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Marketing Your Firm in the Digital Age


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Ian Rogers and Mike Ballard presentation on marketing a law firm in the 2015+ digital age.

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Marketing Your Firm in the Digital Age

  1. 1. Marketing Your Firm In the Digital Age Mike Ballard / Ian Rogers
  2. 2. Agenda The Key Elements of Marketing Lawyers Incorporating this into the Digital Frontier • Buying Personas • Messaging • Design / UX • Capturing Leads • Bios • Social Media
  3. 3. Why Are You Here?
  4. 4. Positioning your Practice
  5. 5. Positioning your Practice Counseling Nurse Diagnosis Family Doctor Efficiency Pharmacist Creativity Brain Surgeon
  6. 6. Three Keys in Marketing Lawyers Demonstrate Expertise, Don’t Assert It Create relationships and/or nurture or enhance them Leverage your marketing efforts for greater synergy
  7. 7. In-House Counsel Use LinkedIn 70 Percent use LinkedIn weekly 91 percent use LinkedIn to find and connect with new outside attorneys * Association of Corporate Counsel, Inside Counsel magazine, American Bar Association, and Kredible
  8. 8. Website Social Blogging Banner Ads Videos PPC SEO Ebooks Books Email Newspaper Yellowpages Direct Mail Local Billboards
  9. 9. Personas Messaging Design/UX Lead Capture
  10. 10. Target Buyers Craft a Message Site UX / Nav Funnel Capture the Lead
  11. 11. Buyer Personas
  12. 12. Buyer Personas • Demographics (male, age, etc) • Geographic (zip code, state, country) • Behavioral (how do they buy?) • Psychographics (values, interests)
  13. 13. Dan the Dentist • Male, 40 - 60 years (practice owner) • United States, Suburban • Follows trends, 1 to 2 years behind • Values expertise in field
  14. 14. Messaging
  15. 15. 10 Words or Less
  16. 16. Design and User Experience
  17. 17. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
  18. 18. Use Personas to Build Navigation
  19. 19. Typical Navigation Home Services ContactAbout Us Case StudiesTraffic Tickets Personal Inj Criminal Defense Reviews Team
  20. 20. Persona Navigation Home ContactAbout Us Case Studies Traffic Tickets Personal Inj Criminal Defense Reviews Team
  21. 21. Lead Capture
  22. 22. A Word About Bios
  23. 23. “Great performance is about one percent vision and 99 percent alignment.” Jim Collins Built to Last
  24. 24. Thank you