Carly Jo Jackson Career Plan Major Goals and Details


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Group project for Carly Jo Jackson Career Plan Major Goals and more details assignment at Full Sail University

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Carly Jo Jackson Career Plan Major Goals and Details

  1. 1. Carly Jo Jackson | Establishment of Goals & Budgets Artist Management Jessica Northey, Yannick Powell, and Chris McLeanMerchandiser and Booking Manager: Jessica NortheyEmail: missjessicanorthey@gmail.comCell: (407) 928.0225Artist Manager:Yannick PowellEmail: vazco.muzik@gmail.comCell:(407) 574-0324Social Media and Publicist: Chris McLeanEmail: Chrism1223@fullsail.eduCell: (407) 679-0100
  2. 2. 1. Intro: Congratulations to Big Machine for Taylor Swift’s results in the charts for being #1 forthe past 3 weeks in a row and for her 5 MTV Europe nominations.2. Strongest Qualities & Elevator Pitch ● Young, she’s 19 years old ● A steady increase in music sales and following since the beginning of her singing career in 2005; currently her first EP is called “World at my Feet” ● She brings her sense of humor to her song introductions ● She’s the next big artist, she has a similar style as Jewel and Taylor Swift ● Plays several instruments: French horn, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, and banjo and can read music ● Education: Florida Atlantic University in her 2nd year and was a student at The Pop Shop ● Cute and quirky girl suddenly start belting a cover by Adele or her own original scandalous song Heartless ● Target audience is Gen Y; mainly teenage girls ● She recorded 5-song EP with record label Arch productions. ● Recorded single by Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) in return for providing vocals on a project he was doing. ● She was an Orlando finalist for Season 2 of The Voice and Memphis finalist for Season 3 in 2012 ● After her performances, Carly Jo is great about going out to her audience and speaking with them and if they want to take pictures with her or buy CDs she is there ready with a smile.The Vice President of Creative Student Networking Group, Troy Krugen, discovered her. He isalso a volunteer for and they sponsored the showcase event that he wasworking at. Troy then booked Carly for a networking session at Sleeping Moon Cafe whereJessica Northey, President of the networking group with Troy, and discovered her to nowbecome her current Artist Manager and Publicist, along with the support team here today.You will set goals for your Artist and budget the expenses for a 1 year time period. We will seewhen your Artist will begin to break even.List five major goals for your Artist and include the dates, Gatekeeper and the Direct Costs toaccomplish each goal:3. Major Goals and Timeline 1. Sign publishing deal; cash advance check
  3. 3. a. 10/2012 to 01/2012 b. Gatekeeper: i.title: A&R Coordinator name: Laurel Kittleson – (1) company: Big Machine Records c. Direct costs: Travel is estimated at $1200 for artist support team to travel to Nashville to pitch artist. 2. Recording 10 songs for an album a. 01/2012 to 10/2012 b. Gatekeeper: i.title: Studio manager name: Ed Krout - (2) company: Phat Planet Recording Studios (Orlando) c. Direct costs: $65 per hour for studio b 3. Continue tour throughout Florida a. 10/2012 to 11/2012 b. Gatekeeper: i.title: Tour Manager and CEO name: Kip Roddenberry – company: c. Direct costs: Travel costs estimated $400 4. Improve songwriting with co-writer a. 12/2012 to 01/2013 b. Gatekeeper: i.title: Song Writer name: Clyde Masters - (3) company: The Song Writer Agency c. Direct costs: $ 5. Album featured on a. 01/2013 to 02/2013 b. Gatekeeper: Ryan Seacrest – i.title: Radio Host name: Local station info: WXXL-FM 106.7 company: Ryan Seacrest Productions. (4)4. List five subordinate goals (goals supporting major goals)
  4. 4. 1. Collaborate with a co-writers2. Find a writer’s room3. Demo songs and showcase artist to pitch to publishers4. Meeting with Kip to hire to organize the rest of the tour throughout Florida5. Go to radio station WXXL in Orlando to meet the receptions to get her music on the RyanSeacrest website5. Business Framework- Your Advice:1. How will the business be structured? Why?LLC because this form of business operates and functions very much like a partnership but givesthe members the protection from personal liability the way a corporation does. Each member isan equal partner.2. Personnel requirements, when they should be employed (by calendar quarter), and costA.Publicist – Ongoing employment starting September 2012 - $1,800 per quarterB. Webmaster – Ongoing employment starting July 2012 $500 monthlyC.Booking agent – Ongoing employment startingSeptember 2012 - 10% of all shows bookedD.Tour manager – Begin employment January 1st, 2013$5,800 per quarter that artist is on tour6. Costs associated with personnelThis section will show how much money should be budgeted for use by members of the team.a. Publicist i. Press kits - $300.00 per quarter ii. Creation of EPK - $800.00 one time expenseb. Webmaster i. Web hosting - $500.00 annually7. InsuranceWhat insurance policies will the company hold and why?1. Life vehicle : We will have Metlife insurance for the artist just incase the artist was to die.3. Equipment: We will have haveReber and Associates to cover our equipment just incase theywere to get any damages.4. Health: Aetna Health insurance will be the insurance we will be using to cover the health ofthe artist just incase they were to get sick or injured.
  5. 5. 5. Vehicle: Geico will be the insurance company we will be using for the drivers of the company.8. MembershipsWhat organizations should the artist join?What costs are associated with that membership?a. Country Music Association - $50.00 annuallyb. BMI - Freec. The Americana Music Association - 3 year Membership $200.00References:(1) 2&Itemid=48(4)