Personal Strategic Planning


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ARE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE? IS YOUR LIFE ON TRACK? Personal strategic planning is about identifying your purpose or mission with what you are here to do, aligning your personal and professional goals with who you are, and what is most important to you. Personal strategic planning is your doorway to your future.

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Personal Strategic Planning

  1. 1. Becomingaware iscritical togetting whatyou want. What’s important to you? Is your life on track? Are you fulfilled? If you haven’t taken the time to get clear on what’s most important to you, you may be chasing after things that really don’t matter. Spend the time. Get focused. Create the life you want. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 1
  2. 2. Is about identifying your purpose or mission with what you are here to do, aligning your personal and professional goals with who you are, and what is most important to you. Personal strategic planning is your doorway to your future. We all have our own unique mission. Your mission may be large or narrow in scope. Maybe it’s to change the world, Maybe it’s to live your life with integrity. Maybe it’s to create beautiful things, Maybe it’s to learn to appreciate yourself.Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 2
  3. 3. 1. Identify what’s important to you (core values). The first step is to clarify your values. Ask yourself, “What values and virtues do I most admire and wish to incorporate into my life?”1. Decide where you want to go (mission). The clearer you are about what you value and believe in, the happier and more effective you will be.1. Envision what it looks like when you get (vision).2. Identify any roadblocks in your way (critical issues).3. Identify the goals to breakthrough roadblocks.4. Create a plan to meet the goals.5. Establish check points; adjust the plan as needed. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 3
  4. 4. 1. Make a list of your core values.2. Make your mission your priority.3. Create a picture of what your mission looks like completed.4. Clearly state the qualities you will demonstrate.5. Make your decisions based on your values and the end results you want.6. Revisit your values and vision periodically.7. Live every day based on what you have decided to be the most important in your life. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 4
  5. 5. The values you choose, and the order of priority you place on your choices, will determine your approach to your life and work Values are your beliefs. Values are what make you tick. Core values represent core priorities. Values are a key component of strategic planning; they drive the intent and direction of the plan. Note: When you compromise your core values you become at odds with yourself and tend to behave in reactive ways that create stress and distress in your life…bad idea.Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 5
  6. 6. 1. List the three material items you value most in the world. A. B. C.2. List the 3 beliefs or values that are most dear to you. (For example: your belief in honesty, God, democracy) A. B. C.3. List the 3 relationships that you value the most. A. B. C. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 6
  7. 7. Number Take the nine items and 9._________________ prioritize them in terms of importance to you. 8. _________________ If you were in a desperate, 7. _________________ perhaps dying situation, and had to give up two items each day 6. _________________ for four days, what would be the 5. _________________ first to go and what would be the last? 4. _________________ Take the time to actually 3. _________________ prioritize your list and then Last to be dropped from your life imagine eliminating two each day for four days: First to be 2. _________________ dropped from your life 1. _________________Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 7
  8. 8. INSTRUCTION 1. Use the list on the following page to help identify your top 5 to 6 core values……things that are MOST important to you. 2. This is a beginning list ….. feel free to add others . 3. Whittle your list to 6.Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 8
  9. 9.  Family  Friendship  Honesty Integrity  Forgiveness  Collaboration Flexibility  Tolerance  Result Caring  Understanding  Knowledge Advancement  Flexibility  Love Work  Being accountable  Making money Professionalism  Being the best  Financial Security Understanding  Constancy  Goodness Analysis  Recognition  Respect Communication  Sharing  Faith Inclusion  Supporting  Compassion Involvement  Helping Growth  Cheerfulness Listening  Integrity  Respect Innovation  Creativity  Having Education  Fun  Being at peace God  Health  Doing Security  Wisdom  Success Adventure  Self-reliance  Service Authenticity  Humor  Spirituality Freedom  _______________  _______________ _______________  _______________  _______________ _______________  _______________  _______________ 9
  10. 10. PREFERRED VALUES ACTUAL VALUES Now order how you usually live Prioritize your identified values in these values from most important how you want to live them. to least important.1. _______________________ 1. _______________________2. _______________________ 2. _______________________3. _______________________ 3. _______________________4. _______________________ 4. _______________________5. _______________________ 5. _______________________6. _______________________ 6. _______________________It’s not unusual to find you’re not living your values in your preferred manner.Sometimes your core values don’t even make it to your actual list. When this happensyour decisions tend to get made based on circumstances and social pressures and youend up feeling frustrated and bad. Getting clear on your values reinforces and solidifieshow you choose to spend your time…right here, right now. Your time isn’t replaceable.There are NO re-do’s on yesterday. Work on living your life based on what is mostimportant to you…it eliminates bad decisions and creates an internal knowing that yourlife is on purpose….now what could be better than that? Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 10
