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Marcus Sheridan's Content As A Sales Tool presentation Explore Orange Co. 2012

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  1. 1. Content is theGreatest Sales Tool in the World By Marcus Sheridan, m
  2. 2. @TheSalesLion
  3. 3. @TheSalesLion
  4. 4. This was me…
  5. 5. They ask You answer @TheSalesLion
  6. 6. The most populardigital marketingmodel in the worldtoday. MULC H
  7. 7. Price ProblemsComparisons/Vs. The Best Reviews @TheSalesLion
  8. 8. $1,200,000.00 ROI anyone? @TheSalesLion
  9. 9. You don’t want a fiberglass pool! (problems)
  10. 10. #1 in the world…allbecause we bothered toanswerevery…single…question. @TheSalesLion
  11. 11. Moneyball Marketingand ContentMarketing TippingPoints
  12. 12. 30 @TheSalesLio
  13. 13. We have no idea how muchinformation viewers willconsume on our websitesuntil we give it to them.NONE @TheSalesLion
  14. 14. Content is the greatestsales tool in the world. Period. @TheSalesLion
  15. 15. Get the book. It’s awesome. It’s free. It will change your m