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Using Social Media In Education To Foster Innovation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Using Social Media In Education To Foster Innovation

  1. 1. Using Social Media In Education To Foster Innovation Brian Lockrey
  2. 2. Overview Social Networking Social Media Blogs Micro-Blogging Photo Sharing Video Sharing Podcasts News Feeds (RSS) Wikis
  3. 3. What is Social Networking? MySpace Facebook Twitter Digg Delicious FriendFeed Many others…
  4. 4. What is Social Media? YouTube Flickr Slideshare Mixx Vimeo Viddler Many others…
  5. 5. Tagging, Sharing, Discussions Google Friend Connect Facebook Connect Twitter FeedBurner Technorati Bloglines Discuss Many others…
  6. 6. Sharing Content and Ideas On-lineEducational Tools Blackboard eCollege Student Blogs Classroom Blogs Classroom Wikis Many others…
  7. 7. News and Articles RSS Feeds Newspapers TV Stations Radio Stations Podcasts Video sites Many others…
  8. 8. Current Events FeedBurner Bloglines RSS Feeds / Readers News Media Government specific sites Collaboration
  9. 9. Blogsphere WordPress WordPress Multi-User Blogger Cross Linking Technorati Classroom Wikis Many others…
  10. 10. Classroom Wikis Teacher Managed Student Driven Discussion Information Repository Wikipedia Include Content Include Feeds
  11. 11. Collaboration in Classrooms Articles Content Multi-Media Links Discussions Idea Sharing
  12. 12. Collaboration Worldwide Networks of Schools Networks of Teachers Networks of Students Current Events Discussions Idea Sharing
  13. 13. Clients and Content Desktop / Browsers Mobile Devices Digital Cameras Video Cameras iPods / Podcasts Feeds Many others…
  14. 14. External Participation Family? InvitedGuests Other Teachers Other Students Other Schools Selected Discussions External Sites
  15. 15. The Security Factor Confidentiality Authentication Spammers Stalkers KnownProblems Management Issues
  16. 16. Innovation Collaboration Two heads are better than one A million heads is better than two Sharing ideas Sharing insights Sharing knowledge Ongoing discussions
  17. 17. Innovation Without Pain What can we automate? What do we need to manage? What is the value proposition? How can we teach this? How do we get students to use it? How do we keep it secure?
  18. 18. Next Generation Technology New Devices New Software New Platforms New Content Providers New Resources Integration?
  19. 19. Summary Overwhelmed? Start simple Your students may be the experts No single solution exists Different age groups Collaborate with others!
  20. 20. Questions? @AssistCoach