Philippines (Judy)


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Philippines (Judy)

  1. 1. Widely known as one of the finest swimming destinations in the world.Boracay is blessed withfine powder-sand beaches and crystal clear waters wich is perfect for swimming,sailing,fishing andsunbathing. The island has a countless hidden coves dot and tall coconut trees line up along thebeach.Boracay is also one of the competitive venue for the Asian Windsurfing Tour
  2. 2. Palawan, the paradise of nature lovers, is the foremost tourist destination in the Philippines.TheIsland of Palawan is located in the southwestern part of the country. Palawan is famous for it’sexotic wildlife and amazing marine sanctuaries, white sand beaches and world-class divingspots.Also for adventure seekers and nature lovers Puerto Princesa:Subterranean River National Park A fascinating natural attraction, it’s an 8.2 km long navigable underground river,regarded as the world’s longest underwater cave. It’s amazing limestone caves with stalactite and stalagmite formations and the rich, divers and colorful marine life, never fail to mesmerize you Tabon Cave Tabon Caves is a 29-caves complex of archaelogical artifacts.The discovery of the fossiliezed bones of the years old man Tabon Man along with other artifacts,makes it an intresting destiantion for all those who want to discover the rich historical heritage of the region. Coron Reefs Coron Reefs has 7 enchanting lakes beautifully surrounded by craggy limestone cliffs.It’s amongst the most popular diving spots in the country.
  3. 3. Bohol is an enchantingly beautiful island province in Central Philippines and one of themost attactive tourist destinations. The province is famous for it’s scenic hills,enchantingwaterfalls,lovely clean beaches, diving spots, amazing wildlife and beautiful colonialstructures. The Chocolate Hills The Chocolate Hills is one of the famous tourist attraction in Bohol province, is perfectly cone-shaped hills and their height is ranges between 30-50 meters.Two of these hills have been developed into world-class resorts The Tarsier Sanctuary The Tarsier is probably the smallest known primate in the world, measuring only 4-5 inches.The tarsiers are amongst the rarest wildlife on the earth.As they resemble monkeys in looks and behaviour, they are considered to be the smallest monkeys found in the world.
  4. 4. Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines .It is awarded with a variety of cultural, historicaland scenic attractions wich make it importanrt and interesting destination.One of the majortourist destiantions in Philippines , Baguio is frequented by thousands of tourists from all aroundthe world eveyr year Burnham Park the Burnham Park is the prime tourist attraction in Baguio. The Park features an enchanting artificial lagoon, a skating rink, a biking zone, a stadium, basketball and tennis courts, and a plant market Baguio Cathedral One of the most visited landmarks in Baguio, its a beautiful twin-spire structure with one hundred steps. Set on top of a hill, the Cathedral offers a breathtaking view of the entire commercial hub. Camp John Hay it offers the best of recreational facilities in Baguio. The Camp houses beautifully designed cottages, an18-hole golf course and bowling lanes among other facilities.
  5. 5. Tagaytay is located in the Province of Cavite. Is one of the most enchanting touristdestinations in the Philippines.Tagaytay also enjoys a cool and pleasant climate all roundthe year and so referred as the second summer capital of the Philippines after Baguio City Taal Volcano and Lake Taal Volcano is amongst the smallest and lowest volcanoes in the world.Situated on the enchanting Taal Lake, the Volcano offers a unique eperience to visitors.the scenic beauty of the Taal lake is unmatched in the region. Tagaytay Picnic Groove Tagaytay Picinic Groove is one of the attractions where you can get an unobstructed view of Taal Volcano, wich lies within Taal Lake.
  6. 6. Manila Ocean Park started as the first marine-themed park in the Philippines, and has nowevolved into an integrated resort destinations that houses exciting, and enriching marinelife attractions that are truly at par with Asia’s best.
  7. 7. Intramuros is the oldest disctrict and historic core of Manila and it was the seat of the government duringthe Spanish Colonial.Nowadays it’s a house of museum, art galeries, an open-air theatre, fine restaurants,craft and souvenirs shops. It also keeps a park lush with a tropical floral.
  8. 8. Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to wich are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl Halo-halo Cassava Cake Pininyahang Manok is made of Cassava cake is a popular Pilipino dessert sweet pineapple flavor along with macapuno or coconut strips as with coconut milk thus toppings producing a very splendid taste.This Filipino recipe is mostly cooked and seen during feasts or celebrations. Pininyahang Manok Lechong Kawali is pork belly deep-fried in a kawali, wich is a Filipino deep frying pan.Served Buko Pie over steamed rice with some dipping sauce. Buko pie is only made with young coconuts wich is buko in tagalog.On the other hand buko pie can be a gift for a family or friend bought by aLechong Kawali traveler returning from a tripb
  9. 9. if you havent seen yet thePhilippines, then embark now which promises to be a trip to paradise