Film Premier Marketing Campaign


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Film Premier Marketing Campaign

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Film Premier Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Movie-viewing Event: Marketing Campaign An Evening at the Movies By Jessica Northey
  2. 2. An Evening at the Movies Marketing CampaignEvent Overview Metis Creativity is a production company that assists filmmakers with Producing theMarketing and Distribution of their independent films. The movie-viewing event is called AnEvening at the Movies and will be located in Santa Monica, California on February 23, 2013 atthe Aero Theater. (“American cinematheque” 2012)An Evening at the Movies is an independentmovie viewing for the romantic comedy The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde. Theticket purchasers will be able to purchase an exclusive DVD + Blu-ray combo pack, freedownload of the soundtrack, and be seen online with the photo opportunity. The goals are tomake a profit, entertain and have fun, while promoting the film for further theatrical releases inthe area. The objectives are to have $2,000 in profit generated, recruit three new sponsors, andevent results in a positive review in the press to attract future investors and customers. The Aero Theater is an art-house theater and will serve approximately 250 participantsfor the event. Upon arriving, guests will stand in front of the step and repeat background for aquick photo. The guests will enter their information into a spreadsheet for their contactinformation and it is matched up to the photo number in the camera. In exchange for their phototo be entered into the contest, the participants also agree that Metis Creativity ProductionCompany may add them to the customer distribution e-newsletter campaigns about future movie-viewing events. The contact information will also be used to email the digital music soundtrackdownload link to each participant during the movie so that they may have the music as soon asthe movie is over, along with a brief survey through Survey Monkey website. The participantsmay choose from the concession stand of standard snacks, which will be open before the moviestarts, during the break when the staff sets up for the Q&A session to minimize sales and helpparticipants to be seated. After the movie, the participants will be led to the area where they can purchase the DVDand Blu-ray combo pack of the independent film. There will be an area for platinum sponsorshiplevel companies to set-up a booth. Then the actors, directors, and producers will get settled in thetheater area to set-up for the Q&A session with the press. The press and VIP will be seated firstand then the participants will be lead back to their seats. If a local venue near Aero would like tosponsor an after party for the participants, they will be handed directions on how to get to thevenue with a map after the movie is over along with any gift bags that any in-kind sponsors maywish to provide. 2
  3. 3. An Evening at the Movies Marketing CampaignCompetition & Unique Qualities The direct competition includes other art-house theaters in Santa Monica and Hollywood,as well as the regular movie theaters, especially if a long anticipated, popular movie is releasedthe same weekend. The research shows the following art-house theaters such as Laemmle(“Welcome to laemmle,” 2012) have an event or popular movie showing on the same date as AnEvening at the Movies. There is also the Nuart Landmark Theatres in West LA and Westwood,California (“Nuart theatre,” ). Because Hollywood is nearby, there could be events that the targetaudience could choose because there is an opportunity to meet and greet with actors.The indirectcompetition includes other special events in the area where the target audience may want to taketheir family to community events at places like the performing arts center. The Broad Stageperforming Arts Center does not currently have an event on schedule, but between now and then,an event could be scheduled(“Full calendar,” 2012).The marketing will take advantage ofstarting plans in October to hit the December holiday time to suggest as a unique gift to giveyour loved one, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Then again in the beginning of Februaryleading up to the event with Valentine’s Day messaging and possible cross-promotions withsponsorships.The messaging will make the guests feel that this is the event that your mate willlove as a gift for after Thanksgiving sales, Christmas gifts or Valentine’s Day gifts.That they arepurchasing a unique gift and the recipient will be impressed with the thoughtfulness of a gift thatkeeps on giving, a future date night out. There are unique qualities about this event are that every participant will be treated like aVIP guest, receive free music, and be a part of the photos posted on the event website. Theevent’s target audience enjoys watching independent movies and this is why Santa Monica wasspecifically chosen(“Prizm> market,” ). Although the Grammy’s will be in Hollywood theweekend prior to this event on the 10th(Ng, 2012), not everyone within a median householdincome of $85,599 will attend the Grammy’s. By providing a unique experience for all of the participants it will separate this eventfrom the competition. They will feel like they are VIP because they will each receive free musicand be featured on the event website to show off to their friends. This event offers theparticipants the opportunity to watch the Q&A session with the press. 3
