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Ed Chapkowski interview


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Internet Marketing & Web Design Manager for DV Mobiweb. Read full article at

Published in: Marketing
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Ed Chapkowski interview

  1. 1. E D C H A P K O W S K I I N T E R V I E W W I T H – B Y J E S S I C A C . N O R T H E Y
  2. 2. E D C H A P K O W S K I I N T E R N E T M A R K E T I N G & W E B D E S I G N M A N A G E R
  3. 3. “People who watch television shows and videos on mobile devices need to be reached. ! Especially now and into the future as more people are ditching their old school cable services for on-demand entertainment like like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. So many younger people never even turn the TV on, it's all laptops, tablets and phones to them, and they need to be reached. “
  4. 4. “The only thing slowing mobile marketing down is the late adopters, there are still businesses out there that haven't built a website or gone social yet; they still prefer a handshake and cash, but even they will have to adapt.”
  5. 5. “Mobile marketing hits people where they are, there's no more ‘did you get my email?’ or ‘your email went to my spam folder’, we're reaching people on their phone with texts, and we're creating mobile versions of desktop sites that feature their most important content.”
  6. 6. “Where a business offers free 
 Wi-Fi to anyone in their establishment or event, via logins through social media. You log in with Twitter or Facebook to their free Wi-Fi and the business collects all of your info to build 
 a client base and use it to advertise to and know more about what you want from their business. Mobile marketing takes a lot of the guesswork out, a business knows who is there, what they want, how often they come, and the possibilities are endless.” S O C I A L W I - F I
  7. 7. “Responsive websites adapt to any sized screen without the need to zoom in and out to easily read the content. This is done through responsive design, or you can have a custom mobile website that visitors see instead of the desktop version. My company uses redirection for custom mobile sites, we add a code to the header of the website that takes visitors to a mobile version that only smartphone and tablet viewers see. Every website should have a mobile version of some sort, but they don't have to be responsive as there are other options.”
  8. 8. “There are many ways to reach people who speak other languages. My company's software and many leading mobile companies have the ability to design websites in other languages with translation software. I've also used WordPress plugins with Google Translate, but you don't get perfect translations. I've only used them on music websites where a few incorrect words are understandable. You can also communicate with foreign langue clients through international freelancers and the old fashioned call centers. I expect to see a perfect translation app by the end of the decade...” G L O B A L S C A L E
  9. 9. “Please visit, for full article.”