier Marketing Campaign Presentation

  1. 1. (“Cinema...,” 2010) An Evening at the Movies Marketing Campaign | by Jessica Northey 1Hello, my name is Jessica Northey and this Marketing Campaign is about a movie-viewing event called An Evening at the Movies.
  2. 2. Event Overview (“American cinematheque” 2012) Where When What Why (Javanrouh, 2009) 2Regarding the where, when, what, and why of this movie-viewing event, it’s located in Santa Monica, California on February 23,2013 at the Aero Theater. An Evening at the Movies is an independent movie viewing for the romantic comedy The Strange Caseof Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde. The ticket purchasers will be able to purchase an exclusive DVD + Blu-ray combo pack, freedownload of the soundtrack, and be seen online with the photo opportunity. The goals are to make a profit, entertain and havefun, while promoting the film for further theatrical releases in the area. The objectives are to have $2,000 in profit generated,recruit three new sponsors, and event results in a positive review in the press to attract future investors and customers.
  3. 3. (“Welcome to laemmle,” 2012) ("Nuart," ) Competition & Unique Qualities 3The direct competition includes other art-house theaters as well as regular movie theaters. It’s possible that they or othervenues have opportunities to meet actors because it’s close to Hollywood. The indirect competition includes community eventsat performing arts centers that the target audience may attend due to being a family mix. The marketing will take advantage of starting plans in October to hit the November and December holiday time to suggestas a unique gift to give your loved one, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. By providing a unique experience for all of the participants it will separate this event from the competition. They will feellike they are VIP because they will each receive free music from the movie and their photo will be featured on the event websiteto show off to their friends. This event offers the participants the opportunity to watch the Q&A session with the press.
  4. 4. (Papazimouris, 2007) Marketing Strategies Group 1 Who are they and what do they like? (“Vector logo: The,” 2008) 4Group 1 are a wealthy, younger family mix who are computer literate and live in stylish neighborhoods near the city. They have amedian household income of $85,599, order from expedia.com, watch the Independent Film Channel, and their age ranges from25 to 44 years old. They typically have a graduate degree, and their race is White, Asian, and a Hispanic mix. Their life stagegroup are people who are mainly single, enjoy alternative music and the nightlife.
  5. 5. (“Expedia media solutions:,” 2012) (“Get started,” 2012) (“98.7 fm –,” 2012) Mailings | Radio Spot | Sponsorship 5Based on this information, the 3 marketing strategies are mailings, a radio spot, and sponsorships for group 1. The mailings willgo to the zip code 90402 and the mailing list will be purchased from the United States Postal Service. The radio spot will beplayed on L.A.’s rock alternative radio station 98.7 FM, which plays in the Santa Monica area. Sponsorship introduction letterswill be sent to CBS Los Angeles, a local affiliate for KCBS in Santa Monica. Expedia.com may be interested in sponsoring theevent because the target audience matches their target market’s median household income and age rage. The specific zip codeand target audience are expedia.com customers. There are local news websites such as the Santa Monica Daily Press that willreceive an introduction letter as well. The Palette provides a weekly email to their distribution list about local art and culturalevents that may be interested in the exposure through sponsorship.
  6. 6. (“Where magazine,” 2012) Marketing Strategies Group 2 Who do they work for and where are they? (Wind, 2008) 6For Group 2, they will consist of the press, future sponsorship opportunities, and possible investor relationship building. A pressrelease and electronic invitations will be sent out. Press releases will be sent out companies such as Where Magazine and more.Electronic invitations will be sent to the previously mentioned companies in groups 1 and 2. Potential investors may be withinthis group or through networking at the event will produce an introduction to one.
  7. 7. Call to Action Mailing List Press Release • Visit • Visit www.thestrangecasemovie.com www.thestrangecasemovie.com to purchase tickets today! to see more information about the movie-viewing event, An Evening Radio spot at the Movies. • Check out Electronic Invites www.thestrangecasemovie.com to see more information about the • Visit movie-viewing event, An Evening www.thestrangecasemovie.com at the Movies. to purchase tickets today! Sponsorships • Call us at 407.928.0555 to find out more today! 7The call to action verbiage for group 1 mailing list is “visit www.thestrangecasemovie.com to purchase tickets today.” The radiospot will say, “Check out www.thestrangecasemovie.com to see more information about the movie-viewing event, An Evening atthe Movies.” For the sponsorship introduction letter, it will have the call to action in the footer of the stationary that says, “Callus at 407.928.0555 to find out more today.” Group 2’s verbiage for the press releases will state, “Visitwww.thestrangecasemovie.com to see more information about the movie-viewing event, An Evening at the Movies.” Theelectronic invites message will say, “visit www.thestrangecasemovie.com to purchase tickets today!”
  8. 8. Photo References • Papazimouris, D. (Photographer). (2007). Four friends with their shadows. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http:// www.flickr.com/photos/99037763@N00/488931923 • (2008). Vector logo: The independent film channel. (2008). [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://www.seeklogo.com/the- independent-film-channel-logo-138604.html • Wind, E. (Photographer). (2008). Mister d.. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/ 73491156@N00/2973589445/ • (2010). Cinema... (2010). [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/45145879@N00/4687194723 • (2012). Aero . (2012). [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://www.americancinemathequecalendar.com/aero_theatre_events • Javanrouh, S. (Photographer). (2009). Movie crowd. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/ 78436447@N00/3833148925 • (2012). Where magazine . (2012). [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://socalmedia.com/serv/where-magazine • Welcome to laemmle theatres. (2012). [Web Photo] Retrieved from http://laemmle.com • (n.d.). Nuart. [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from http://www.landmarktheatres.com/market/losangeles/nuarttheatre.htm • Get started. (2012). [Web Photo] Retrieved from https://www.usps.com/business/get-started.htm • Expedia media solutions: About us. (2012). [Web Photo] Retrieved from http://www.advertising.expedia.com/en-us/ about-ems/Pages/default.aspx • 98.7 fm – los angeles / orange county. (2012). [Web Photo] Retrieved from http://www.987fm.com/cc-common/ YourAdHere 8Thank you, do you have any questions?