  11. 11. What is my life about? What do I stand for? What action am I taking to live what my life is about and what I stand for?Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 11
  12. 12.  Now that you know what is important (your core values), it’s time to take a closer look at what you want to do in your life….What is your purpose? Okay, so it sounds daunting… • It won’t be. • This is important. • This is About You, your life and how you decide to live it… What is more important than that? With some thoughtful introspection and a few exercises you will be on your way. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 12
  13. 13.  A personal mission statement defines who you are and how you will live. It is your written down reason for being. Your personal mission statement is intended to guide you in your day-to-day actions and decisions. It keeps you on track, particularly when you experience life’s highs and lows. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 13
  14. 14. 1st 2nd What you wish to Who you want to be.accomplish and contribute. The character strengths and qualities you wish to develop.Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 14
  15. 15. 1. In each column pick the words you relate to most or feel a strong attraction to. If there are other words not listed that you really love add them to the list.2. From that list ultimate select only the 3-4 words that excite you or/and you a sense of connection.Accomplish Compliment Engage Give Manifest Pursue SpeakAcquire Compose Engineer Grant Master Realize StandAdopt Conceive Enhance Heal Mature Receive SummonAdvance Confirm Enlighten Hold Measure Reclaim SupportAffect Connect Enlist Honor Mediate Refine SurrenderAffirm Consider Enliven Host Model Reflect SustainAlleviate Contact Entertain Humor Mold Reform TakeAppreciate Continue Enthuse Help Motivate Regard TapAssociate Counsel Establish Identify Move Relate TeamAscend Create Evaluate Impact Negotiate Relax TouchBe Decide Excite Implement Nurture Release TradeBelieve Defend Explore Improve Open Rely TranslateBestow Delight Extend Improvise Organize Remember TravelBrighten Deliver Express Inspire Participate Renew UnderstandBuild Demonstrate Facilitate Integrate Pass Resonate UseCause Design Fashion Involve Perform Respect UtilizeCall Devise Faith Keep Persuade Restore UniteChoose Direct Finance Know Play Return ValidateClaim Discover Forgive Labor Possess Revise ValueCollect Discuss Foster Launch Practice Sacrifice VerbalizeCombine Distribute Further Laugh Praise Safeguard VolunteerCommand Dream Friendship Lead Prepare Satisfy WorkCommunicate Drive Fun Light Present Save WorshipCompel Educate Family Live Produce Serve WriteCompete Elect Gather Love Progress ShareCorrect Embrace Generate Make Promise Shape Encourage Provide Share Prosper 15
  16. 16.  Putting pen to paper makes all the difference in validating your purpose and makes it real. Incorporate your values and reflect how you want to live your life. Your mission is not what you do as much as who you are while you are doing it. Simplicity has the greatest impact. Create an easy-to-remember sentence. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 16
  17. 17.  In all situations I will choose to create harmony by acting with patience, understanding and thought before I speak. To work and play where my integrity cannot be compromised and my actions reflect my appreciation for life. To live my life with intention by listening, learning, laughing and loving the world around me. To be honest, cheerful, and forthright, living my life with integrity and treating others with dignity and respect. To inspire, connect, and touch other people in a meaningful way that makes a difference. To think in ways that serve me and those around me with cheerfulness, honesty, respect and humility. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 17
  18. 18. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 18
  19. 19. Your vision gives youdirection andmotivation tokeep you on track. “ Your vision is the promise of what you one day shall be.” James Allen 19
  20. 20. What it is What it does Key Components Vision KillersIt keeps you going and Promotes laser like Positive and inspiring. Tradition: I havemoves you forward focus. always done it thatwhen you are Incorporates your way,distraught or facing Encourages and builds beliefs and mission.discouraging odds. confidence. Fear of ridicule Describe what youBreaks you out limited Builds trust through want to see in the Complacencythinking. ownership and future involvement. Short term thinkingIdentifies yourdirection and purpose. Keeps you going when Living in tomorrow your mission seems instead of seeing it.Alerts those involved heavy.or affected to needed Trying and notchange.. Keeps you from being intending. caught in the past and seeing beyond the present. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 20
  21. 21. Kick start your visionIn Your PrimaryRelationships?In your family?In your work orschool? Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 21
  22. 22. It is Monday 9 a.m. It is now Sunday, 6 pomp morning, three years from now  Where are you? Where are you?  What are you doing? What are you doing?  Who are you seeing? Who are you seeing?  What are you wearing What are you wearing Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 22
  23. 23. IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE Reality Check Reality you…what is It’s about Check your legacy?You are now a very old person, walking You are about to die. What did you with a child, who asks you: "What accomplish before you left? are you most proud of in your life?" Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 23
