ITque Cloud Intro Webinar Slides - Feb 2013


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Slides from a Webinar given by ITque's VP of Sales, Scott Miller, and featuring Intel's Hybrid Cloud Channel Enablement Manager, Mo Guererra.

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  • “So, for those of you who use any of the products listed in our poll, you are already using the cloud. Think about it…when you use gmail, neither gmail itself, or your emails are stored on your computer – they are stored , you guessed it, in the cloud.”
  • Stats from a survey in 2012 – could find source
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  • ITque Cloud Intro Webinar Slides - Feb 2013

    1. 1. Welcome To Our WebinarCan Hybrid-Cloud Increase Small Business Productivity?Sponsored by ITque / Guest Speaker from Intel The Webinar Will Start Shortly
    2. 2. Before We Begin……Please take a few minutes to complete this short poll.
    3. 3. Introductions Presenter – Scott Miller, ITqueGuest Speaker – Mo Guerrero, Intel
    4. 4. Agenda• Define Cloud vs. On-premise• When is Cloud Adoption Right?• What is a Hybrid Cloud Environment?• Introduction to Intel’s program• Benefits of Using a Cloud Integrator
    5. 5. Cloud Services DefinedApplications or resources locatedoff-site, which are managed and accessed remotely. And now, another quick poll.
    6. 6. Classic InfrastructureOn-Premise – The “Old” Way• Physical server (Hardware): Raw compute resources requires CapEx for servers, routers, switches, firewalls, storage devices, etc.• Operating systems (Software ): Software licenses requires more CapEx for Windows, Linux, or Unix, etc.• End-user applications (Programs): Software licenses requires more CapEx for Act, Office 2010, Exchange, Quickbooks, Acrobat, backup software, etc.
    7. 7. Cloud VariationsThe “New” Way• Public Cloud: Access to a Software application as a Service: e.g., MSFT Office 365, Gmail/Google Docs• Private Cloud: Applications accessed in the same manner as the public cloud, but in a private location owned/controlled by the business• Hybrid Cloud: A mixture of on-premise and cloud solutions; the best of both worlds
    8. 8. Cloud AdoptionAdoption of cloud services in 2012:Source: Spiceworks survey “state of SMB 2H, 2012
    9. 9. Why CloudReasons companies are adopting cloud services: Desire to cut costs: Better fit for needs: CapEx reduction: Modernization: Reduce complexity: Independent operation: Avoid license management: Add new capabilities: Easy/quick implementations:Reduce employee headcount: Predictable pricing:
    10. 10. Cloud vs. On-premiseStatus of Cloud adoption Application Cloud On-premise Business productivity 48% 58% Email 47% 57% Web presence 45% 52% Virtual desktop 44% 44% Collaboration 42% 41% Analytics 32% 51% CRM 32% 39%
    11. 11. Cloud Concerns?Are cloud services right for every business?Some legitimate concerns are: Data security Service availability/performance One-time cutover costs Existing solutions working fine High cost of managing multiple vendors
    12. 12. Intel Hybrid Cloud Introduction Mo GuerreroChannel Enablement ManagerIntel AppUp® SMB Service, , Intel Corporation
    13. 13. Intel AppUp® SMB ServiceBuilt on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform Intel® Hybrid Cloud Server IT Service Provider Reference Design Multiple Xeon® based hardware options with Intel® VT, TXT, AMT Support Help Cloud technologies Desk Backup • Cloud • No upfront cost Financial • Low monthly subscription • Remote • Software Catalogue Management • Ease of deployment • Enterprise tools • Upgrade Scalability • Training
    14. 14. Intel AppUp® SMB Service Built on the Intel® Hybrid Cloud Platform IT Service Provider Channel On Cloud Only premise Support Help Cloud Desk Backup Copyright © 2011 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.14 *Other names and brands may be claimed as property of others.
    15. 15. Benefits of Hybrid-Cloud IntegratorA hybrid-cloud integrator can increaseproductivity and add value by: Not just selling their own or a single solution Having deep knowledge of various solutions Implementing and managing multiple vendors Being able to managing a hybrid environment
    16. 16. ITque Overview • Bay Area Managed IT Service Provider with 75 years combined IT experience • Only Authorized Northern California Intel Hybrid Cloud Reseller • Specialize in solutions for legal, financial, healthcare and other small to medium-sized businesses • Expertise with Infrastructure & Servers, Email, Telephony & VoIP, Security, Data Recovery & Storage
    17. 17. Thank you Q&A ITque, Inc.Scott Miller – VP Sales 408-500-0724