  4. 4. An Evening at the Movies Marketing CampaignMarketing Strategies According to Nielsen MyBestSegments, the target audience in this area is referred to as“Young Digerati”, a “wealthy younger family mix.” They are computer literate and live in stylishneighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. On average, their communities have modernapartments and condos with fitness centers and boutiques, restaurants, and a variety of bars suchas juice, coffee, and microbrew. They have a median household income of $85,599, lifestyletraits are ordering from, go water skiing, watch the Independent Film Channel, anddrive Audi A3 cars. Their demographic traits are that they are wealthy, age ranges 25 to 44 yearsold, a family mix, graduate education level, and are White, Asian and Hispanic mix. Their social group is known as “Urban Uptown” and these consumers often are found at“the arts, shop at exclusive retailers, drive luxury imports, travel abroad, and spend heavily oncomputer and wireless technology.”Their life stage group is known as: “Young Achievers”,which are people who aremainly single, twenty-somethings. Theyenjoy alternative music and alively nightlife(“Young digerati,” ).Group 1: Mailings The target audience specifically lives in the zip code 90402 (“Prizm> market,” ). This is the area that the mailings will go out to. A mailing list can be purchased from the United States Postal Service (“Get started,” 2012). Radio Spot Radio advertisingis another key marketing strategy with a local radio station in Santa Monica. L.A.’s rock alternative 98.7 FM plays in the Santa Monica area and advertising is set up through iHeartRadio (“98.7 fm –,” 2012). Sponsorships CBS Los Angeles, a local affiliate for KCBS in Santa Monica. Their website provides information on how to contact them about advertising and sponsorship opportunities (“Custom advertising,” 2012). 4
  5. 5. An Evening at the Movies Marketing Campaign Requesting sponsorship with may be an option because they have the same target market for the household income and age range the event has(“Audience profile,” 2012). The target audience purchases their travel needs through the website (“Young digerati,” ). They also have target marketing and email marketing capabilities for specific target markets (“Expedia media solutions:,” 2012). Another option is to spread the word online for free about the event by using local online news websites. The Santa Monica Daily Press online newspaper, at, has a section of the website with the option to submit an event (“Submit an event,” 2012). The Palette also has an online submission form for events in Santa Monica, that sends out weekly emails once a week about art and cultural events (“The palette--your weekly,” ).Along with requesting An Evening at the Movies to be reported on their site, also request if they are interested in becoming a sponsor of the event. The second groups of people consist of the press, future sponsorship opportunities, andpossible investor relationship building.Group 2: Press Release A fewmajor publications from a variety of media outlets, in the Santa Monica area, will receive a press release to have the choice to attend, but if not they have the option to cover the event. Such as the Westside publications, The Santa Monica Sun (“Santa monica sun,” 2012) and Where Magazine (“Where magazine,” 2012). Electronic Invitation This will save money to use an electronic invitation versus printing and mailing. The local newspapers, magazine publication, and the local television station media department key personnel will be personally invited to the event through an invitation sent to their email address. The companies that will receive invites have been previously mentioned in both groups 1 and 2.Potential investors may be within this group or through networking at the event will produce an introduction to one. 5
  6. 6. An Evening at the Movies Marketing CampaignCTA Group 1: Mailing List Visit to purchase tickets today! Radio spot Check out to see more information about the movie- viewing event, An Evening at the Movies. Sponsorships Call us at 407.928.0555 to find out more today! Group 2: Press Release to see more information about the movie-viewing event, An Evening at the Movies. Electronic Invites Visit www.thestrangecasemovie.comto purchase tickets today! 6
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