  24. 24. Think about your vision, hopes & dreams coming true…Personal Come on, let loose!Professional 24
  25. 25. The more detail the better.. Reads like a bestseller! We are talking about your life here. Don’t quite on yourself now. Trust the process!25
  26. 26. The difference between where youare……your current status, andwhere you want to be……your vision iswhat you do, the specific steps that takeyou there …Your Action Plan.Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 26
  27. 27.  What do you want that you don’t have… what is it you want to achieve? What do you want to preserve that you already have…? What don’t you have that you don’t want in your life…What do you want to avoid? What do you have now that you don’t want… What do you want to eliminate? Use these questions to help clarify your goals. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy  Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 27
  28. 28.  Once you have defined your mission, vision, and core values you are ready to look more closely at what you have to work with and what can get in the way of you achieving what it is you want. The StrengthsWeakness Opportunity Threat analysis collects information to answer questions about the present and future factors that could affect your results. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 28
  29. 29. Sample MISSION Statement: To inspire, connect, and touch lives, making a difference through my words, actions and drive. Sample SWOT ANALYSIS What do you have to work? What might get in the way of achieving what you want? Personal Personal Potential Potential Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (obstacles)Creative Impulsive Marketing myself Lack of marketingFun & Funny Hyper focused or no Create an interactive web site skillsQuick wit focus Radio hostKnowledgeable Book , articles Inadequate tech skillsLoving Self isolating On line resourcesGenerous Impatient Coaching Identifying saleableIntuitive Seminars product or sponsorsSpontaneous Resistant to Radio guestDirect learning tech things Internet and social networkingPositive/optimisticGoal oriented Health care organizations As you review theConfident Community agencies example note thePassionate Presentations to schools correlations betweenTime is my own areas. You can see where the roadblocks Income and connections are which give you the ability to define goal areas you need to breakthrough to get you to your mission. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 29
  30. 30. Time line required1. Create a high end interactive web site with full range of content to meet goals (information, quizzes, self help, blog, u-tube, radio links) with and/or weekly updates and face book post. check progress.2. Create an on line marketing campaign that drives people to Timelines web site and internet radio show where stats reflect 10 to15% keep you increase each month. on track and motivated.3. Secure 2 to 4 speaking engagements with honorariums and 2 to Keep your 4 paying clients for coaching. mission Once goals are identified its time to and plan in develop the actions steps to a visible achieve them. Review SWOT for place. potential helpers, brain storm, get the momentum going! Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 30
  31. 31. The action steps include the activities, goals, and timeframes required to achieve your mission.The goals are the checkpoints along the way: they must have target dates for completion.The action steps are what it takes to meet the goals which will take you to toward your mission. Goal: Develop a time management plan which sets aside meaningful time for myself, my family and those things I value most. Actions: Example 1. Purchase and read a book on time-management. 2. Establish priories regarding my daily use of time. 3. Explore potential of time management evening class. 4. Post my set of priorities in a prominent place and put copy in my daily planner. 5. Establish a contract with myself that I will devote at 15-30 minutes every day to my long-term priorities before I do other activities. 6. Talk with spouse about creating specific family time. Time line: 30 days. *Note: You will use specific calendar dates. Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 31
  32. 32.  To keep you on course checkpoints must be present along the way; this is the purpose of the target dates. Adjust the plan as needed Are you where you anticipated being? If not, why not, and what do you need to do differently? Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 32
  33. 33. Review your core values. Review your mission statement. Consider your swot analysis. Decide on your breakthrough goals. Determine the actions you need to take and the timelines. Review your plan frequently. Check off or modify goals/ actions as needed. Continue to use the process to move you toward your life vision!Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 33
  34. 34. Personal Strengths Personal Potential Potential Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (Risks) My Core Values ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ It’s your turn. Take your time. Consider asking people you respect for input..Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 34
  35. 35. Goal(s) Action steps ExpectedWhat do I need to accomplish What do I need to do to meet the goal, the specific steps I must take Date to get what I want? and when I will get them done. to meet goalRefer to slides 30-31 for examples “Your life is controlled by your thoughts. Your thoughts are controlled by your goals. ” Earl Nightingale 35
  36. 36. It’s About YouVoiceAmerica.comVariety Channel Something to Something to hope for. Something to love. Copy & paste Walt Whitman in web browser Its About You with Dr. Debbie www. 36