Ancient greek pottery


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This presentations is a brief introduction to the Ancient Greek pottery, and includes all the main styles that flourished while the Greek empire existed.
The whole list of pottery styles discussed are:
- Minoan Pottery
- South Italian Pottery
- Geometric Pottery
- Corinthian Pottery
- Black Figure Pottery
- White Ground Pottery
- Red Figure Pottery

I really hope you find it interesting and useful!

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Ancient greek pottery

  1. 1. Ancient Greek Pottery A Summary
  2. 2. Content List Introduction Many Types of Greek Pottery  Minoan Pottery  South Italian Pottery  Geometric Pottery  Corinthian Pottery  Black Figure Pottery  White Ground Pottery  Red Figure Pottery Conclusion
  3. 3. IntroductionPottery was one of the main ways of artistic expression for ancient Greeks.Known for their philosophers, and always thought as a very intellectual civilization (which they really were) Greeks were also very materialistic and liked to represent the ideals of the society as well as personal wealth through art. Natural motifs were also a very recurrent motif.
  4. 4. Main Types of Greek PotteryIf we talk about Greek Pottery we have to include a wide range of styles, from the Minoan art, that took place before the Ancient Greece took place, to the artistic expressions of the conquered territories.The main styles of Greek Pottery are: Minoan Pottery South Italian Pottery Geometric Pottery Corinthian Pottery Black Figure Pottery White-Ground Pottery Red Figure Pottery
  5. 5. Minoan PotteryThe Minoans existed on the Greek island of Crete from around 27th to 15th century BC. As a maritime society, motifs related to the sea are very common. The “Kamare” style, floral inspired is also very distinctive. Minoan Kamare
  6. 6. South Italian PotteryThe South of Italy became one of the centres of Greek art, and, with no doubt, the greatest exporter of Pottery in the whole empire.South Italians developed a new style of pottery decoration that portrayed Greek myths and dramas in polychromatic.
  7. 7. Geometric PotteryThis style, which was created in Athens, flourished between the 10th and 8th century BC. As it’s own name says, this type of pottery illustrates geometric shapes like triangles, and zigzags.Later on, many of these geometrical figures were replaced by animals and humans.
  8. 8. Corinthian PotteryThe Corinthian style appeared almost at the end of the Greek civilization, and was the successor of the geometric style. It flourished in Sicily, and its main motifs, were the flora and fauna, using curvaceous shapes in their representations.
  9. 9. Black Figure PotteryDeveloped between the 7th and 5th centuries BC, the Black Figure pottery had its centre in Attica, although was initiated in Athens and Corinth.The main motifs represented in this kind of pottery are mythological scenes, including Greek gods and heroes.
  10. 10. White-Ground PotteryThe White-Ground pottery flourished during the 5th century BC in Athens. The light slip of “Kaolinite” that covered the pottery intended to give the impression that it was made from ivory or marble.The pottery illustrate tender and evocative scenes which is a great differentiator from the rest.
  11. 11. Red Figure PotteryBorn in the 6th century BC in Athens, it replaced the Black Figure Pottery as the most popular, as it allowed the painter to reach a higher degree of detail and accuracy.The illustrations represent Greek mythology and everyday life.
  12. 12. ConclusionAs you can see Ancient Greeks left us a great cultural heritage in the form of hand-painted pottery and vases.Apart from the fact that the Greek civilization was very intellectual, the reason why so many different types of styles flourished across various forms of art like architecture or literature, was due to the cultural diversity of the inhabitants of an empire that extended from Afghanistan to the South of Italy.
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